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  1. I'm? Sorry? I guess its hard to express just how befuddled I am with text only.
  2. Several personalities would be a massive improvement! I can already imagine how this can have both gameplay and story ramifications too. Using 3H as an example assuming it had this feature. Choosing shy and reserved as a personality could make support building with characters like Bernie, or Ignatiz faster than an aggressive personality. (That said. Probably not enough to completely fix 100% of Byleth's issues by itself. But Byleth is horrible and trying to fix them is at this point. A mental challenge to see if you even can.) I think this would make Kris and Robin vast improvements. Perhaps Corrin to. Though the story in Fates is structured around Corrin's perfection. So multiple personality Corrin might just be impossible without restructing Fates itself. Kris in particular I can see being a huge improvement. Instead of this random bloke who has an abusive grandfather. Is obsessed with Marth. Steals dialogue. And has shonen-tier bloodlust. We could have 4-8 different characters reacting to Katarina and being Marth's bodyguard. Kris's current personality would be fine if it was one extreme option. Being the only thing you get is what makes its lackluster execution so awful to me. Robin in general suffers real badly from Fatesawakening era's writing bad habits. I'd say they are the closest to a truly "good" avatar. But Fatesawakening writing being what it is. Were left with somebody who can marry brain damaged Emmeryn and that's just. No. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. Nooooooo. Don't. Oh and act 3 Robin's show stealing was awfully written. But Act 1-2 Robin with like 2-3 different variations? Seems like it be pretty decent overall. (And if it must be kept. Hopefully F!Robin's awful support with Chrom will only be ascribed to one personality and not all of them.)
  3. I'd say Robin (when Awakening isn't being awakening) and Kris (When he isn't stealing lines.) Are both okay avatars. Their good points are just drowned out by the awfulness elsewhere. While both Corrin and Byleth have almost nothing going for them in either direction. I really do want to genuinely and unironically ask. You. Florete. If you'd prefer a genuine self insert. Or you actually like having these malignant plot tumors that hurt the stories and character of others. Because I'd be fine with the former personally, but FE hasn't had one yet. (The closest is Kris and I'd say he'd count if he didn't steal half the script.) IS keeps doing it because it is a sad truth that the vast majority of consumers in any product have incredibly low standards who are pleased with. Anything. If you marketed Gatekeeper at those people. They'll love him too. If Kris was marketed to them. They'd love him/her too. It feels rather awful to type that because I'm pretty filthy on the casual scale. But its just true. Though I lack the physical means to gather evidence for that statement. So I guess Its still a matter of opinion. I'd like to point out candy crush makes billions despite constantly being derided as cookie cutter formulaic match-3. But as for something more substantial and important. Your comment about stealing the spotlight from the other lords. 1. Byleth devalues the intellect of the other lords by being their designated tactician. This is going to include some explaining but I'll spoiler the fluff if your not interested. On the other hand. NONE of the 3H lords are portrayed as being idiotic. In any sense of the word. The closest we get is Dimitri. Who is undeniably not stupid, but rather full on mentally ill and wouldn't be expected to make rounded decisions even if they could. Edelgard and Claude both have philosophies that are seperate from the norm. The former is clearly closer to Chrom or Ike or Alm, but not in the range of "Completely incapable of complex thinking." And the latter is shilled as a grand cunning mastermind. Claude never gets to show a single smidge of genius literally anywhere. His every plan is repeated on at least one other route. Shown off-screen entirely (holding alliance together.) And Byleth does all the tacticing on the battlefield soooo. Claude's claim of being a strategist is just never shown. Its told, this would be fine if Byleth didn't exist or if the lords were the main tacticians. Since the gameplay would be their "proof." Given how I earlier explained instance of Canon!Byleth being a complete and total idiot whose incapable of the most basic of tasks or improvisation. This leads to the direct implication that all 3 lords have such exceptionally low tactical standards they consider Byleth ingenious. This is in spite of how when deprived of Byleth. They do perform strategies you can't perform in gameplay. Suggesting they are literally held back by trusting Byleth. Byleth does steal the spotlight. Less than Robin. Absolutely (except on SS. But they are the lord for that route so... I'd say it doesn't count. If Rhea showed up and was playable. Probably. But as is. Doesn't count.) But they do so. Other examples that are far more minor but exist. 2. Edelgard is an avatarsexual for literally no reason. Hubert and Ferdinand both make far more sense for her to have any romantic inclination for. If she has them. They are only expressed in paired endings (which. Well. Anything can happen in those. SoV anyone?) 3. Byleth's martial abilities are constantly shilled in supports and some base dialogue. Felix is a prime example. Despite it being a very realistic probability that not only does Felix have a much higher sword skill than Byleth. (Dialogue does not change to reflect this ever.) He will always claim Byleth is superior. This is in spite of the fact Byleth has no reason to be more skilled or experienced then Felix. (Most other students. Yes. But not Felix in particular. Whose been through battle. Spends 100% of time training. And has nothing else to spend his time on.)
