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  1. Hello, Long time no update sorry for the lack of gameplay scored a new job recently so it cut my time in half for this hack so I did chapter one after clearing the Prologue I ran into Cuan who is the arvis in this game and started Chapter one here are some Screenshots I will add info later funfact they use Thracia 776 Characters here. Chapter One We first start off with Lex being the Eltoshan in this game saying he has our back. Then we run into Edeen who is not a priest but a archer and looks like Sharlow took her little brother hostage Sorry for the updates I will edit this post once again when I have freetime and I'm currently playing the chapter now. Currently having issues with the hack for some reason teh data got corrupted sadly.
  2. Nope this is a blind run and I'm excited so far with the changes to characters I'm I noticed that trabant has low skill growths so far I might need a skill ring on him.
  3. Genealogy of Dain Thread Update Log 07/6/2021 - Thread created Prologue. 07/7/2021 - Updated with new characters PROLOGUE Hello, Like I mentioned in my intro thread I recently finished FE 4 and ran got a hack from a friend to give me a different experience with the game called Genealogy of Dain after some tutorials I got it to work. Just some information from what I got from the Hack thus far. Characters Trabant is the main character in generation one replacing Sigurd which I find very interesting. Just like in the main game he is Major Dain Blood ,but one major change he starts as a Lord Class. He has some interesting skills here with Pursuit , Nihil and Critical. Now we introduce the others here. First off we have Coruta who is to me is Noish replacement I could be wrong here. He has no blood and comes with Sun Sword , Critical and Charge and B Ranks in Sword and lances. Next up we have Papillio our next rep in the Cain and Abel Archtypes here. Unlike Coruta he has a different set of skills with Wraith , Pursuit and Nihil good skills to pass down to whoever the units are replacing the children this game. Lastly our Arden replace we have Maikov our castle defender aka the lag of the group as I like to call it. Having Pavish early game can be quite the boon here with Vantage as well. He has a new skill called Darkness Sword which has a chance of doubling or tripling damage dealt or decreasing damage taken by 20 flat damage I assume here. I'm going in blind with these so sorry for the errors. After a few turns and seeing Tiltyu getting kidnapped by none other than. Claud Duh duh duh! This is getting interesting that the House of Blaggi is invading the house of Tordo. I'm curious on who is gona by Tiltyu sister will be if they follow the same story about Edeen and Brigid. After that turn we see two new allies join us. Its Az..I mean Finn and Prince Kurth looking to join the fray lets look at their stats. Finn is back and his stats look interesting he is a person of the House of Noba and carries Minor Noba blood he has moon blade added to his skill kit as well. Next is Prince Kurth who comes to us as a Prince and has minor Narga blood on him. Having Critcal and a new skill holy Sword from what I seen from him in combat it looks to proc the various 3 sword techs I seen sun sword proc from it. After the next turn we have our 3 allies from the house of Fala Arvis , Linoan and Azel lets review their stats. Arvis comes with Full Fala Blood and is married to Lionan who has minor Dain blood and lastly Azel gets the finn treatment they gave him no holy blood at all and from what I seen he is the apprentice to arvis which I can't wait to see what happens to him in generation two but we shall see. Summary What I plan to do is to take screenshots of the characters and each post will deal with one chapter I'm currently gonna take screenshots of the characters only and my progress here. I'm looking forward to doing this playthrough. Disclaimer I will be using a action replay code to playthrough the game to see max stats just a heads up. If you have a better way to increase the size of the screenshots from Zsnes I would gladly take any advice. Also due to the rules of the forum asking for the hack and link for it is not allowed.
  4. Hello, Long time lurker first time poster here. I'm Europa and I I thought I make my first post here on the forums sorry if my english isn't strong or good. In topic of favorite fire emblems I'm currently playing FE4 Geneology of the holy war. I'm currently doing one of the hacks called Dain and I hope to make a playthrough thread on it soon.
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