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  1. Yeah, it is! Byleth, all the Students, Flayn, and Cyril all get a minimum of 2 stats on level up. Because they're all 'growth units', I would hazard the guess? No kidding on the caps. Why did they make the caps so high? Some characters even go above 100! (Dedue's, Gilbert's, and Balthus' Hp are all over 100. I get that they're supposed to be tanks, but still, 100+ in a stat is stupidly high when you're lucky to get to ~50s by endgame)
  2. Well, at least this Fallen Banner isn't as bad as the last. I would like Ninian and Spd Smoke 4, but I also want to save for B!Micaiah's rerun, so... I'm going to wait and see if I'll pull on this one.
  3. Huzzah, Medeus is finally in! Took long enough. As for a Vote, well, Arvis is the only one on the list I have any strong feelings on, so let's see how long it takes for the OG Flame Emperor to get in.
  4. Salutations, my good sir! Eh, if it's in the 'new topics' bit on the main page, then I'll read it. I was gonna crack a joke 'bout the 'discuss' bit, but then I realized it's an inside joke and no one here would get it. Alas.
  5. We can stack triple Unity now. Ok, then. Seems a pretty good banner for fodder, and Chrobin & Lucina are quite strong in their own right. I may pull for them.
  6. Future Game of the Year (Personal) - Triangle StrategyGame/Franchise You Most Want Announced - Fire EmblemUnnannounced Game You Expect - FE4 Remake?Your Safest Prediction - continued year-long radio silence about Hollow Knight: Silksong.
  7. Meh, maybe. Decent theory, I suppose. I recall it being about 1,000 years? I don't have a source on that, at the moment, but I think it's a thousand year span between the end of Genealogy and the start of Shadow Dragon. Jugdral is east of Archenea, and presumably west of Valenita (if that world is spherical). And maybe it's the unmentioned landmass to the east of Ylisse you can see the edge of on the Awakening world map. Anri, maybe? He's Marth's ancestor (but not quite, as Marth is his brother's descendant), so he'd be Chrom's ancestor, too.
  8. Aside from being bemused about the Double Dash nonsense and VA shock, the only thing I'm wondering is: How long until False Start is available in other forms (Sabotage, Smoke, etc.)? Because when that happens, the meta will crumble, and I'll laugh the entire time.
  9. Despite my mild dislike of Archanea, I still wonder: whatever happened to Medeus? He's the big-bad, the origin, the first... So what's up FEH? 6 years in, and he's still nowhere to be seen. You'd have thought he'd of been added fairly early on, yet... he isn't. odd.
  10. I've only been commenting here since, what, late last year? I've been lurking for years (2013? Or was it 2014?), so I remember a fair few of you guys. Hope that I'll still be here for a good long while. Congratulations to you, Jotari, for surviving a decade in the Forest!
  11. All Hapi, until midterms. Then see if another Gatekeeper-ish meme pops up, then last bit for that. Ae! Jolly good taste, my good sir!
  12. Honestly, I'm expecting more of the same of the past couple of years: A whole lot of nothing. ... That aside, I would like a new FE game (remake of 4 preferred). And like so many others, I still await Hollow Knight: Silksong (5 years of wait, as of August 23).
  13. Eh, aside from the Dark/Black distinction, without a magic triangle, there is little point to having so many elements. Well, I suppose flavor for different characters is a minor point for it. Small point, but Sagittae does exist in 3H, so it's not like everything fits nicely into the Fire/Thunder/Wind/etc. catagories.
  14. No Gregor/10. Feud skills seem interesting. I don't think it works on Savior, but anti-Savior is inevitable. Wonder how long IS will put it off. Ash... I'm conflicted. On one hand, make's since that she would be Mythic, and seems like a decent unit... On the other, IS why? Cowgirl + ship-teased with the summoner... Do not like, do not want, do not need. But, only time will tell where we're going with this. Final judgement: Again, no Gregor/10. Looks to be a fairly bland banner, only thing of interest is R. Feud.
  15. Well, as far as I understand, Anime has to be a Japanese cartoon, right? In that case, A:TLA (Avatar: the Last Airbender, yes? That was a good show!) isn't Anime, but simply an animated American show with vaguely Asian-themes. (Also, shoot! ARMADS!!! beat me to the punch.) I'll tolerate FE's Anime-ness due to my love of the series. Also, I generally dislike Anime, due to various problems. (Pandering, over use of tropes, questionable quality, Japan's apparent obsession with lolis, etc.)
  16. There are some venomous mammals: some voles and shrews (venomous bite), all vampire bats (venomous bite, but I suppose Bats are Flying, not Normal), male platypus (platypi?) (venomous spurs on their back legs), and slow lorises (venomous bite). Stretching the above, a regional of the Raticate or Bibarel lines, or Passimian or Oranguru could be Poison/Normal. My opinion is that a platypus-based 'mon would be good, maybe with a form for each sex: Male as Poison/Normal and Female as Water(?)/Normal. Regional Komala with a beehive in its' log? I'd like an Arctic Fox-themed regional Furret Evolution. That'd be nice. Palossand or Cofagrigas regional? I'd kinda like a frosty frog 'mon to be honest. Or maybe a regional variant of Nihilego (dimensional variant?).
  17. This banner seems ridiculous. I don't have Muspell or L!Sigurd, and Thor's C Slot is going to be excellent support...
  18. I'm going to have to ask: Is this counting all the various stats throughout the series, or the stats in specific games. Because you'll get very different results depending on which it is.
  19. Ok, so another pass for me. Good.
  20. Blegh... Otr is bad. A (by Gen 5~6 standards) mediocre weapon and pre-charged Luna. Decent stats, but that's to be expected. At least he has decent fodder, but not good enough to draw any Orbs from me. Further more, I don't want anyone else on the banner, so... easy pass for me. I've already spent enough in the past couple months, thank you very much.
  21. FE 1-3: Haven't played, so no comment. FE 4 & 5: 1 RNG. I don't think I have to elaborate. FE 6: Ambush spawns & Roy. FE 7 & 8: Various story related problems. FE 9: Both Maniac Mode and the lack of MM in the NA release. FE 10: So many bad characters (Most of the DB, Astrid, etc.), poor availability of several characters and brutal debuffs to non-Draco Mounted units. FE 11: Ambush spawns. FE 12: Too much to say in full here. Biggest problems: Ambush Spawns, 8 Prologs, Kris worship. FE 13: Lunatic+. FE 14: Everything relating to Valla. Conquest's Story, Birthroute's lack of any real substance, Revelation's more egregious gimmicks and everything past Chapter 17, really. FE 15: Nothing, I guess? SoV kind of just exists outside of it's masterful artistic presentation. FE 16: Rushed development & Early game Maddening.
  22. Well, I'd say it's more about the Main Story then the supports, but then again, I haven't seen many in-depth discussions on the topic. Even then, the supports mostly show them with similar (if not identical) personalities. That said, I prefer Male Robin, mostly because of Female's stupid supports with Chrome.
  23. Assuming IS will continue with what Three Houses' whole 'have caps, but are far to high to reasonably cap' thing, then I would like a NG+ like what the Witcher 3 did: You start the game over while retaining all your stuff/stats, while the enemies get buffed as well. It has potential, but I'd be more worried about it being completely unbalanced. That... sounds pretty good, honestly. Maybe it could have a survival mode? See how many maps you can go before you drop, maybe even have a Leaderboard? The more I think about it, the more I like it.
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