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  1. Well-reasoned! Felix is doing very well for himself in multiple classes, which is interesting for a character that seems so obviously built for swords. Any male candidates for War Monk? My instincts say Hanneman isn't a bad choice, purely because of the existence of his brawling ranks and Aura Knuckles plus being able to actually use his spell list. (Which isn't great, but, y'know, nice to have.) It's a bit iffy because it's basically the same class as Cleric, but it's technically different, making me wonder if we shouldn't slot someone in there. Balthus seems obvious, but... eh. I frankly think he's better as a War Master. Edit: Any thoughts on Dancer, also?
  2. There's been a million "best class for each character" threads, so let's try doing things from a different perspective. Who makes Holy Knight the least bad? Which Wyvern Lord is the most OP? I'm mostly looking at Master classes here, but a few Advanced ones that people tend to use or that don't really have a "better" Master version would be nice as well (Sniper, Paladin, Assassin, Dark Bishop, maybe Hero for the hell of it? Fortress Knight?). Throw in DLC classes if you like - they kind of cheat by having characters tailor-made for those classes, but you could try War Cleric as well as War Monk. "Byleth" is the cheat answer, so let's avoid that. If you pick a route-exclusive character, maybe include a runner-up that's recruitable. To start us off, Lysithea being the best possible Gremory is pretty uncontroversial, as far as I can tell. Most people seem to agree that Hubert (with Linhardt as recruitable runner-up) is the best Dark Bishop, as well.
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