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  1. Edelgard's personal classes both increase her magic growths (Armored Lord by 5% and Emperor by 10%), but neither class allows the use of Reason or Faith magic. Outside of Bolt Axe and Hexblade, what's the point?
  2. I may as well win. -Linhardt Pure grit! -Leonie I'm on a roll! -Raphael My moment has arrived! -Claude Judgement is passed! -Seteth You earned this! -Alois In a hurry to die, are you? -Lorenz I will break you! -Dedue Squirm for me! -Jeritza Your life ends! -Jeritza Let the lesson begin! -Byleth Here is something to believe in! -Byleth
  3. This topic is not for discussing a unit's viability. This is strictly for discussing how fun using these units are, and disregards how good or bad said units are. If you want to talk viability, then go elsewhere or make your own topic.
  4. Lyn: She clings to her feelings a bit much at times, but is otherwise ok. Eliwood: Like that he can be the voice of reason. Hector: True bro. Like how he still has his own things going despite not being the story's real focus. Eirika: Naive but has her moments. Ephriam: Can understand him wanting to live away from the throne. Ike: His blunt take on things is both refreshing and (at times) amusing. Favorite MC(?) Micaiah: Handles herself well for the situations she's in. Favorite female MC Marth: Not much happens with him, but still think he's fine. Chrom: Surprised people don't say much on him, but I respect him. M!Robin: Favorite Avatar. Fits in well with cast, and is snarky in an amusing way. F!Robin: I don't like her. Can be quite the bitch in her supports (poor Chrom and Lon'qu). Corrin: Both are equally bad. Their naivety is far worse then Eirika's. Alm: "I bet you could "urn" a lot of gold if you sold this." ...Impossible for me to not love this dork. Celica: Enjoyed her until Act 4. Despite her intentions, that decision was pure stupidity on her part. Byleth: Blank slate. Wish they weren't. Edelgard: Least favorite MC. Extremely full of herself, and her battle convo with Dimitri in CF left me disgusted. Dimitri: Great character arc. Has clever moments in his supports. Claude: Mispotential, the character. Honestly should've had his own game instead of being the 3rd wheel. IS really did him dirty for how great he is.
  5. What's your opinion on each of them as characters (not as units)? Stick to only the ones from the games you've played.
  6. As much as I don't like his character, seeing Azama literally bonk his opponent when he crits with a naginata in the Great Master class gives me a smile for how silly it looks. Plus the +8 Strength promo bonus from Monk to Great Master is pretty insane. I'd say he's the most fun unit I've ever used. His personal skill pretty much makes it so all enemies with less then 32 Luck within 2 spaces of Arthur have 0 crit avoid (In Fates, every 2 points of Luck you have gives you 1 crit avoid rounded down). And yeah, the delivery of his crit quotes are great. "JUSTICE STRIKES!"
  7. I do like Hoshido Noble Corrin. Gave mine the Knight talent for my Lunatic playthroughs of Birthright and Revelation so they could have Wary Fighter to be a tanky dragon who could still heal allies without ever being in much danger. Plus their personal skill is fantastic.
  8. I haven't messed around with Shadow Dragon's reclass system much, but I've heard how it can cause useful stat swings. The most interesting playthrough I've done with it is using only the new characters (Frey, Norne, Athena, Horace, Etzel, Ymir, and Nagi) with Marth. I thought about mentioning her. Her and Ryoma (Fates Birthright and Revelation) are both fun Swordmasters.
  9. Which units do you think are the most fun to use from any main series game (No Heroes, Warriors, or hacks)? Donnel (Awakening), Arthur (Fates Conquest), Felix and Raphael (Three Houses), and most units in SoV to say a few of mine.
  10. For this, no. I was speaking in terms of the entire franchise, not just the two Tellius games. Yeah he is.
  11. Not to mention he's also one of the most powerful boss characters in the series (Would it be fair to call him the strongest non final boss enemy in the series?).
  12. Wow, they passed on the chance to finish Alm's Army. Instead we get Valentian Palla and another unattractive muscle chick. Even though he's the demote, glad to see Luthier finally made it in.
  13. You called it. Streaks now at 10.
  14. I agree with this. Plus they're starting to run out of MCs to use for Legendary Banners. When (or if) Byleth happens, I hope they pick male so it's not the female avatar for the third time (and because Female Byleth's Enlightened One design is kinda trashy).
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