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  1. Agreed, and I think they were also better with the Morgans about not having one of them be more likeable (or unlikeable) then the other.
  2. One pet peeve I have is when people say both Robins are exactly the same. They have supports (besides S supports) that play out completely different based on which Robin you're playing as (Chrom, Lon'qu, Anna, Tiki, Basilio, Flavia, and all the 2nd Gen and Spotpass characters). What do you think of their differences in personality, which supports are your favorite that they don't share, and which Robin do you like more based on their personality?
  3. Nope, this is the 3rd New Heroes banner Three Houses has gotten in the last 11 months. I'm almost certain that one of the Byleths will be a CYL winner next time. Female Byleth in particular was in a winning position until people got too distracted by Gatekeeper's dominance on the Men's side to notice Marianne sneak past her on the Women's side, and they'll likely want her to get something new now that Male Byleth has a Legendary.
  4. I wasn't counting the Brave alts, as those are based on the characters themselves, and not the game they're from. I don't get the point you're trying to make with Ashe. He was added via seasonal banner, which is not what I'm talking about. The three banners I'm talking about are the Goddess's Servants banner (that brought Seteth, Flayn, Catherine, and Shamir), the Seeds of Foldan banner (that brought Ingrid, Dedue, Linhardt, and Marianne), and this Abyss banner. They all happened within the last 11 months.
  5. Anyone else feeling that Three Houses fatigue? This is the 3rd New Heroes banner that Three Houses has gotten within the last year. It's like how Awakening and Fates got so much attention in Heroes' first 2 years. Radiant Dawn hasn't gotten a New Heroes banner in over 2 years (It's last one was the Rulers of the Laguz banner, which it shared with Path of Radiance, and was early on in Book 3).
  6. I thought we were sticking to strictly Up Bs? In that case, add any viable kill throw, the Up Smashes belonging to Mario, Wolf, Lucina, etc.
  7. I only listed the ones I have the most trouble with. I know there are others like Marth, Lucina (hate her in Smash Ultimate BTW), Bowser, and C. Falcon. The poor range on ZSS's Up B doesn't mean as much when you frequently play as the big boys like I do, plus it can be a KO move.
  8. *Looks at Link, G&W, and ZS Samus with jealousy* Yep.
  9. I was speaking in general, not specifically online or offline.
  10. I don't. I'm referring to Poppi Alpha and the Shieldhammer Blades when I say Face Tanks. I always found myself playing Tank or Healer for the fights I struggle most with (unless it's one of those two battles were Rex gets something new between phases. You know the ones.). Anything that's 11 frames or less is safe on shield as that's how long it takes to drop it, but in reality it's more like 14-15 frames as you have to consider what you do after your shield is dropped (not to mention lag if you're playing online, so add more frames in that case). Snake's a pain too. He can shield his own granades that he's holding like it's nothing can use them to escape combos, and has the cheesy Down-Throw to Up-Tilt kill confirm at higher percentages. I enjoy living longer then my foes expect, being able to help my team stay alive by soaking damage for them, or by healing them. Again, I play Dedede and K. Rool (and Wario) in Smash Ultimate, and I can't help but smirk when they can't kill me cause my characters are too fat.
  11. What do you think they should do? I've been watching footage of Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Guilty Strive recently and some of the block strings I see in those games look very oppressive where I ask myself, "how does the person defending in the corner get out of that?". Then there's Smash Ultimate where punishing an attack is more often then not impossible without thinking ahead (I'd know as someone who plays Dedede and K. Rool. God bless the latter's belly armor.) Yes, but you also need to prevent your own HP from hitting 0. Swinging your weapon(s) like a madman can endanger that. I'm reminded of how both the Attackers and Healers in Xenoblade 2 could do high damage and excess healing without letting up on the attacks. Face Tanks really got the short end of the stick in that game.
  12. Volke, Nolan, Gregor, Priam, Scarlet, Mycen, Atlas, Deen, and Randal.
  13. I feel like hyper offense has become too much of a popular trend (especially in the fighting game genre), generally having characters attacking continuously with little to no room to punish them for being reckless (block strings where the defending character is stuck in the corner unable to move, or frame data being too quick for the defending player to get a move in without getting hit first), or having tools to either overcome or straight up ignore defensive abilities/tactics. With nerfing characters also becoming a dying ideology, Defensive play is often left dead in the water, unable to deal with the pure aggression. Then there are other games like Fire Emblem where Offense is heavily favored then Defense (seriously, Heroes has a fetish for the Attack and Speed stats). What are some of your own thoughts on Offense vs Defense?
  14. Misty was too much of a hothead for me to like her, and Max was a little shit (less so in Battle Frontier, but nowhere near enough to redeem his time in Hoenn). I liked Brock for being the voice of reason, and May was one the better female companions. James is the only Team Rocket member I liked due to his background before joining them. Jesse was the generic bossy female villain character which is something I never liked, while Meowth talked too much for me to like him. Tracy (the Orange Islands guy) was unmemorable, so there was nothing to like or dislike about him.
  15. While she can't become the Brawler Class due to unnecessary genderlocking, Female Byleth in Three Houses has a boon in Brawling, one of only 3 playable women who does (the others being Catherine and Constance, with the latter needing to unlock her's via Budding Talent). As someone who likes larger women, the trend of having martial artist women in various media becoming more popular in recent years made my heart sink. Fat women deserve better representation too.
  16. About time the guys got a Harmonic. Now if only the mythic streak gets snapped. It's called progress, much needed progress.
  17. I've no prediction, and even if I did, I'd only be setting myself up for disappointment in doing so. Speaking of disappointment, I only now realized that Eitri is another being Heroes decided to genderbend (and made into a loli). How many genderbent characters are there in Book 5? Or rather, how many Heroes OCs overall share their gender with the source material they're pulled from?
  18. I think something along the lines of "It's about time", will be the running trend of this topic. Kris is the only main series MC left without a Legendary now (I personally don't count Elincia as an MC in either Tellius game, and I don't think they'll bother with M!Robin, M!Corrin, or F!Byleth).
  19. Dark Magic MC when? I can't help but enjoy myself watching Robin tank everything with the Book of Naga while having Armsthrift. Grinded many Limit Breaker manuals doing that.
  20. Sure fooled me then, but that's nothing new.
  21. Hasn't forgotten, or hasn't played? If the latter, then that would make me curious about other games. No, I did mention status spells at the start. I guess I didn't make it clear enough to make sure it along with healing and other support magic were included in this topic. My bad.
  22. You forgot Thracia, unless you haven't played it yet.
  23. I don't know why they bothered including Dark Mage and Dark Bishop, let alone making them male-exclusive (or having any gender-exclusive classes at all after Fates did away with it). As you say, Hubert is the only unit who can use them to their fullest potential, and he's locked to one route.
  24. And I'm saying that it's not as difficult as you make it sound (at least if you're playing Normal or Hard, haven't tried it on Lunatic yet).
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