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  1. I guess I could add my own rankings while I'm at it. 1: Mario Party 6 2: Mario Party 3 3: Mario Party 1 4: Mario Party 7 5: Mario Party 2 6: Mario Party 5 7: Mario Party 8 8: Mario Party 4 9: Mario Party 9 10: Mario Party 10
  2. I know that Mario Parties 6 and 7 are both later GameCube games so maybe not many people played them, but seeing them take the bottom two spots is surprising (6 is my favorite Mario Party). What's more surprising is how high MP 10 is. Thought more people hated that game (it's one of the only Mario games I've played that I'd call bad).
  3. Aside from it being a full compilation, that's what Superstars is. Updated graphics, tweaked boards, and while there's only 2 of them (4 if you want to be technical about Daisy and Waluigi not being in Mario Parties 1 and 2) there are extra characters.
  4. Some of the effects of the Capsules you throw in 7 can be devastating. Like a Piranha Plant stealing half of any opponent's coins, then gives them to whoever used it. Force someone to lose all their Capsules (or items in this case) with Mr. Blizzard, or a Tweester that randomly warps an opponent. Spear Guy taking between 5 to 30 coins based on what his victim rolls, the gives then to who used him, could go on for a bit.
  5. The problem with adding boards outside of the N64 era is that they play by their own core system, between the board design of 4 using the Mini/Mega system, the Capsule system of 5, 6, and 7 (not to mention that 5 uses a different Capsule system then 6 and 7 did), the Candy system of 8, and the "Everyone travels together" system of 9 and 10. Out of all of those, 4 and 8 would be the easiest to implement, but they would feel out of place.
  6. Having watched footage of others playing Super, all your points here are fair. I will say that as someone who played Star Rush on the 3DS and enjoyed it more then I thought I would, I'd probably like the games that involved allies joining you. It didn't help that Super got the online update mere weeks before Superstars was revealed. Superstars will probably meet the same fate if it doesn't get content updates. While I found it enjoyable to return to the OG formula and that the Minigame selection was (mostly) good, I found it's side content to be lacking, and the only unique aspect of Superstars is the fact that it pulls boards from multiple games, so it consequently doesn't stand out on it's own beyond that. As it stands now, it's undercooked, but not to the extremes of The Top 100.
  7. Before Superstars, Birdo was playable in Mario Parties 7, 8, and 9. I don't own Super Mario Party, but I was surprised to hear how many people turned against it after the initially good reception it got. Only things I know people didn't like about it were that it only had 4 boards (the fewest of all Mario Party games), and that you couldn't play it using the Pro Controller or in Handheld Mode, but there has too be more too it then that. It did bring back the classic board formula after 9 and 10 used the "everyone travels together" gimmick that was near universally disliked.
  8. Which characters do you prefer playing as in Mario Party? My go-to characters are Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario, but there are others who appeared less frequently in the series who I'd also play as sometimes (Dry Bones, Toad, and Koopa Kid).
  9. Because that would be 20 boards total (if we don't count Minigame Stadium from 1 and 2). I strongly doubt they would be committed to doing that. Heck, even adding 5 boards to make it 10 is unlikely.
  10. ...I personally was counting the units with only alts as "in" because I'm unsure of the probability of their OG versions getting in are, but you bring up a good point. They technically could be added still, so at that point it depends on how many units are in what people call "Alt Hell".
  11. I did say earlier that them relying heavily on alts would be one of the things they'd need to do.
  12. Oh right she exists, the only senior citizen woman in the series (Disregarding Manaketes because apparently being 1,000 yrs old as a dragon is the equivalent to being a child (Nowi and Young Tiki) while 3,000 is the equivalent to being a young adult (Adult Tiki)). There's also best waifu Meg, lol. ...Who am I kidding? If Meg ever got in, IS would probably alter her appearance to make it look like she's not fat even though she's one of the only two plus size women in the series. Wasn't sure if I should count 3H Anna as not in yet but I guess I could. Dorothea and Leonie are in as alts, so I do count them as in.
  13. Mario Party 1 was the most "no holds barred" game in the series, and few games had a board(s) that had the same level of chaos (Again, why no Bowser Land or Waluigi's Island?). The satisfaction of creating your own territory on a board is why I like playing Monopoly.
  14. Yeah, that makes more sense. Heroes has been one of their best games financially from the Mobile market.
  15. 2022 will be an interesting year as to how they handle who appears in New Heroes banners because of how there's not many women left who aren't in Heroes yet. I already mentioned before on this topic how Lucia and Calill are the only women left from Path of Radiance, while Othin mentioned the Radiant Dawn women. Gaiden/Echoes just has the Cipher characters Emma, Yuzu, and Shade left (They'll probably make a Valentian Est as well so she's in line with her sisters). Manuela is the only (playable) woman missing from Three Houses, Blazing Sword has only Isadora and Vaida left, and there's none left from Conquest, as Nyx was the last one. I can see 2022 being the last year for Heroes unless they either focus on putting more male units in the game, or by focusing heavily on alts.
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