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  1. Hey, all! I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer by searching the forums, so I thought I'd ask here. In FE7's class table, there are three classes directly after eliwood, hector, and Lyn's lord classes, but before their promoted classes. These classes use the map animations from the unpromoted, but use the names of the promoted. Is this extra data (and thus safe to overwrite with other classes), or does this serve some extra function in the game? Thanks!
  2. Hello there! Finally got around to playing Echoes, and have been having a blast! I recently hacked in Fernand and Berkut as playable characters as well (courtesy of this thread), but when you reclass them with the pitchfork, they use the generic blue palette for all of the class options, it seems. Which makes sense, of course. I'd like to edit the game so that Berkut uses Kliff's palette (black) and Fernand uses Randal's (light green. somewhat close, I would guess). Now, I have found a breakdown of character blocks from the SAVE data... ...but as you can see, no place for palettes here. Which means that the data is most likely within the game file itself, not the save data. I'm theorizing that the game uses pointers that point to which texture to apply for each character, so I'm hoping it's just a simple matter of changing the newly inserted Fernand and Berkut units to use the desired colors. Of course, it might be more complicated than that for all I know, with the textures actually hard-coded into each character, but I really don't have much to go off of. So, does anyone have any info on this? I can make hex edits if I know where to look. Thanks!
  3. Double post. I sorry. Thanks for the answers! They really helped! BTW, I'm messing around with the battle sprite animation editor and I notice that there's a fair bit of classes that have entries for female versions of the class, despite having no clear female units (duke knight, Baron, Emperor, General, etc.) Are these "female" slots safe to overwrite for something else, or do they serve another function?
  4. 1. Oh, so THAT'S what the Holy Character editor modules are for! Guess that makes sense! 2. Just minor increases, really. Bumping physical attackers' max mag to 18 instead of 15.
  5. Ok, thanks! What about adding skills for enemy bosses? Is that possible, or no? And are the caps uniformly set at twice their base stats?
  6. Hey, all! I'm currently hacking FE4, and I had a few questions that I wanted to see if anyone can answer. I have pored over the threads containing all the tools and info from Lamia and others (such as this thread here: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/39603-lamias-fe4-stuff/#comments ) and there's been a lot of useful information! However, I do have some specific issues that I haven't been able to find answers to yet. If anyone has the time and know-how, I was wondering if you could give me some advice? 🙂 1. Using the Broken weapon slots to implement new weapons. Lamia included a broken weapon editor and indicated that it can be used to consolidate broken weapons in order to free space in the item list. I tried doing so by having each of the weapon ranks refer to the A rank broken weapon. This causes the game to always crash when a battle is initiated. Any idea on how I should be doing this? 2. D rank patch The sword skill patch works just fine with the Project Naga translation, but the D rank patch does not (regardless of whether there's any other patches other than Naga on top of it.) Has anyone played around with this and found a way to make it work? It just crashes my game when used, similar to the broken weapon issue. (And yeah, I did make sure that the area it specified in the readme was blank before patching, and it was without me having to do anything, so that's not the issue. Right now, the only thing I can think of would be to apply the patch to a clean rom, and THEN put project Naga on top of that and painstakingly implement all the other changes I've done on top of that. But, eh... I'd rather not.) 3. Editing enemy Stats, skills, etc. I can't find any way to edit enemy data AT ALL besides the enemy editor modules, which really only allow you to change their class and inventories. How have others gone about this? Hex? 4. Text editing I haven't experimented with Lamia's tools yet on this front, so I'll try that first. But in the meantime, is there any specific advice people could offer for text editing in FE4? Thanks so much! EDIT: 5. Also, being able to edit max stats for classes would be just swell! kthxbye!
  7. Double posting because I'm a terrible person (and a few days have gone by). So I'm currently combing this thread backwards trying to squeeze every last drop of info out of it that I can. Seems like adding entries to the item table is a bit of a no-go, but there are a couple unused slots that I can make use of, and I'll see if I can't move a few things around. New questions regarding Battle sprite table that I'm sure has been already asked somewhere: 1. Seems that the nightmare table only has entries up to 0x66. I'd like to add new weapon choices to a variety of existing classes (Axes to Forests to make them true heros, etc) . Is it possible to extend this table? 2. Also, while I'm at it, if I wanted to add entries for tome use to a physical class, could I just use the magic sword animations they have? (For instance, they raise their hand as if there was a sword there, but their hand is empty and magic animation plays.) EDIT: I mean, since I want to add a variety of weapon animations, I suppose I COULD just remove the master knight class (making Raquesis and Leaf Paladins for their promoted classes) and use that class's slots, but I'd prefer to just be able to add more. Double EDIT: And what about adding new text entries, like the names of new weapons, etc? Not talking about using the slots that are already there, but rather entirely new text slots.
