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  1. Literally what are you saying? What does it mean to get rid of gender and race politics? The idea that the Democratic party is even a little anti-white or anti-capitalism is insane. The idea that their base is anti-white and anti-capitalism (which also sort of isn't true) though implies that they should probably become more anti-white and more anti-capitalist. What do you mean about the moral high ground and talking down to people? It's baffling that you look at American politics and think that it's a case of specifically the Democratic party (or I guess progressives) talking down to people, and it's even more baffling that you think people on the coast have absolute contempt for people from middle america. What I think you mean is that wealthy people from the coast have contempt for poor people from middle america, but that's mostly because of the class dynamics. I'd go on, but you're really not explaining what you mean very well at all.
  2. Who do progressives turn off that they need to win elections? The Democrats should care about the "white working class" in the same sense they should care about the working class in general. Obviously, they don't give a shit about them because they're a center right party, but the more you care about the working class, the more left wing you are, almost by default. Not sure how you're putting these things at odds with each other. And yeah, as Phoenix pointed out, the funniest fucking thing in the world is "yeah I know I'm absolutely your political opponent, but trust me, I'm giving you some advice from the bottom of my heart on how to win. here's the trick, just do the things I want".
  3. https://twitter.com/ZhouChauster/status/1027658085102493698
  4. I mean, even then it's not really that much more turbulent than the real world we live in, and aside from the risky aspects of war, much of the rest of your life would be pretty good. Plus you're generally going to be free from most of the institutional and structural violence and oppression most real/fictional settings would saddle you with.
  5. most fictional worlds are really shitty and much worse than our own for most people in most ways. one world which is not is Star Trek, but that's in the OPs "do not want" list, so i have no idea what is going on. but basically, yeah, i want to live in the semi-utopia, just being me or a regular person. why wouldn't you?
  6. you sound like a true volcel warrior then godspeed
  7. it's not the most important thing in a relationship, but it can be a very important component if either party particularly cares about sex that said, you sort of are saying you don't which does make things different. that's really just not wanting to fuck, which i think is totally fine. i just don't think you'll suddenly want to start fucking once you're married. idk. what would make it different/more desirable?
  8. that's pretty much abstinence but i guess i'll explain not wanting to fuck is fine, and not wanting to fuck for x period of time or whatever is fine. the reason i think abstinence is such an awful concept is that it is explicitly "I don't want to fuck at all until i enter into a probably extremely expensive legally binding contract". what if you do that and then realize that you really hate fucking the person you married? what if you generally like fucking, but just didn't get to do it for years? what if you get married then get divorced fairly quickly (fairly common? it's a bizarre concept that doesn't really make sense if you think about it. if both people are abstinent then they'll probably really suck at fucking when they get married, since sex is absolutely not something you save yourself for, it's something that you get better at with practice, so it's probably not even going to be good. abstinence is almost entirely a tool of social control, and while it sort of applies to men and women, it really is specifically targeted at women and historically hasn't really been strictly applied to men. basically, if you want to fuck, then fuck, i don't see any reason why you would want to wait until one of the worst possible times to start. abstinence is deciding that you want to fuck one day, but only after you've decided to get rid of all your other options
  9. honestly this is one of the worst parts of it. i would definitely consider just going for some electrolysis (and part of me just wants to blast off everything below the eyes), but the cost and going through the whole process stops me pretty hard. i guess you have more dedication than me though
  10. they can choose to not fuck people, or not fuck people who they aren't married to, and that's fine, but attempting to apply that philosophy to anyone other than yourself is absolutely wild plus my opinion generally is that volcel is good but abstinence is one of the dumbest things imaginable. if you don't want to fuck, don't fuck, but don't be an abstinence person
  11. i feel like it's gross and inconvenient and doesn't feel particularly pleasant. i don't really like body hair in general. it's also a pain to remove and you have to do it constantly. it's real bad and i dont see any advantages considering im living in the modern world with clothes and insulated buildings, etc
  12. *stares at topic intently, emitting locomotive noises, steam pouring out of my ears as I try to figure out if it's against the rules to use the term 'boypussy'* distractedly, out of the side of my mouth: generally the most important thing about having success with whoever it is you want to have success with is treating them like a human being and fully realizing everything that implies, plus being a generally pleasant and interesting person to be around. it seems like maybe that's not your issue though, since you mostly are talking about being afraid of a relationship on some level. that's fine too, just don't hide it from people. if they're not interested then they won't be led on, but there's plenty of people out there who might want to fuck you without committing to a long term relationship, and there's nothing at all wrong with you and them hooking up
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