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  1. I wouldn't say they're obscure, but Roland and Durban who appeared in Blazing Sword, the ones who originally wielded Durandal and Armads respectively. It'd be intresting to see those weapons' potential unshackled, as they were toned down in the game's lore (apparently the battle between the 8 legends and the dragons shifted continents?). ...Or literally anyone else who isn't female. Streaks gotta end someday.
  2. @Othin Nothing to say about the streak this time, and how we were both wrong in thinking it would end this time? Were you also dumbstruck like I was (though not as harshly as me)?
  3. I'd consider it a lie if you gave an opinion that's the opposite of how you actually feel about something. Even if there's no way to prove it, the person stating their opinion would still know if they were being truthful or not with others when saying it.
  4. I'm definitely mad about the streak. January 2020 (if you feel like being technical about Bramimond) was a long fucking time ago.
  5. Well she's definitely a woman here, and if there were sex change shenanigans, then that would be worse as there's already been a lot of that with Book 5's OCs.
  6. In that case, Lif would be the most recent male, released back in January of 2020. Still fucked up that it's been that long ago.
  7. The female Mythic streak continues, now reaching 11 in a row. Bramimond remains the most recent male Mythic, released back in March of 2020. ...I will bitch about this until the streak is broken, and I'm not sorry for doing so. This is absurd.
  8. This was a dumb thing for IS to do, forcing players to limit Male Corrin's marriage options if you wanted all possible units (unless you didn't care if you don't get everyone). Not only this, but he would also miss out on the Oni Savage and Apothecary classes unless he makes one of them his talent, then marries Rinkah or Midori (the former means giving up a child unit) for the talent he didn't pick, as no male unit he A supports can give him those classes, whereas Female Corrin doesn't miss anything from supporting female units (aside from unique classes). TLDR: The only way for Male Corrin get all non unique classes and recruit everyone possible, is to make his talent Oni Savage, then have him marry Midori. These two inconveniences are why (from a unit standpoint) Female Corrin is better the Male Corrin. I can't tell if this happened because an oversight, or if they wanted her to be better. Even though it's by a very narrow margin, it's still a stupid to have one avatar be better then the other when it comes to being units.
  9. I can only speak for myself when I say that I've been honest about what I've said the whole time. Plus you could probably tell from my first comment on this topic that I can be a deep thinker, at times overly so with little things. I doubt I could provide more telling proof then that. How did I know you weren't going to contribute anything meaningful and continue being an enigma?
  10. A lie is when you say something while being fully aware that what you're saying is not true. This topic has already gone over different kinds of lies; ones that lack malicious intent, ones that are done to keep another person safe, ones that are strictly for personal interest, and others that are done just to mentally fuck with people. Lies are all a matter of how they're used, and the intention behind them. It's why saying something not knowing if it's wrong beforehand is technically not a lie.
  11. Man, if I were with a woman in the future, being asked that question would the most awkward experience, as I have a soft spot for women with more weight on them.
  12. That's something I'd do sometimes, usually if the day's rough to the point where I feel like they would be able to tell that I'm lying if I tried it. Though I likely still wouldn't tell them why that is if they asked unless it's someone I trust deeply because again, I 'd rather not be seen as preachy when I'm being genuine.
  13. It was a general question, so hearing candidates for each route is appreciated. Male Corrin would be my go-to for Lodestar, so you mentioning him is reassuring. As for Great Lord, how good of a candidate would you say Scarlet is for Birthright?
  14. When someone asks me, "how are you doing?" or "how's your day been?" my response of "I'm doing alright" or "good" is a lie roughly half the time because I'd rather not burden people with my troubles or risk giving an honest response only to be seen as too preachy if I'm genuinely not feeling good. Otherwise, honesty is one of the only things I take pride in about myself. I do however believe lying is a bad thing, especially if you do so for the sake of doing so or to actively mess with people for fun. People who lie for either of those reasons will most likely be on my shit list.
  15. Out of the 1st Gen units, who would say are some good candidates for these classes? Playing a North American copy means I only get one Hero's Brand and Exalt's Brand (Not worried about Lodestar's Speedtaker or Great Lord's Aether, as there are unlimited Manuals for both skills via other DLC).
  16. I managed to get Path of Radiance, and have so far made it to Chapter 10. At the time of typing this, it's the only Fire Emblem that made it over to the west that I've yet to finish, so here's hoping the journey's a good one (so far it is).
  17. Uh...they both have one, just they weren't used for supports or event cutscenes. Plus I think they both only speak one time without the player's input (Male Byleth awaiting Petra's vow to him in her S-Support, and Female Byleth's shock towards Dedue telling her he left Dimiti's service in his S-Support), and even then neither Byleth were voice acted.
  18. The amount that comes from the female characters is too much. It's disrespectful to women for how blatant it gets, and as a straight man, I find it insulting how IS tries so hard to exploit a common male desire. Makes us look like we're all thirsty bastards despite how there's still respectful types among us.
  19. Even though I like Conquest the most of the three in terms of gameplay, I agree with this. I recommend playing Birthright first to get a good understanding of Fate's mechanics. This is coming from someone who has played each route several times (has over 1,600 hours worth of play time), and has played Birthright first.
  20. I agree. Unfortunately, this site doesn't allow the OP (me in this case) the ability to close the topic, which is stupid. Would've done so already if I could.
  21. Gotcha, thanks for the tips!
  22. Wanting to tackle the hidden route of Apotheosis soon, so how would you go about forging weapons, and which attributes should I improve (how much Hit on a weapon is enough, and should I even bother with Crit)?
  23. About data gathering, you think they pay attention to what kind of characters are the most frequently used? The female bias may also stem from who's used the most frequently in something like Aether Raids. In terms of gender ratio of team builds, that mode is heavily dominated by women, because they tend to be better with little to no investment... and the lopsided Mythic unit situation right now that I've become a broken record about.
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