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  1. I for one, would probably be a flier. Probably a bow and sword using Falcon Knight, by the end. Beginner - Myrmidon Intermediate - Thief, Pegasus Knight Advanced - Assassin Master - Falcon Knight If I was going to be a magic class... Beginner - Myrmidon Intermediate - Mage, Mercenary Advanced - Warlock Master - Mortal Savant (Not a great class in the game, but in real life...... Sword and magic? Yes please!) Anyhoo... What would YOU be?
  2. Oops. That was meant to say "Favorite Master Class". Sorry!
  3. So.... I've been thinking.... What are some favorite master classes of other people? I didn't know if counted as master classes, so I didn't add them.
  4. Just recently got to part two on my Golden Deer route, and all I can think is, is there a way for me to change Raphael back to how he was pre-timeskip? Because he is really giving off bear vibes right now (not that he doesn't always act like a bear as well.... but....). Also, Ignatz? Hello??? He is green haired Harry Potter right now! So.... Is there a way I can change them back to how they looked before? Or is that a New Game+ feature only?
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