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  1. Niime! Yes!!! And Hugh is here as well! I’m willing to wait a little longer for Elffin though I hope he does get in someday. Honestly the concept of Ascended Idunn being a version of herself post-game starting to heal is really sweet and I love it. If I get these three I will be happy.
  2. Got Bridal Shanna as my guaranteed Special Hero, and pulled Bridal Catria off a ticket in the Hero Fest. Already had Juno, so now the sisters have been reunited! 35 pulls off the Valentine’s banner got me Owain, Lucina and Chrom, which is everyone I wanted, so pretty darn good luck! Not the best IV’s, but I’m a collector, I don’t care. Also got a Flavia, F!F!Corrin and a Valla Camilla, so pretty good overall.
  3. Hmm. I could honestly see them cutting back and leaving in just some of the more important characters. Confirmed: Claude, Dimitri, Edelgard Expected: Byleth, obviously and please let me play as male Byleth. Probably Hubert and Hilda, and while it physically pains me to write I can see them putting Felix in over Dedue, although Dedue has at least a fighting chance. Probably Seteth and/or Flayn. Lysithea and Marianne have a fighting chance due to popularity. I’ll also throw in Sylvain and Ingrid for the Lions and Dorothea and Ferdinand for the Eagles. Hopes: For the love of all that is holy let me play as Rhea. She should have been playable in the main game.
  4. Blue water could be Caeda. I think Ninian or male Corrin are also options, and Corrin’s also had an alt recently.
  5. Yuri’s English VA is a YouTuber I believe (Kaggy-something?) although I guess he wasn’t cast specifically for Heroes.
  6. Okay this is actually one of very few Mythics that could get me to pull? I’ve been curious about Elimine for a while. Also between being the first staff Mythic, the AmaLee hype, the Double Dash jokes and the art being both amazing and drawn by “Alan Smithee” this is the happiest a Mythic has made me in a long time. Sorry for those who wanted Medeus, hope he shows up eventually!
  7. Make it a 2-for-1, Duo Lambert and Rodrigue, alts for the Faerghus 4. Honestly though I would fucking love that. Alternatively I’d kinda love Adult!Sothis and the Nabateans, but that’s less likely.
  8. I was just thinking nobody had made this thread yet! I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb and guess Medeus. It would be kind of fitting to release him around the 5th anniversary of FEH, and Dark Green Dragon seems fitting. I’m also going to make a bit of a wild guess and say we’re getting bat boy in March.
  9. I guess might as well put the banner I would kill for up here. Bring back the ballroom banner for this one, I want everybody in fancy dress. The Cornwell trio and the Ashen Wolves minus Balthus. Harmonic Constance and Raven. Maybe chatting about how they used to attend events like this pretty often and their differing views on them. Constance egging Raven to dance. Weapon is Connie’s fan. Yuri as the second banner star. Lucius as the third 5 star. Hapi as the demote. Priscilla as the TT reward. All dressed to the nines with different views on parties. Like I would straight up whale for this one.
  10. Eh, it’s never confirmed she has scars and it’s not like FEH would bother with accuracy over fanservice anyway. Personally I’d just be sad if she didn’t have floaties or something while learning to swim. Although Edelgard in one of the old stripy bathing suits would be great too. Also is it time enough that spoilers aren’t needed?
  11. No, you’re right about the second part. Resonant battles that hint at harmonics use the one that isn’t next in the queue, so Echoes in this case. That said I don’t think it matters what either of them are since a) the hint is for the RB that comes the week after the seasonals are released and b) we don’t know if the harmonic schedule is 100% reliable now that Corrin threw it off. Could be anything at this point, but if the leak was right I’m expecting a Roy and Eliwood harmonic.
  12. Definitely looks like a CL lineup. Elincia seems most likely, L’Arachel and Soren middling, Yuri on an outside chance. Also I think given Eitri we might have to brace for more OC legendaries. The new freebie could very well be one. That’s good to hear.
  13. Well, another book over, another ending video. This time it’s Eitri pulling a tried and true villain monologue. Kind of curious what the glitches in the Matrix are all about. Just straight up techie Vanaheim? Or just to add to the little lady’s fourth wall breaking?
  14. Sorry to be that person, but Naoshi made one of these a little over a week ago:
  15. Not entirely sure if this is a “what I think will happen” or “what I want to happen” thread so this is a sort of mix of both. They’re more or less arranged in the order I think they’d be released in, but not concretely. Also I’m assuming every banner minus Fallen and CYL will have an OC of some type so 4star focus will be marked with *, straight into the regular pool with •. Radiant Dawn: Lucia (sword infantry), Geoffrey (lance cavalry), Heather (dagger infantry,*), Kieran (axe calvalry,•) GHB: Ludveck Awakening: Severa (sword infantry), Inigo (axe infantry), Noire (bow infantry,*), Laurent (red tome infantry,•) GHB: Priam (sword infantry) Binding Blade: Cath (dagger infantry), Elffin (sing, blue tome infantry), Hugh (red tome infantry,*), Niime (staff infantry,•) GHB: Zeiss (lance flier) Three Houses (timeskip): Felix (sword infantry), Ingrid (lance flier), Sylvain (axe cavalry,*), Mercedes (staff or green tome infantry,•) GHB: Rodrigue (blue tome cavalry) TMS: Tiki (green dragon), Touma (lance cavalry), Maiko (dagger infantry,*), Yashiro (sword infantry,•) GHB: Ayaha (red tome flier) Fallen: Chrom (sword infantry, sorry dude), Rhea (CL dragon flier), Ninian (green dragon infantry), Elice (I think she gets possessed? Staff infantry) GHB: Greil (sword infantry) Geneology: Tine (blue tome infantry), Patty (dagger infantry), Arthur (green tome infantry,*), Scathach (sword infantry,•) GHB: Oifey (lance cavalry) Fates: Dwyer (dagger infantry), Mitama (staff infantry), Shura (sword infantry,*), Reina (red bow flier,•) GHB: Scarlet (axe flier) CYL: Chrom (axe armour), Male Robin (levin sword infantry), Female Byleth (blue tome infantry, definitely dressed as Sothis), Bernadetta (bow cavalry) GHB: Gonzales (axe infantry) Blazing Sword: Isadora (sword cavalry), Marcus (lance cavalry), Harken (axe cavalry,*), Vaida (lance flier,•) GHB: Ephidel (red mage infantry) Three Houses: Rhea (sword infantry), Jeralt (lance cavalry), Manuela (staff infantry,*), Hanneman (green tome infantry,•) GHB: Abysskeeper maybe Sacred Stones: Vanessa (sword flier), Artur (blue tome infantry), Neimi (bow cavalry,*), Colm (dagger infantry,•) GHB: Glen (lance flier) A couple of these games I’ll admit I’m not super familiar with, so apologies if I got anything wrong. Some is wishful thinking and some is “I don’t care but it’s plausible”. Also there should probably be more armour units but screw it. Looking forward to being wrong about everything!
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