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  1. Hi! So I started getting the 2nd gen characters, and I just got Kena and Shigure (because I married Corrin to Azura). And I don't know what to do with Kena. I made Shigure a Kinshi knight because I didn't want to use him as a rally bot, and so far he's been doing well, and I want to know what's best for Kena, I have the witches mark if that's good for her (I've seen people use it more on Azura but idk). Also i haven't married anyone else, except for a Effie to Arthur. So what are some good pairings? Thanks in advance! Edit: forgot to mention I was playing on conquest.
  2. Well thanks for the info everyone! I didn't think people would continue to comment here, so sorry for the late response.
  3. That's helpful, thanks a lot! But a thing that has been bugging me is that I have no idea which unit should be which class, I'm at chapter 12 and I haven't promoted anyone, and I feel that I'm lagging behind, because only a few of my units can stand up to most enemies.
  4. Don't worry, I didn't get offended in anyway. So I've forgotten some terms like proc so I would appreciate it if you can explain which skills are proc. Also I plan for corrin to mostly use the dragon stone so it isn't needed to get swordfaire, right? My first playtrough is on conquest so I won't be able to get them "blow' skills. Thanks also for noting that I can't skill grind infinitely, (I was totally gonna try something like it XD)
  5. Hi again! Thanks for commenting! You gave a very good explanation and I'm grateful! So what skills are worth grinding/reclassing for? If it's anything like awakening where you can reclass for skills.
  6. Thanks for the explanation! Also no I don't understand Korean at all, if it is something offensive I didn't intend it.
  7. Thanks so much for the explanation! I understand it better now.
  8. May I ask you some questions? I couldn't find answers for them. Does Corrin get a special class like robin does in awakening? If not what are the best choices? What are talents? Do they unlock a otherwise unavailable class? What is in your opinion the best boon? I've read that unlucky is the best bane, because luck isn't a good stat or something this time.
  9. I'm planning on doing them all eventually, but the first one is going to be the noir one, and I'm playing on normal-classic as I want there to be some challenge, but not too hard. Also thanks for commenting!
  10. Hello! I am looking for some advice or tips on this game, I haven't played this one before and decided to give it a shot! I'm still on the character creation screen, so I still haven't started. Also if someone can explain to me how the children work it would be appreciated, since I last played awakening and there was some time travel shenanigans, and as far as I know there isn't something like this here(Or at least I haven't heard of it). Any help is appreciated!
  11. Oh ok, so it seems like I'll just make her bow knight, thanks for explaining it! I apriciete the help a ton.
  12. Well, I just wanted her to be useful, I'm playing on normal so the difficulty isn't crazy high, I've checked forums and there the common consensus was that she was better off as a sorcerer, and a few other classes.
  13. Gauis is her father, and as I wanted her to make her a bow knight I thought that counter could be useful since she wouldn't be able to attack back. And then I found out that she is better of reclassed to something else.
  14. So I just got her and I passed down lifetaker and counter, what should I promote her into? I've heard sorcerer was good, but I want her to remain into the archer line, IIRC snipers suck, so maybe bow knight?
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