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  1. Gang activity is a reality as well. Clearly, it’s a complex issue.
  2. Statistics are statistics and while I will admit that statistics are a bit generous on crime rates of black people they are also pretty generous in putting them in the poorer demographics of people as well. Black people engaging in criminal behaviors is thus explainable by the desperation of being in an impoverished situation whereas it WOULD be racist to say the crime was motivated by purely the fact he was black.
  3. The psychology of racism is very simple.We make mental shortcuts in our brains called heuristics.These heuristics allow us to process information faster.As an example, we have a cognitive space called “bird” and we associate that with certain attributes like flying, nests, etc. but then you get “penguin” which causes discomfort because it doesn’t quite fit into your bird space. This discomfort is reconciled by either expanding your definition of bird or you conclude that a penguin is not a bird.Racial categories are the same way though a lot more complex because one of the first associations you make with ANY race that is not your own is “does not look like me”. This is a harmless association but then we get into more questionable associationsblack gets associated with various forms of dance, rapping, gospel music, etc. These benign associations form a relatively harmless but still nevertheless technically a stereotype.When black becomes associated with negative things like theft, violence, etc. you get racism.Racism is a misfiring of heuristics in the cognitive mental mapping of the brain.The only way to truly get rid of racism is to be rid of racial bias but the problem is racial bias is part of a much needed part of our brain to categorize and differentiate concepts.We would literally need to disable higher brain functions in people to get rid of racism entirely.The best we can do is just educate and give people positive experiences to look back upon when making these associations.
  4. I’ve always wanted to try a draft run of Fire Emblem but I find this thread a touch intimidating and vast to get through. I’m leaning towards either the GBA games or Path of Radiance. How do I sign up? Is it a lot of work to organize a draft if I can’t find one that I like?
  5. This is my first time playing Thracia 776 and I’m wondering who I should give the wrath and paragon manuals to? Wrath is SUCH a good skill and I want to make sure I put it on the right unit for the job. Paragon is also really useful. I’m thinking scallion because he’s only level 2 and has really good growths even without scrolls but I am totally undecided considering he DOES have access to the sword that grants the user paragon. Maybe I should use Paragon on an archer since it will make them easier to train up?
  6. I discovered how easy it is to manipulate the RNG in this game and have been utilizing the scrolls and RNG manipulation to great effect. Im torn though because on the one hand, I feel like I should play this game organically. On the other hand, it’s so fun to steal things with Lithis that you’re not supposed to be able to steal (Got him up to 10 Con. It’s amazing how many good weapons weigh less than 10) On the other other hand, MY GOD! How many Knights are they going to throw at you in this game? If I didn’t manipulate the RNG, I wouldn’t be doing any damage not to mention the enemy volume and also… How is Chapter 4 beatable without manipulating the RNG? As a side note, I’m not sure about who to use the Paragon Scroll on. I’m thinking Nanna.
  7. So I picked up Thracia776 for the first time and since I am a fan of Makkah, I decided we’ll... Ronin is his favorite unit so OF COURSE I’m going to use Ronin my first time through.because that’s just what fanboys do!... Then along cane Tanya. Not only did I like her growths BUT she supports Orsin and Dagdar, two of the best units in the game according to again Mekkah’s character guide. So since Ronin wasn’t there I figured might as well use her for chapter 1 and see what happens... Chapter 1 In all like... “Ooooh Capturing is fun! Hey Tanya! Can you chip this for me to set up a capture?” And Tanya, well she said, “Sure Darnocius! No problem!” She defintely has her urs in setting up kills and captures. I am playing this game partially blind, I’ve watched some videos about thracia 776 but In using the guide as he intended. This game man... if you’re not paying attention you can miss some stuff! My first play through (I started over because I really wasn’t happy with Finn burning 8 brave lances on the boss by accident because I didn’t know how to read the damage display lol.. I was hell bent on capturing that knight because I thought the Long Sword was Cavalier effective as well and my first playthrough, I accidentally killed him. My second playthrough I flunked into finding the Special Axe for Orsin because I always visited it with Finn and I was all like... I wonder if I visit with Orsin... BAM! Mind blown! Anyways, back to my Tanya story. Before finding Ronin but after Tanya hits Level 3... Movement up. Omg it’s a sign! It’s just like Mekkah’s playthrough with Ronin! I must use her! Theb I visit the house with Ronin and I’m torn. My Mekkah fandom compels me but my inner fire emblem player and compulsive capturing self is well aware of the archer curse here. It’s made worse by the lack of capture command. Not going to lie though. Those movement stars on Ronan are pretty seeet. Is it a bad idea to field two archers full time in this game my first time playing it?
  8. So due to an exceptionally speed screwed Arthur in a run where Arthur and Charlotte are the stars, I am in desperate need of another speed wing and unfortunately, I used all my speed wings already. So now I need to play Royal Royale to get a DLC Speed Wing in order to really salvage this speed screwed Arthur. The problem is, Hinoka’s scenario is tragically ill positioned and figuring out what to do and where to go is becoming a headache. The guides I tried online weren’t much help so I decided to post here for some expert advice.
  9. Why is everyone a WW2 villain or a Marxist insurrectionist depending on who you talk to? Why is it that it’s okay to scrutinize hydroxychloroquine and cheaper alleged cures but if you question the credibility of the vaccines which stand to make trillions as an alleged cure, you’re not only ignorant but a danger to others? Why is freedom of speech and expression a fundamental constitutional right but flag burning should be illegal? A very wise professor once told me that politics is the allocation of values and who gets what. Depending on where you place your values dictates much about what you believe and the extent to which you believe a source stands to gain from you believing in them can have just as much of an effect on their credibility as the information itself. What is misinformation in a world where everyone’s favorite information is that which vilifies the person you don’t agree with?
  10. I wonder if wrath would proc on a door. Can you imagine a critical hit on the door?
  11. Inspired by this thread on gamefaqs https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-fates-conquest/79510682 And this thread about Charlotte here on serenesforest I decided to do a run dedicated to these two characters to get a feel for how they play since I’ve never used either of them much in game before. DLC and My Castle rewards are not off the table and I already played through Ghostly Gold a couple of times for Seal money. The main thing is making them into lead units rather than backpacks. Also who to marry for good skill builds?
  12. I’ve heard Kaze makes an amazing Lodestar (Dual Guarder and Miraculous Save stack well) and I swapped Jakob into Lotdestar for the skills to turn Corrin into an immortal (Jakob’s personal skill stacks well with Dual Guarder if you’re shooting for a dodgetank build on Corrin)
  13. Problem is the song in question is an important plot point and it was indeed written by him but an accusation could work.
  14. In an earlier episode, Thomas, the main character accidentally used his powers to heal Trevor, a struggling cancer patient and aspiring botanist. He does so by singing him a song that he wrote. A reporter interviewing Trevor, hears Trevor’s story about how he got better after Thomas sang to him and dubs him the miracle singer. The story catches like wildfire and Thomas is an overnight celebrity healer. The reporter however, is not an ordinary reporter but a Nightmare Agent. Nightmare Agents are on a mission to extract Dreamonium, the substance that dreams are made out of by way of stealing, destroying, or getting people to give up on their dreams. The writer’s block I am having is how does the reporter use their reprinting on Thomas to extract Dreamonium from the audience or in more simple terms. How does a reporter kill people’s dreams with a story about a singing healer? My brother suggested a fallen hero angle where The reporter tries to create some kind of scandal but I can’t for the life of me figure out what a believable scandal for a 12 year old viral celebrity would be? Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?
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