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  1. Hey, everyone! Recently came back after many years away and decided to see if I could (for once) learn how to properly make a hack. I'm working with a FE6 rom for this project. Got a couple questions that I hope will be simple to answer, so I'll keep it brief. 1. When moving tables to other parts of the rom for expansion, do the following areas still hold true as "free space"? (This is taken from the FEditor documentation.) If so, can I simply move and repoint tables here with no issues? What about the "auto patching system"? Is that referring to FEditor's autopatching? 2. How does FEditor WORK exactly, as far as free space goes? I've read the ultimate tutorial and scoured the FEditor documents as well as posts on this site, but I can't seem to find a straight answer. Might be there somewhere, but I sure can't find it. I've heard that it automatically seeks out free space when you insert custom animations and portraits over the normal limit that the game has? Do I need to move animation or portrait tables as well? I intend to import a number of animations that exceeds the current number of animations in the game. FEditor lets me do so, but I'm not sure if it's using free space to do it, or overwriting something else important instead. I really want to make sure I do this right and avoid mistakes in the future. 3. (P.S: I read somewhere that FEditor doesn't like FE6 and that editing with it is somewhat difficult? Is this true? If so, what issues should I expect?) Thanks a lot! EDIT: I should mention that I am using the newer FE6 translation patch as well. This one:
  2. Granted. I'm probably shifting development over to using the updated version anyway. I'm rebooting the game's plot and dialogue for my hack, so I might as well see how it currently is at its best. (And so I can appreciate everyone's hard work on it.)
  3. I see... so if I manually repeat my edits using this translation as a base, then make a patch, people will be able to apply it to their ROM?
  4. Hey, all! Recently returned to the forums after a LONG time away. If you like, you can go check out my self-introduction below. I'd love to hear from you! But either way, I was wondering if you all could answer a question. I've been working on a project for FE6 and I've put a TON of time into editing it (Even going so far as to create a demo version including the first two chapters). But the thing is: I can't make a patch of it. Somehow, I've lost the original rom. A Google search just confronts me with a wall of sketchy websites and .exe files (all of which were promptly deleted). When I finally DID find a legit copy of the rom, it seems to be an updated version of some kind (english patched with the title screen translated). In short: it won't work to create a patch with the version I've been editing. I'm not asking for ROM's, but I'm wondering: what version of FE6 do people use as the base game nowadays? I'm not sure if there's any point in progressing in development if I can't even share it with anyone...
  5. I'm baaaack! Remember me? You... you don't? Oh, well. Suppose I'll tell you a little about myself, then! Way back in the day when I was a young lad with pimples on my cheek and a spring in my step, I started browsing Fire Emblem forms like FEU, Shrine of seals, etc. Back then, I went by the name "DarkDurandal". I was small time, mostly doing some splices and very minor hacks, with the assistance of existing editing tools, of course. I was on Arch's FE4A project team (RIP) in a VERY limited capacity for a short time (only providing a couple of support conversations for the characters) and didn't really do much else in the community. Flash forward through college and well into a career, and I suddenly feel a strange draw toward an idea I never fully explored. I realized that I wanted to take up FE hacking again. So, in my spare time, I've been working on a project hack for FE6 which has gotten as far as having chapter 2 completed, but has run into... a bit of a snag. But I'll post a help topic for that in the proper forum. Now, I have no idea what the hacking community is like in this day and age, or how many of the old crew are even still around. Nevertheless, I thought I'd come back to see if I could rustle up some hacking advice or, heck, maybe even shoot the breeze with a few people who love Fire Emblem as much as I do! I've always considered myself more of a storyteller than a hacker, so... this'll be a learning experience, I'm sure. So, uh... Nice to meet you all! Again.
  6. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late)

  7. I'm curious: do you get less EXP on Hard mode than you do on Normal? I'm likely going to have to do a bit of grinding, so this knowledge would be helpful. EDIT: Also, could I have a list of skills that Royal Weapon affects? Does it work for Armsthrift or just for attack skills? Pavise and Aegis? And can you activate Armsthrift and a weapon skill at the same time? I would think so, but I wanted to make sure. EDIT: Apparently, I'm blind. My first question was already asked. On this page even. Sorry about that. I'd still like an answer for my other ones though, if anyone would be so kind.
  8. Well. Alright then. All valid points, if a bit incensed. Naturally, you're entitled to your opinion and, since you seem to like "Inigo" quite a lot, more power to you. That's the one that's in the game, so enjoy. Huzzah. Name meanings aside, I personally preferred Azure (or Azur, if you please) simply because it "sounded" cooler to me. A girl's name? Perhaps. However, I've never met anyone, girl or otherwise with this name and I get the impression that it might be so rare that no one very few people would even have noticed any perceived gender discrepancies. (Of course, I live in America Central time. It's entirely possible that in other countries, or even in other parts of America itself, the name might be more popular. I don't know. I'm just speaking from personal experience.) As for changing names that are too similar to objects, I've never understood this. Honestly, how many times are the words "velvet" or "inverse", or "chambray" for that matter going to come up in dialogue? Not very often. And the fact that the names would have been capitalized even further decreases the chance that they would have been mistaken for the objects. Characters from other series have kept their approximate Japanese names with great success, even those that resemble objects. Just look at "Cloud" and "Link". Would they have been the same if they were called "Claude" or "Liam" instead? Finally, I'm a big fan for preserving the author's intent for the work as close as possible to the original. If the original developers chose a name for a character, then I think that the localized name should reflect that choice. (Disregarding censorship issues, of course. If one of the characters was named "****head", for example, then I would definitely be for changing it.) As it stands, however, "Inigo" is so wildly different from the original that, no matter how good it might or might not be, I can't approve of it.
  9. who who hwow how how what are YOOU?!?!?!?????


  10. In rebellion, I think I'll name any weapon forged for "Inigo" by the name of "Azure's (insert weapon name here)". Really, even if you could make the case for his name to be changed, there is NO reason for it to be changed to that *particular* name.
  11. Not to bump an old topic, but is anyone else SERIOUSLY having problems with some of the NOA name changes? Sariya to Tharja? Soiree to Sully? Nono to Nowi? Inverse to Aversa? Celice to Seliph? VELVET TO FREAKIN' "PANNE"??? Did they not sit down and actually look at the names? Did no one think "You know what? We should pprobably not call a woman "Sully". Some of the other changes were not to my liking (Lon' qu, Ricken, Cherche, Gaius) but at least those were acceptable. THESE ones are the absolute worst... I'm sure I'll enjoy the game all the same, but seriously: How do you take an awesome name like "Inverse" and change it to "Aversa". Sounds like a Disney villain... And poor Sariya... Even "Sallya" would have been better...
  12. Lethality's activation rate is SKL / 4, not SKL / 2. Therefore, at 40 SKL, it only has 10% chance to activate. With Royal Weapon, that makes 20%. The addition of 10 SKI won't make much of a difference since it will be divided by 4.
  13. Not really. Since Lethality has such a low chance of activating, 10 extra points of skill would only increase the activation rate by about 2-3%. Astra and Magnificent Flame would definitely benefit from it, though, which is perhaps what you meant. I'll have to agree that Magnificent Flame is a bit lackluster on an Assassin, though, due to their low magic.. I would replace it with something else. Lightning Speed, perhaps. Weapon Saver with Royal Weapon and the high luck growth from Azure will essentially give you infinite uses on weapons. I've also reconsidered my pairings on three units: Azure the Deft (Assassin) Chambray the Mighty (Berserker) Mark the Demure (Bride)
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