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  1. Personally, I went with Cavalier Lukas. Get him to a Baron and then get him to Cavalier. As a Gold Knight, he has the bulk of a Baron along with high movement and speed. You could utilize the fork to make him a merc and then go for gold knight, that would also be a good option. I used my second fork on Zeke, I had him become a merc for the additional ability. Although, he is extremely decent without it. My final fork was used on Python. I changed him, like Lukas and Zeke, to the mercenary class. The difference here is that I had him keep repeating the merc line. With Python's high skill growth, give him a Brave Sword and he could be much more reliable. It also saves him from his low speed growth. I had initially thought of using the fork on Conrad or Forsyth. I didn't use it on Conrad because I enjoy his play style as a Gold Knight. I didn't use it on Forsyth because I didn't want to have Valbar as my only Knight. (The characters I was debating between the most was Zeke or Conrad)
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