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  1. I don’t think about it until now but the toy story song you got a friend in me is a good way to describe Corrin’s character he/she is kind to a fault will help even if it might get them killed but are not willing to ask for help are just overall just good people and yes Corrin is generic but so am I. 😎
  2. Of all the lies I hear about Corrin yours is the worst throughout all of conquest Corrin feels nothing but remorse for his actions in the war if aren’t willing to learn that than you have never played fates and are just a corrin hater
  3. If Corrin isn’t charismatic then nether was Alexander the Great
  4. This might get hate but I think corrin is a good character. He/she might be generic but Corrin is still charismatic he/she is willing to help their friend even if they die in the process they’re not perfect they’re both experienced, over trusting and kind to fault but that’s why I like them when Corrin doesn’t get something right the first time he keeps trying and doesn’t ask for help even when he/she needs it. In the end Corrin is stubborn, kind, prideful, kind to a fault, is willing to fight to see his/her friends safely to the end of the battle and the war and these are just some of what I like about Corrin.
  5. I don’t see it was one for one I said it’s inspired and the ancient texts say the dust and dawn dragons are responsible for the hatred between Nohr and Hoshido. And Corrin was taken by Nohr before Garon got possessed by fallen Anankos but again it is not a one for one.
  6. After playing fates I have started to notice that the the war between Nohr and Hoshido is similar to the war between the Greek and the Trojans to start both have god’s fighting for both sides and are even responsible for starting both conflicts. The Trojan war starts after Aphrodite promised the most beautiful woman to Paris this was Helen wife of king menelous. Paris would take Helen for himself after making an alliance with the Greeks like how corrin is taken by Nohr during a supposed peace agreement and yes I’m comparing corrin to Helen both actions starting a long war between the two nations.
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