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  1. I no longer need translators as the work is done! I gotten the tracks 3 and 5 translated (the one’s with actual story as the rest are talk from cipher creators and the voice actors). They are in the captions for the videos. Someone else beat me to it of making visualized and translated all the tracks. That leaves this thread to be now done with. I hope people check out the CD as I will always love and miss Cipher!
  2. Not posting in the Cipher tab as this is less to do with cards and I would like more exposure on this particular thing. I'm a fan of the Cipher mascots and got the 2016 Cipher Drama CD with 65 minutes of dialogue. Issue is I don't understand japanese so that's where I shall turn to the community for help on that. I've ripped the CD so I can share them with you all for a listen [ mediafire ], I will post them on YT as itself as well when I get around to it. I just would like to find people who would help in listening and writing down how it translates into english so then I could make a fully captioned video, sorta like the translated FE Echoes drama CD.
  3. New fresh egg here, ready for my welcomes. I mainly peek on these forums for info but made the account now for some help with projects I'd be willing work on. Mainly wanting translators for obscure things like the Cipher Drama CD, and if I should do the honors of scanning the second half of the official SoV manga ( I've only ever seen the first half of it scanned and posted online ). Outside of FE I tend to archive obscure gaming things like official Kid Icarus books and The Museum Of Anything Goes. But anyway, yup, my goal here is just to reach any interest from the public as I shall promptly make threads of the things I've mentioned.
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