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  1. I know this is probably not the best place to ask for this, but I didn't know where else to ask, so I ask you not to judge me. Okay, I have a favor to ask, Who out there knows the game: Jack Move ? Is a game that is yet to be released, but it already has a Free demo on the Steam page. The game is also well known for its AMAZING pixel graphics. and I, as Spriter, want to do some studies on the game's Overworld sprites, I decided that I want to study the Protagonist: Noa. But unfortunately, no one has ever Ripped the game's Sprites, so I had an idea: If I download the game's Demo, I could go to his Files and get the protagonist's sprites and her mugshots! (That's if it's not a Data.win) But unfortunately my computer doesn't run this game... so I came to ask someone to do me this favor. Whoever has the game downloaded, find her sprites (PNG) in the game's folders, and pass me a Zip file. Once again, I know this might not be the right forum to ask for this, and my goal was never to bother anyone, I'm only asking for this because of my screwed-up computer.
  2. I often meet people who say they don't like Rpgs, because "you just press commands and the characters do everything themselves" and that makes me angry, because the purpose of rpgs is strategy! play persona 3 or 4 to see! There was even a Brazilian youtuber who said the following phrases in a Persona 5 Review: "In the game you fight, but do you know what you do when you're not fighting? YOU JUST WALK." The video was 30 minutes of him complaining! (No wonder he got a bunch of Dislikes) And that's why I see companies (like Square Enix) trying to innovate with the combat system where the player has fun, and don't just press commands, FF7Remake looks like a Hack N' Slash! (Devil May Cry style!). and that got me thinking... for you, fans of RPGs and JRPGs, What is the best combat system you've ever encountered? One that wasn't repetitive, that it wasn't just commands, battles where you really had to act and that made you excited! What game was it?
  3. I was playing Final Fantasy VI, and i just LOVE Sabin's Blitz mechanic, and i was wondering if there are more Jrpgs with similar mechanics out there.
  4. My pseudonym is Ace, but I want a last name on it to differentiate it and make it unique, but I don't have good ideas so I want suggestions. Names that predate "Ace" will do as well. It's for a project.
  5. Dude... everything you said is so right, i'm impressed, we need more people who think like that in today's world. In a reality like today's, people who don't deserve it win prizes, and those who deserve it stay there, really pitiful...
  6. Thanks! but now i have another question, where do i find the Death Arcana Personas? I want to fuse Thanatos, and i already know how to get Alice (with Elizabeth), but I want to know where the remaining Death Personas are, like, which block of Tartarus they are.
  7. That's some useful information you guys, but what i'm asking is if there's more missable little events like the Chidori and Shinjiro ones.
  8. In P3Fes you can revive Chidori, in P3P you can save Shinjiro, and I was wondering if there is any more of those little things in the Game that i should know.
  9. Me earlier: Hm... Senran Kagura... It must be a fighting game, lemme see... *searches on google* Me now: Oh god... XD
  10. sorry for the misunderstanding in the title guys, my bad, but I've fixed it. Those are some really good suggestions, Keep bringing more!
  11. What can I say? i am in love with female monks in video games, (Tifa Lockhart(FF7) and Ursula(FF4) for example) and was wondering... there is any game where a female monk is a protagonist? any type of game will do, JRPG, RPG, Fighting games, Platform, metroidvanias, EVERYTHING, as long as she is the protagonist. (But my preference would be an RPG or JRPG) If there isn't any, games that have female monks as the main ones, like party members, allied characters of the protagonist, and so on will also do. So, if you know any game that have what i asked, Leave the suggestion here!
  12. I don't want anyone to write the story for me, I just wanted tips... Sorry for the bother, but now i'm feeling bad for creating this topic, how i can delete?
  13. The city in my story is basically identical to Crossbell City, the game city I mentioned in the title, but since it's a book, it's kind of hard to imagine a city like that without the visual help, so I have to make an effort in describing it very well! but I have no idea how to describe cities... and would like to know tips, examples of how I could describe it, or even how YOU would describe Crossbell City! (Those who played the game would be most appreciated)
  14. My favorite place on Doodle Champion Island is Tanooki City, mainly because I LOVE Chinatown and I'll even put a city like Chinatown in my book, and I was wondering if there are more 2D RPGs or JRPGs with cities like Chinatown to get some inspiration. I know it's such a weird question but I couldn't find a better place to ask.
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