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  1. I think out of all my limited/collector's edition stuff probably "Thracia 776" and "Three Houses" are my favourite items. I decided to present myself to the community and show off my Fire Emblem collection too ^^
  2. I'm from Turin (Italy). A picture of my city: )
  3. Hello there! My name is Guglielmo and I come from Italy.I've been playing videogames a long time, so it's kind of hard to list out everything I'm into but I'll put forward a few of my absolute series: Fire Emblem, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest ,Castlevania, Mario, Street Fighter,Monster Hunter,Gears of War, Halo, Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear, Contra,Lunar .....haha, yeah it just goes on.Nice to meet you all! ^^ P.s Is there a specific topic/thread to see members "Fire Emblem collections" (videogames,gadgets ecc..) ?
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