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  1. Then HP And Resistance If You Choose Knight.
  2. Are You On Birthright Or Revalation?
  3. I Sugest Snap Shot From Skylanders Trap Team
  4. Try Finding A Way To Edit Recruitment Times And Stat Growths
  5. Basiclly Imagine Among Us But With More Roles And Precise Times For Killings And Meetings(I've Never Hosted Before So I Could Use Some Help)
  6. Proper Mafia More Like Mafia With Roleplay Elements
  7. How Can I Support This Project?
  8. Are You Making The Randomizer Yourself Or Downloading One?
  9. RULES 1. No Messaging Each Other To Inform Yourselfes Of The Others Roles 2. No Out Of Character Discussion 3. No Talking About Things Wich Arent In Fire Emblem ABOUT ROLES You Can Have Any Fire Emblem Character From Three Houses,You Can Have One From Awakening Fates Heroes Or Echoes But It Would Be Preverable For It To Be From Three Houses And Finally Some Last Things Sing Ups Start On 6th Of August And End On 16th This Is Set PRE-Timskip,But MIGHT Go Into The Timeskip. And You Can't Roleplay Someone Who Canoniclly Dies Before/During The Timeskip.
  10. I Dont Think It Means Anything Maybe Try Googling "Mega Man Sword Man Symbols Origin"
  11. Okay I Like The Sound Of Just Doing Headcanons And Hypothetical Scenarios So We'll Stick To Those From Now On.
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