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  1. Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. These are a few lines from Jesus Christ’s sermon on the mount but they also describe the character Corrin from a little known game called fire emblem fates. Disclaimer before I continue fire emblem fates Corrin can be male or female but for this blog I will be referring to Corrin as male, not only because that is the default gender but it’s adds another connection between Corrin and Christ Jesus, and I say another connection because Corrin is directly inspired by Christ himself. Part I: a Christ like backstory Now to best show Corrin’s Christ like Nature I will start as all good stories do at the beginning before Corrin was born to best see his connection with Christ. Long ago there was a Dragon god name Anankos made a covenant with a man named Cadros in this covenant Anankos promised to give onto Cadros and his people a great realm called Valla and to protect them as long as they remain faithful to him this is a almost direct parallel to God’s covenant with Abraham and his people, and there was great live between Anankos and the Children of Cadros(the Vallites) but just like the Israelites of the Bible the Vallites would overtime turn their back’s on Anankos forsaking their Covenant with him, and this fading trust only increased for The mind of Anankos began to fade and found himself becoming less of a benevolent god and more like a feral beast, but it was no surprise to him for he had foreseen this and so made plans to recuse mankind who from the terrible fate the would soon befall them and he did it even though some would come to hate him, and one of these plan was to divide himself into to form by removing his soul from his deteriorating body so that he could create a new body for himself so he could directly help mankind. And it’s with this new body of his that he would meet the young virgin Homonoia a princess of valla and descendent of Cadros, and she would give birth to Corrin the only begotten son of Anankos, and this is a parallel to the story of Christ as Character of Homonoia is inspired by Mary mother of Jesus as Mary was a descendant of Abraham father of Israel. Now eventually the fate that Anankos foretold had come to pass as his old body still lived and now driven only by blind rage and instinct begins destroying the land of valla. It at this time that Anankos had Homonoia and Corrin escape from Valla so that both would be able to survive similarly to how Jesus Mary and Joseph fled Bethlehem to escape herod’s wrath. After escape valla Homonoia and Corrin come to the land for Hoshido, but mother and son would not be together for long for the king of Hoshido named Sumeragi who was already married desired to have Homonoia (who by this time had changed her name to Mikoto as to hide who she really was) for himself for she was of great beauty in both body and soul, and Sumeragi would force her to become his concubine, and as for Corrin he would find himself thrown into a war between the two great Kingdoms of man the The eastern kingdom of Hoshido and the western kingdom of Nohr. This began when a exiled lord came asking for help in freeing his city from his enemy, and king Sumeragi choose to help foolishly leading his people into a seventeen year long war with the powerful kingdom of Nohr, because as soon as Sumeragi arrived at a city called cheve the Hoshidians were ambushed by the Nohrian army, and in the end The prude king Sumeragi died on his knees. By the time the battle ended the only person on the hoshidian side left standing who had not fled was a young 3 year old boy named Corrin why he was there no one knows, but this amazed the Nohrians for though he was so young he was still standing so The king of Nohr a man named Garon choose to adopt Corrin into the Nohrian royal family. For the next seventeen years little changes for Corrin but as time passes and the war grows longer Corrin vows that he will join the war so that he can end it even if it costs him his life so that the world can know peace. Part II:a Christ like Character A disclaimer before I begin the story of fire emblem fates story spits into three routes at chapter 6 these routes conquest birthright and revelation. Now if there is anything you should remember about Corrin is this he is kind and selfless and values both peace and mercy. The first example of Corrin’s Christ like character is chapter 2 when after defeating some Hoshidian soldiers that were ready to kill him Corrin chooses to show them mercy. Another example of Corrin’s kind and merciful nature comes in chapter 8 of conquest were after defeating the ice tribe Corrin asked the healers in his army to help both his man but also the enemies. Now most heroes are kind and merciful that is nothing new but Corrin also exemplifies the biblical rule love your enemy we can see this in chapter 11 of revelation when Corrin learns that Saizo a Hoshidian who in chapter 7 of revelation was will to sacrifice his own life just to kill Corrin is now in danger Corrin chooses to go and help him. Just thank how many heroes have been willing to put themselves at risk just to save someone who hates them? And that’s only the tip of the iceberg because in revelation everyone is against Corrin and yet he’s still willing to help them despite that. Another similarity between Corrin and Christ is both put the willing to sacrifice their lives for others this is shown in chapter 21 of revelation when faced with the reality that him and his friends are being lead into a trap Corrin decides to spring the trap alone so no one else but him is in danger. Another similarity between Corrin and Christ is one that is often known and that’s Corrin’s fate he has to kill what remains of His Father Anankos’ old body in order to save mankind and bring peace, and to any Christians this is not to dissimilar to Christ’s mission in the Bible to save mankind for our sins when he died on the cross. The last similarity between Corrin and Christ I will tell you is arguably the most important one, and that is that both despite their power and authority chooses to humble themselves and come help us humans. Part III: Christ like abilities Of all of Corrin’s abilities the most unique is that He can turn into a dragon which means he can also fly and breath fire, but like most about him most of his abilities are inspired by Christ. The first is he can walk on water and can even return from the dead you can see this and the end of chapter 27 of conquest and birthright and the start of chapter 28 of conquest and birthright. The last Christ like ability is more closer to a god like ability and that is the ability to create worlds and fill them with life as he creates many small worlds called deep realms in the game so any child born during the war can live safely. Conclusion I hope all I have said give you an idea of what kind of a character Corrin really is, because of all the hero characters in movies and games Corrin is the only one to be really Christ like in all things. Good day everyone.
  2. I don’t think about it until now but the toy story song you got a friend in me is a good way to describe Corrin’s character he/she is kind to a fault will help even if it might get them killed but are not willing to ask for help are just overall just good people and yes Corrin is generic but so am I. 😎
  3. Of all the lies I hear about Corrin yours is the worst throughout all of conquest Corrin feels nothing but remorse for his actions in the war if aren’t willing to learn that than you have never played fates and are just a corrin hater
  4. If Corrin isn’t charismatic then nether was Alexander the Great
  5. This might get hate but I think corrin is a good character. He/she might be generic but Corrin is still charismatic he/she is willing to help their friend even if they die in the process they’re not perfect they’re both experienced, over trusting and kind to fault but that’s why I like them when Corrin doesn’t get something right the first time he keeps trying and doesn’t ask for help even when he/she needs it. In the end Corrin is stubborn, kind, prideful, kind to a fault, is willing to fight to see his/her friends safely to the end of the battle and the war and these are just some of what I like about Corrin.
  6. I don’t see it was one for one I said it’s inspired and the ancient texts say the dust and dawn dragons are responsible for the hatred between Nohr and Hoshido. And Corrin was taken by Nohr before Garon got possessed by fallen Anankos but again it is not a one for one.
  7. After playing fates I have started to notice that the the war between Nohr and Hoshido is similar to the war between the Greek and the Trojans to start both have god’s fighting for both sides and are even responsible for starting both conflicts. The Trojan war starts after Aphrodite promised the most beautiful woman to Paris this was Helen wife of king menelous. Paris would take Helen for himself after making an alliance with the Greeks like how corrin is taken by Nohr during a supposed peace agreement and yes I’m comparing corrin to Helen both actions starting a long war between the two nations.
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