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  1. Blazing Sword, and I feel in love with the whole series after trying everything.
  2. Ah, PCC/FCM or whatever, learning how to take advantage of that is fun, as the poster above me said. Also Ronan, he's a strange but fun unit. Those action stars are a bless more than a detriment.
  3. I'll say FE7, albeit it's not like I dislike the game both from nostalgia (first FE ever, old man speaking) and decent gameplay (gotta play HHM as much as I can, I guess). FE8 is too easy but lets me do a lot of fun shit, plus it's the best game for hackroms, while FE6 is always a challenge I embrace. So I get more reasons to go to those two than FE7.
  4. Keep up the good work! I'll be following this~
  5. Nidoking

    Hey there

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Gotta browse around here and there until I get used to the forums. It's been time since I used one ^^U
  6. Nidoking

    Hey there

    Another new member on the forums, finally wanting to be part of the community and what not. Hope to read and be around and about!
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