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  1. Definitely looks like a CL lineup. Elincia seems most likely, L’Arachel and Soren middling, Yuri on an outside chance. Also I think given Eitri we might have to brace for more OC legendaries. The new freebie could very well be one. That’s good to hear.
  2. Well, another book over, another ending video. This time it’s Eitri pulling a tried and true villain monologue. Kind of curious what the glitches in the Matrix are all about. Just straight up techie Vanaheim? Or just to add to the little lady’s fourth wall breaking?
  3. Sorry to be that person, but Naoshi made one of these a little over a week ago:
  4. Not entirely sure if this is a “what I think will happen” or “what I want to happen” thread so this is a sort of mix of both. They’re more or less arranged in the order I think they’d be released in, but not concretely. Also I’m assuming every banner minus Fallen and CYL will have an OC of some type so 4star focus will be marked with *, straight into the regular pool with •. Radiant Dawn: Lucia (sword infantry), Geoffrey (lance cavalry), Heather (dagger infantry,*), Kieran (axe calvalry,•) GHB: Ludveck Awakening: Severa (sword infantry), Inigo (axe infantry), Noire (bow infantry,*), Laurent (red tome infantry,•) GHB: Priam (sword infantry) Binding Blade: Cath (dagger infantry), Elffin (sing, blue tome infantry), Hugh (red tome infantry,*), Niime (staff infantry,•) GHB: Zeiss (lance flier) Three Houses (timeskip): Felix (sword infantry), Ingrid (lance flier), Sylvain (axe cavalry,*), Mercedes (staff or green tome infantry,•) GHB: Rodrigue (blue tome cavalry) TMS: Tiki (green dragon), Touma (lance cavalry), Maiko (dagger infantry,*), Yashiro (sword infantry,•) GHB: Ayaha (red tome flier) Fallen: Chrom (sword infantry, sorry dude), Rhea (CL dragon flier), Ninian (green dragon infantry), Elice (I think she gets possessed? Staff infantry) GHB: Greil (sword infantry) Geneology: Tine (blue tome infantry), Patty (dagger infantry), Arthur (green tome infantry,*), Scathach (sword infantry,•) GHB: Oifey (lance cavalry) Fates: Dwyer (dagger infantry), Mitama (staff infantry), Shura (sword infantry,*), Reina (red bow flier,•) GHB: Scarlet (axe flier) CYL: Chrom (axe armour), Male Robin (levin sword infantry), Female Byleth (blue tome infantry, definitely dressed as Sothis), Bernadetta (bow cavalry) GHB: Gonzales (axe infantry) Blazing Sword: Isadora (sword cavalry), Marcus (lance cavalry), Harken (axe cavalry,*), Vaida (lance flier,•) GHB: Ephidel (red mage infantry) Three Houses: Rhea (sword infantry), Jeralt (lance cavalry), Manuela (staff infantry,*), Hanneman (green tome infantry,•) GHB: Abysskeeper maybe Sacred Stones: Vanessa (sword flier), Artur (blue tome infantry), Neimi (bow cavalry,*), Colm (dagger infantry,•) GHB: Glen (lance flier) A couple of these games I’ll admit I’m not super familiar with, so apologies if I got anything wrong. Some is wishful thinking and some is “I don’t care but it’s plausible”. Also there should probably be more armour units but screw it. Looking forward to being wrong about everything!
  5. Minor oopsie I’ve found myself doing a few times is pulling what I assume to be my free pull and only realizing once I’ve hit the button I already took that and I’ve wasted 5 orbs on a banner I have no interest in.
  6. Obligatory “quick, act surprised!” That said, I really hate Ascended Laegjarn’s design, and the only Tellius characters I care about are Elincia, some of her coterie and a couple of the Laguz so this is a pretty easy skip for me. Will probably pull red with the tickets and hope for Volke, but no skin off my nose if nothing shows up. Happy hunting for those who have a character they love on the banner!
  7. My guess here is because there aren’t any heroes lined up in the CL pool for the December legendary banner. So it makes sense to put the new OC and a new legendary there, like what they did last year with Reginn and Lilina.
  8. I’m pretty darned sure whoever the new freebie will be they will be colourless. I’m guessing CL tome if we’re going to Vanaheim, if not, then anything besides dagger. If it is Vanaheim I wonder what aesthetic they’ll go for, I could see a “crystal spires and togas” thing happening, but I’ve also seen “underwater land” put out as a possibility. Really they could do a lot of different things with it. And I would be pretty happy too because Tellius banners are usually easy skips for me, although Lucia would be tempting and I will definitely want Legendary Elincia whenever she come out. And there will likely be quite a few banners I’m interested in coming out soon so it would be nice to have a few more orbs after going broke on the Halloween banner.
  9. I was thinking more one PoR and one RD. Just to get more of the Tellius units out. A remaster would be a good idea. If they do I just hope they have an option to speed the gameplay up a bit. One of the reasons I found PoR a chore to get through. Might be willing to give it a second shot if it’s at a decent price. Also it is getting close to the Christmas rush if they were hoping to sell it on that. All just speculation though.
  10. I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb and say it might be Radiant Dawn. Possibly Lucia, Geoffrey, Heather, and Kieran getting kicked from the banner for the inevitable Mythic OC. Otherwise Awakening or Binding Blade are also good guesses. Really all that’s certain is a new OC crashing the banner.
  11. Thank you for making this! I also hope daisy jane is okay. I don’t have much to add really. Your predictions are pretty much exactly the same as mine. The only question I’m still pondering is will the free unit be bow, staff or tome. I lean towards tome but it could be anything. I’ll also take a wild stab in the dark and say the January mythic will be Morva. I have pretty much nothing to base this on.
  12. Also I hope you get that Christmas Brom someday.
  13. Was kind of pondering one thing about the probable leak and had a thought.
  14. Quick correction, Green has two; Caspar and Alfonse. Still a lot better than Blue with six.
  15. I can understand that. I did like Sephiran’s priest-ish garb in the last Christmas banner but there is a glut of just variations on the red Santa outfit when they could easily get more creative. Like imagine a Christmas banner based on The Nutcracker ballet for instance!
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