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  1. Eh, Libra's jaw always struck me as less feminine than Lucius', so he wins in pure dude-looks-like-a-lady-ness.
  2. Look the last time we went all space hippie love party we created a Chaos God. We are now arrogant pricks because apparently the Great Enemy (No not CS Goto) doesn't feed on that.
  3. Brainwashing Xeno, and not of the good kind. Get out of the thread, you filthy mon'keigh.
  4. Still, what was the last good game LucasArts put out? Force Unleashed 1? From a buisness perspective, it's a good call for Disney, LucasArts have been loosing money for ages. From a gaming perspective, it really sucks
  5. ...I fail to see any comedic character traits. HAVE WE FINALLY FOUND OUR STRAIGHT MAN?!
  6. Frederick. His body was not ready for bear meat.
  7. Welcome to lunatic mode, leave your dignity at the door.
  8. Ambush Spawning: Where the actual difficulty in this game comes from.
  9. Happy Alcohol Consumption Day, you mean?
  10. I never could bring myself to like the original. There's just something off about the plot (Reading the manga first might have done it).
  11. ...what if we don't OWN any other 3DS games other than Awakening not that I need them
  12. More customized supports, pairings for EVERYONE (Make everyone a Robin who can marry anyone) - if logic interjects cut out Gen2 to make room - and friendship pairings with everyone not married. Branching storyline where you have to choose which mission to take (Getting invaded - do you hold the line or counterattack? Counterattack: You are in enemy territory while your country is getting pillaged. Defend: You are slowly pushed back). Introduce bonuses for keeping troops in a formation (Four in a square = +2 DEF to all or something). Get rid of Pair Up or fix it somehow, is too broken. Return Astra to the good version. Keep Second Seals Make story more depressing because TRAGEDY Find a way to make range-lock not suck Set forwards an official timeline. Explain how Dragons work once and for frigging all (Manaketes/Icedragons/earthdragons/Laguz are they related yes no please someone save my sanity?) I'll probably think of more later.
  13. You hipster gits! Keep it down in there with your rock and roll and your improvised poetry!
  14. Still an old white guy, I see Moving on to less offensive comment, I for one welcome our new Argentinian overlords, may they spread throughout the world like a plague WOW I'm not even doing a little well today. I...really just don't care I guess. Meh, atheism leads to just not giving two shits about other people's faiths, so I'll just move on. Other than a few jokes here or there that'll probably land me in hospital.
  15. No. Wait. Shit. ...YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE.
  16. I lived in Germany for the first seven years of my life with enough speech problems to not English very well, never mind German. My parents had a SNES and a Mega Drive (Genesis as you lot call them) and they sucked up most of my time. My first ever video game was this stupidly hard arcade platform for the Mega Drive called Galahad. I never could beat that game.. A few years later, I got into PC gaming by watching my dad play Starcraft. He got stuck on the Zerg campaign. I took over once, and beat it. From then on, strategy games have been a favorite although I've never been good at the multiplayer.
  17. If they haven't read the books, we can just make cryptic hints to mess with their heads. No-one actually explained what the Red Wedding is yet, right? ... DON'T GOOGLE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T READ STORM OF SWORDS. You'll ruin one of the most painful moments in fantasy history.
  18. But yes, Tywin would be a competent dictator. Still a dictator, but actually good at his frigging job. Y'know. Not Joffrey.
  19. I'm on the bench that says the overall plot of FE4/5 is amazing, but the little bits that make it up that we see are pretty badly done. Gen2's overall plot arch is disappointing compared to Gen1, you're right there.
  20. ALL OF THE FEELS. ALL OF THEM. Seriously, it's free, go download it. I don't care if you don't like visual novels, go burn about three or four hours on it, come back, and we shall weep like MEN together. oh and if you're underage you can turn the porn off in the options menu and I actually recommend doing this anyway because it makes the feels SO MUCH MORE FEEL...Y. I personally ended up on Emi route, and it's pretty damn...just...wow. These guys can write stories.
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