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  1. I'm passing on it. $50 is too much for a handful of N64 games I'd love to play, and I don't have any attachment to the Genesis. Plus I'm not an Animal Crossing player, so that would be paying for something I'd never use. If you still have your Wii U, you're better off getting some of the games from it's Virtual Console instead (especially if you're the type who's against using unofficial emulators).
  2. "GBA sound font"... if I had a dollar for every time I heard that used as a point against the system. To move away from Fire Emblem for a moment, it's true that it has let down certain game's music (Pokemon Red Rescue Team and the Super Mario Bros. 2 port spring to mind), but there are others that still make it work despite that (Metroid Fusion, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, and even Wario Land 4 despite how weird it's music can be). Listening to Binding Blade's OST in particular recently is what prompted this topic, and after thinking on it more, I think it's in my top 5 GBA Soundtracks.
  3. I don't hear people talk about music from the GBA Fire Emblem games much, so I'll ask: What are some of your favorite music tracks from Binding Blade, Blazing Sword, and Sacred Stones? Some of mine are Frontier (Western Isles Enemy Phase), Attack! (Binding Blade), Distant Travels (Hector's 2nd Map theme), and Determination (Map theme for the 1st half of Ephraim's route).
  4. Give Seteth a go for one of your playthroughs, it's silly how good he is at base despite being one of the last units you can get. Then there's Claude, who you could keep in his personal class after the timeskip, or reclass him into a Wyvern Rider(Lord) if you want him to focus on Axes more instead of Bows.
  5. Which Fire Emblem games would you say are the best (or worst) to be an Infantry unit in, ignoring Heroes and Warriors?
  6. I'd say in Haar's (RD) case, Defense plays a big part of why he's good because it means he can more reliably utilize all of his Movement without the player worrying about the fear of death as much. And even if he doesn't have the Speed to double, he'll most likely soften up the enemy enough for his squishy allies to finish off. I'd much rather lead with a unit who can afford to take hits in case they don't dodge instead of a unit who relies on dodging to survive. Things can go horribly wrong for speed demons like Mia (RD) if they suddenly don't feel like dodging.
  7. Maybe Defense growths tend to be lower because they know how important of a stat it is to have and that's their way to balance it? And I strongly disagree with Defense being overrated. How else would you survive all those Attack/Speed junkies that doesn't involve doing the same thing yourself? Also, while I can agree that Skill is underrated, I can't say the same for Luck. While it can improve various secondary stats, (Hit, Avoid, and Crit Avoid), those improvements are normally quite small.
  8. My rankings is similar to this, but I'd put Speed at #3, Defense at #2, Attack/Magic at #1, HP at #4, and Charm at #5 (I find that supports help increase the accuracy of Gambits more then Charm does).
  9. The fact that he has Luna and 24 Skill at base is also really nice. He has a decent chance to proc it, and even if he's supporting Corrin instead, they can use his Luna if they have Nohrian Trust. It depends on if the player cares about getting the child units, or if they're playing as F!Corrin in the first place. He could make use of Wary Fighter if he marries her and she picked the Knight Class line as her talent. It'd make it safer for him to switch with F!Corrin later on if she ever finds herself in danger.
  10. What are your thoughts on him once he rejoins you in Chapter 15? During my second run of Conquest Lunatic, I lost Azura before this chapter, and was forced to duo the map with Gunter and an unpromoted Corrin (Level 16). After careful item management, switching between the two units, and chugging lots of vulneraries, I somehow managed rout the entire map with one turn to spare. After that, I respect Gunter as a unit in Conquest more then I did already.
  11. Having been away for a week, thinking that I was ready to be done with this place after only being here since the end of May this year, I can't bring myself to move on from here as there's still things about Fire Emblem that I'm too curious what others think of them. I can't undo certain grievances I've expressed here in the past, and it's a burden I'm stuck with, but I'm willing to start anew however way I can.
  12. You do realize I'm talking about what came from those behaviors, rather then the behaviors themselves, right? Saying I hate people for not sharing my values is not accurate, and I don't know where this "culture of prudishness" is currently going on, but it ain't here. I think that's the first time I've been called antagonistic for not succumbing to horniness. What is this world coming to?
  13. That's waifu culture for you, and I fucking hate it. Not all men are pigs who forfeit themselves to women on a daily basis, but unfortunately it's those who are that're the big spenders. Until that changes, the balance will be forever skewed in women's favor. ...I've said enough on the whole men vs women topic as it is. It's foolish to get my hopes up, and to try to have people see how fucked up it is.
  14. That's her Lyn mode base Strength, meaning she hasn't leveled Strength even once. Between that and the comment before about Vanessa, just reenforces why I don't like GBA Pegasus Knights.
  15. In Radiant Dawn, I once had a Micaiah have only 9 Speed at level 20 (that's 4 less then her average) before her first promotion. Thankfully BEXP fixed it later, but it was funny imagining her being slower then Oliver despite being a twig compared to him.
  16. Oh god, that Strength made me wince. Luck is looking rough too.
  17. Was playing Birthright again, and got Hayato to level 20 with only 9 Magic (starts with a base Magic of 4, and had 19 levels to grow with a 55% Magic growth in his starting class of Diviner). What are some of the worst experiences you've had with stat screwed units (from any Fire Emblem game)?
  18. Agreed, and I think they were also better with the Morgans about not having one of them be more likeable (or unlikeable) then the other.
  19. One pet peeve I have is when people say both Robins are exactly the same. They have supports (besides S supports) that play out completely different based on which Robin you're playing as (Chrom, Lon'qu, Anna, Tiki, Basilio, Flavia, and all the 2nd Gen and Spotpass characters). What do you think of their differences in personality, which supports are your favorite that they don't share, and which Robin do you like more based on their personality?
  20. Nope, this is the 3rd New Heroes banner Three Houses has gotten in the last 11 months. I'm almost certain that one of the Byleths will be a CYL winner next time. Female Byleth in particular was in a winning position until people got too distracted by Gatekeeper's dominance on the Men's side to notice Marianne sneak past her on the Women's side, and they'll likely want her to get something new now that Male Byleth has a Legendary.
  21. I wasn't counting the Brave alts, as those are based on the characters themselves, and not the game they're from. I don't get the point you're trying to make with Ashe. He was added via seasonal banner, which is not what I'm talking about. The three banners I'm talking about are the Goddess's Servants banner (that brought Seteth, Flayn, Catherine, and Shamir), the Seeds of Foldan banner (that brought Ingrid, Dedue, Linhardt, and Marianne), and this Abyss banner. They all happened within the last 11 months.
  22. Anyone else feeling that Three Houses fatigue? This is the 3rd New Heroes banner that Three Houses has gotten within the last year. It's like how Awakening and Fates got so much attention in Heroes' first 2 years. Radiant Dawn hasn't gotten a New Heroes banner in over 2 years (It's last one was the Rulers of the Laguz banner, which it shared with Path of Radiance, and was early on in Book 3).
  23. I thought we were sticking to strictly Up Bs? In that case, add any viable kill throw, the Up Smashes belonging to Mario, Wolf, Lucina, etc.
  24. I only listed the ones I have the most trouble with. I know there are others like Marth, Lucina (hate her in Smash Ultimate BTW), Bowser, and C. Falcon. The poor range on ZSS's Up B doesn't mean as much when you frequently play as the big boys like I do, plus it can be a KO move.
  25. *Looks at Link, G&W, and ZS Samus with jealousy* Yep.
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