  8. Ok, I'll send him a quick message and see if he has a minute to spare. Much obliged!
  9. Also, not to spam posts, but does anyone have any tips for text editing in FE4? It seems like I'll have to learn how to do it the "hard" way through hex, but I don't have a clue on how to find the locations for each of the specific bits of text. Also, I'm leery of going off of older posts' directions for where pointers are, because I'm using the Project Naga patch as a base, and I'm not sure if they ended up having to move things around. Would anyone be able to confirm this, please? 🙂
  10. Ah, I see! That's definitely helped a bit! Thanks!
  11. Hey, Lamia! Just downloaded your FE4 binary tools! Looks like a lot of good stuff here! Unfortunately, it seems like all the data on the files have been garbled (even the readmes are just random characters thrown about everywhere). Even when I preview the files in 7z before unzipping, they're still a mess. Any idea what might be going on? Thanks! EDIT: Also, I've recently started hacking FE4 for some bizarre reason. I was wondering if you'd be willing to answer a couple questions? There's a few things I'd like to do that fall outside the scope of the Nightmare program, the first of which would be to: 1. Edit enemy stats. 2. Extend the obtainable weapon tables so that I can include more copies of hand axes, Lightnings, etc. I've repointed tables in the GBA games the old fashioned way (hex editing) quite a while back. Is it a similar process to that, or is there a specific tool for it somewhere? Thanks again!
  12. Hey, everyone! Recently came back after many years away and decided to see if I could (for once) learn how to properly make a hack. I'm working with a FE6 rom for this project. Got a couple questions that I hope will be simple to answer, so I'll keep it brief. 1. When moving tables to other parts of the rom for expansion, do the following areas still hold true as "free space"? (This is taken from the FEditor documentation.) If so, can I simply move and repoint tables here with no issues? What about the "auto patching system"? Is that referring to FEditor's autopatching? 2. How does FEditor WORK exactly, as far as free space goes? I've read the ultimate tutorial and scoured the FEditor documents as well as posts on this site, but I can't seem to find a straight answer. Might be there somewhere, but I sure can't find it. I've heard that it automatically seeks out free space when you insert custom animations and portraits over the normal limit that the game has? Do I need to move animation or portrait tables as well? I intend to import a number of animations that exceeds the current number of animations in the game. FEditor lets me do so, but I'm not sure if it's using free space to do it, or overwriting something else important instead. I really want to make sure I do this right and avoid mistakes in the future. 3. (P.S: I read somewhere that FEditor doesn't like FE6 and that editing with it is somewhat difficult? Is this true? If so, what issues should I expect?) Thanks a lot! EDIT: I should mention that I am using the newer FE6 translation patch as well. This one:
  13. Granted. I'm probably shifting development over to using the updated version anyway. I'm rebooting the game's plot and dialogue for my hack, so I might as well see how it currently is at its best. (And so I can appreciate everyone's hard work on it.)
  14. I see... so if I manually repeat my edits using this translation as a base, then make a patch, people will be able to apply it to their ROM?
  15. Hey, all! Recently returned to the forums after a LONG time away. If you like, you can go check out my self-introduction below. I'd love to hear from you! But either way, I was wondering if you all could answer a question. I've been working on a project for FE6 and I've put a TON of time into editing it (Even going so far as to create a demo version including the first two chapters). But the thing is: I can't make a patch of it. Somehow, I've lost the original rom. A Google search just confronts me with a wall of sketchy websites and .exe files (all of which were promptly deleted). When I finally DID find a legit copy of the rom, it seems to be an updated version of some kind (english patched with the title screen translated). In short: it won't work to create a patch with the version I've been editing. I'm not asking for ROM's, but I'm wondering: what version of FE6 do people use as the base game nowadays? I'm not sure if there's any point in progressing in development if I can't even share it with anyone...
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