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  1. You can tell that it's something he's not fully committed to. Even though the logic behind this design makes sense, that doesn't change how awkward he looks, and that's not a point in his design's favor.
  2. Favorite, Raphael. I just like the Bandana, not everyone needs to be fancy. Least favorite, Leonie. Was torn between her, Ignatz, and Lysithea, but went with Leonie because of the short hair. Doesn't complement her look.
  3. I forgot how high his base HP is too. Fun fact, he has the highest base Strength in the game (barring trial characters), and the 3rd highest base HP, behind Garret and Hard Mode Perceval. Too bad his other bases (other then Luck) leave a bit to be desired. It is a little ironic to call her that as she gets weighed down by every Axe in the game, but it could make her a good Body Ring candidate. Her base Skill is really high too, not just her Speed.
  4. Watching Mekkah's Negative Growths LP of Thracia is what got me to create this topic. It was the last one I got to see, having played both routes of Sacred Stones (Team Ephraim btw, I like his maps more and that he's a rare MC who doesn't use Swords), both versions of the Blazing Sword maps you mentioned, and watched both Binding Blade LP's of Mekkah's (he did Sacae in the first one, then Ilia in the second).
  5. @Saint Rubenio First of all, I wanted to say I appreciate how detailed your response one the topic was. You have my thanks for that. I purposely didn't mention it because I thought it was too minor to be worth including, but again I appreciate how detailed your post was. That was really dumb of them. He's also the only other potential General you get in the game besides Oswin. It's a shame because I really like his supports with Lyn. I'm still in my first playthrough of Binding Blade, and went Bartre's Route because I wanted to see how he played. I'm kind of surprised that Echidna is often viewed as the better of the two, is it because of Bartre's base Speed being not good? Having Bows in a game where there's not bad to have coupled with his very good base Strength I found helpful.
  6. Factoring things like map quality and the units you get during these routes, which Fire Emblem game do you think handled Route Splits the best? I'd strongly prefer to keep the focus of this topic between Thracia 776, Binding Blade, and Sacred Stones, as they only affect a portion of your journey and not the vast majority of the game (like what Fates and Three Houses did).
  7. And there was another 20 or so more off screen, these were all the immediate threats.
  8. Was a madman who felt like replaying Conquest Lunatic. Is this enough enemies on screen?
  9. Keeping it to the games I've played: Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Awakening, Fates Conquest, and Shadows of Valentia, are all the ones I enjoyed playing. Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon, Fates Birthright, and Heroes are Ok, and Fates Revelation is the only game I didn't enjoy. Three Houses is in an odd spot where I don't know how much I like it overall. I don't enjoy playing Part 1 at this point because of the map design mixed with everyone's low movement at the start, and having to do all the monastery stuff to unlock all of it's resources (especially on repeat playthroughs), so it's become a barrier to replay. I do enjoy seeing how much my units have progressed in Part 2, but it's also the point where the monastery activities start feeling pointless, so I skip them. I'm in the middle of playing Binding Blade for the first time, so I can't fairly say anything about it yet.
  10. It makes no difference to me who would get the Resplendent slot. I mentioned Sothe because he's also a Dawn Brigade member, and part of me doubts that he'll get a Legendary even though he fits the bill for one. Jill fits for a Resplendent because of her character growth in Path of Radiance despite not being plot important. Edward/Leonardo/Nolan are the main ones I care about, and still think Jarod would be a good GHB unit. Can respect how he held nothing back as a villain.
  11. And have another Axe Infantry grail unit? No thanks. Jarod would be better because of the lack of Lance Infantry units as grail options.
  12. Even though they've done 5 female only banners, but knowing them you're likely right.
  13. If Radiant Dawn were to get a new banner, I'd much prefer it being a Dawn Brigade banner and not another Laguz banner. Laguz units have gotten a decent amount of seasonal slots since they were added to FEH, while a Dawn Brigade banner would be easy to do. Edward, Leonardo, and Nolan each have their own Prf weapons, and if they still wanted to do an Ascended unit, they have Sothe.
  14. To list off everyone who's left: Not in at all: Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, Laura, Aran, Meg, Volug, Fiona, Heather, Danved (different character then Devdan), Nealuchi (wasn't playable in Path of Radiance so I'm counting him here), Renning, Skirmir, and Gareth (same reason as Nealuchi). Missing their base version: Rafiel, Vika, Kyza, Lyre, Sephiran/Lehran, and Kurthnaga. Grand Hero Battle Candidates: Jarod, Ludveck, Valtome, Lekain, Dheginsea (you don't fight him in Path of Radiance so I'm counting him here), and Izuka (same reason as Dheginsea).
  15. Radiant Dawn has by far the longest drought of any game of getting a dedicated New Heroes banner, with the last one being over 3 years ago. It's gotten a seasonal banner and base versions of a few characters since then (most recent one was Pelleas), but it's mostly been alts (mainly Micaiah and Nailah) or Path of Radiance banners for Tellius. What do you all think of this?
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