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  1. Does anyone have some sites that show ambush spawns for pretty any game in the series?
  2. I just got a fan translated cartridge for my ds and I’ve been playing it to death(hard1/classic). I find it fun to swoop in with my army of draco knights(Palla, Catria, Sirius, Arran) and murder everything in sight. I did make the mistake of making Chris merc which mean I can’t reclass him to cav or draco knight. Also I made Ceada a cav which fixed her durability and strength issues. I just wanted to gush about how much I love this game so far lol.
  3. Thanks, I would have felt very sour if I lost all of my stat boosters and promotion items. Also when I was looking for an answer, on game facts for some reason somebody said he left in ephraim Route.
  4. I’m playing fe8 blind and I have a few questions: 1 - do I keep all convoy items when going to ephraim route 2 - when Eirika and Seth rejoin do they have the items they had before the split
  5. I’ve been playing sacred stones blind and since I don’t have much experience in emulation I opted to use arcade spot(an online emulator) but it is very prone to crashing. Is it possible for me to use my save states from that on a different emulator?
  6. Thank you, I do in fact have a controller that will work. I have had no experience with emulation or any of that before so This really helps
  7. I was wondering if there was any way I could get access to, and play the fe gba games. I don’t have a computer, so emulation is out of the question, and I bought a copy of fe7, fell in love with it, but when I got to chapter 16, it froze and deleted all of my data. Turns out it was a bootleg and all of the authentic gba games cost so much and the bootlegs have major issues.
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