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  1. By the gods, I was losing my hopes. It's so hard to find a Japanese save file for *uck's sake! Thank you for posing such save file here so we can all play Maniac mode AND Fixed mode at the same time on the 1st playthrough! Thousand blessings to you, my saviour
  2. Here's the deal. I'm playing the Japanese version of Path of Radiance so I can have the Maniac mode (which is the best difficulty imo) Now I want to play fixed mode without having to beat the game once and see all possible spoilers. (then later I want to transfer save file and continue on Radiant Dawn also on Maniac mode) For that I need a Japanese save file with the game cleared once. Is there anywhere in the online world where one could find such save file? I'm in disbelief thank you all Edit: found it here. Still mad at the fact that it's so hard to find, though ;(
  3. I actually wanted to find a .cgi file (or whatever format it is) of a cleared japanese version. This forum seems to only have North America and Europe compatible save files. My goal was to use fixed lvl mode without having to beat the game once, while palying in Maniac mode
  4. Is the Japanese version of the game the only way to play Maniac mode?
  5. What If I use the Japanese game (I use it for the Maniac mode)? Will the CGI file still work on my memory card?
  6. There's something very weird here. I could totally relate to your description if you were talking about the Lunatic mode in FE Awakening. But well, since I'm playing POR MM (Japan) now, I can tell you from my experience: on the very 1st stages, Boyd, Ike and Oscar are very much usable without risk of death (course, you need to be careful and use vulnerary in some turns). Ike can 2x attk several enemies, provided that he uses iron and not steel sword. Titania is Super OP and I only use her if I predict that the others will be in trouble next turn if she doesn't act. She will almost always 2x attk and almost always kill any enemy. Boyd can 2x as well sometimes. So I don't know. I believe you in what you say but by all mans this is not the experience I'm having. Could it be 2 different versions of the game? I'm sure I'm playing MM. BTW: In Hard mode (US version) Boyd would always kill any enemy, even sword ones, and evade most attacks. He was even better than Titania and that's why I said it was a pointless cakewalk. I just hope MM doesn't get to this again
  7. So, I played Radiant Dawn 1st of all, in the Hard mode in the US version on my brother's Wii. Found it mildly hard in the beginning and quite easy by the end, since you have a plethora of very OP characters at your disposal. My 2nd game was Path of Radiance, But I never finished it. 2 unfinished playthroughs in the US (Hard) and now just started a MM in the Japanese version, which I'm enjoying. I've also played 2 FE games on gameboy, but don't remember their names, and recently, I played a little of Awakening and Fates. The Lunatic mode in Awakening is really unplayable. It's exceedingly hard and any troops you have except for the stroger ones will die in 1 turn in contact with the enemy. Now, the same Lunatic mode in FE Fates seems actually playable. To sum up: the hardest mode in Awakening has gone too far and isn't fun at all to play. All the other Fire Emblems that I've played are kind of easy, Path of Radiance being the easiest (on late game it felt really like a boring cakewalk, which kills the game for me), and Radiant Dawn (which I've beaten, but will play again with a romhack to make it more challenging) being the 2nd easiest.
  8. I REALLY don't get it. POR is one of the few Fire Emblem games that doesn't have a childish story, which is great! My only quarrel with POR and its sequel for Wii is that it simply don't pose a challenge! Therefore the game isn't fun. Now you guys are saying that a harder mode is NOT a good idea? I mean, I'm about to restart my whole progress in the game now that I know of the existence of a Maniac mode that for some incredibly stupid reason was not in the US version. I fail to see how making an easy game harder is bad.
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