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  1. @Hasechi I specialize in 2D; I'm not very familiar with 3D. It does change my advice but I'd take it with a grain of salt since I don't work in 3D. The little I know is that I've only seen Krita and CSP used in tandem with Blender for 3D work. I think they can load and edit 3D files but their default interfaces aren't really conducive to the whole process of 3D design and if there are workarounds for that I've not heard of them.
  2. The Kekkai Sensen OST is one of the best anime soundtracks I've heard. Taisei Iwasaki caught the vibe of a post-apocalyptic New York scene really well. Also, it is home to one of the most iconic anime endings out there, and I'm a little surprised that despite that it's actually pretty obscure. Its OST is inspired a lot by big band jazz and other music genres, I think some of its best tracks would be Catch Me If You Can, WHITE BEYOND, Snap Out, and its main theme.
  3. I can only speak to CSP's and Krita's merits as actual art programs, and I don't think any one of them is necessarily better for character design. I personally use Krita because it's free and easy to navigate, but CSP has a lot of free downloadable assets made by the community that can be really helpful, and most artists that use CSP that I've seen have a high opinion of the program. I guess it kind of depends on what exactly you plan to do/mean by character design? There's a lot that goes into it but everything I can think of that's more or less essential for learning how to design good characters aren't really helped or hurt by the program you work on. You don't even really need to branch out of Photoshop to learn character design.
  4. Hello! I exist. I generally use Mars as a nickname. A lot of people call me Eli as well. I'm an artist/writer except I never actually post anything and eventually I'll fix that, but until then you'll have to take my word for it! I originally got into the series through Fates and then got really invested around the time SoV came out. Favorite game now is FE7 and I've been working on getting and playing some of the older games but I'm still missing Shadow Dragon, Thracia, and the Tellius games. I'll get them eventually.
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