  4. As far as I'm concerned. When it comes to gameplay. This is practically unironically true. Now hurry up and quote me out of context so I look like a horrible person. Of course. When it comes to gameplay and story. The ideal solution is "none at all." For both story and gameplay reasons. I'd rather 100% of the game mechanics be sexist than 50%. And if I can take it. 0% is the perfect solution that leaves me a satisfied customer.
  5. Fair enough Snowfire. As in the end its a matter of opinion on how story/avatars. I only really have one respone to one specific point. When it comes to story, Though. I'd bring up that literally everyone in the game can dodgetank as wyvern lord. And half the cast can do so as a falcon knight. Half the cast can also go gremory. The only unique thing Byleth brings is Enlightened one. So they have a very slight advantage in a game where everyone is everyone else. Byleth's own variety is undercut by the game mechanics itself being omni-variable. I'm sure we all know the quote "When everyone's super. No one will be." Anyhow more important. Story talk. One that's because of my not communicating properly. What I mean by Byleth being dumb. Is that they do make mistakes. Incredibly stupid mistakes Mistakes so incredibly stupid that I, someone completely uneducated and inexperienced with being a "flawless" messiah. Would recognize as objectively idiotic decisions. The first big thing that comes to mind is the Edelgard cutscene right after the tutorial. Byleth would have died were it not Sothis. They would have perished because they decided to block an axe with their spinal cord. They would have died, because they chose to block an axe. With their spine. Then there's the mage in the SoTC temple. Byleth shows zero adaptability and instantly should've died the moment something new appeared. (I'm not against the shield spell 100%. Its dumb that its unmentioned nor show up in gameplay. But I don't find it offensive as an idea. If anything I'd love for it to become a gameplay thing.) My issue is that Byleth would've died from a fireball because they cannot figure out how to act when something new shows up. Also as for using their time manipulation power to the best of their ability. They give up the instant it fails to work once. This literally kills Jeralt. Anyone whose willing to use unrestrained divine pulse will quickly figure out that it doesn't stop working when someone dies. (That be an amazing gameplay feature! And encourage you to use DP proactively rather than reactively.) As for the tactics stuff. Everyone in the series whose supposed to lead shows up. And given that Byleth's other showing of intellect. It leaves a pretty clear impression that instead of Byleth being an amazing tactician. They are instead a bumbling idiot in "canon" and the standards of the lords for tactical brilliance is exceptionally low. Roy and Leif have no cutscenes establishing them as moronic troglodytes who cannot function without supervision. Ergo they are far more competent since we aren't shown anything contrary to what we are told. Erika does stupid plot things. But at her worst, she's still smarter than "Blocks axe with spinal cord." You can't even make the arguement that Byleth made an emotional decision like what Erika clearly did. Since Byleth feels nothing.
  6. Thank you! And of course permission granted. You can not only steal my word but use it legally! I mean its not like I copyrighted it. Since even if I approve of the concept of copyright. its current implementation is severely flawed.
  7. Now its no mystery that Intelligent Systems is a misnomer. And that the company has a consistent track record with making really peculiar decisions that make no sense from any. Angle. Case and point. Byleth. Literally the least customizable avatar in the series. Kris can wear a bunch of funny hats. Robin has little physical variety. But a bunch of gameplay variety. (Omni-class access in a game where classes are actually different.) Corrin is Robin but less. Even Mark. From FE7. Might seem to have the same amount of customization, just gender and date. But those two decisions for Mark have far more impact than Byleth's. Byleth's birthday determines when you get an underpowered item that's only useful on maddening. Only useful for a few characters. And only for a limited time! While that same decision for Mark buffs specific units with a bonus that stacks with tactician stars. Admittedly, those bonuses are very light, small, forgettable. But they are far more impactful over the course of the game then the easily replaced charm items. As for gender. Byleth gets to decide classes! In a game that has homogenized all classes to being the same. In other words. Byleth isn't really deciding class, but appearance and whether they can get Darting blow. (Or quick riposte but that's impractical without grinding.) Mark's gender has no gameplay difference. But still gets a different sprite and several lines of different dialogue. Most notably with Sain and Florina. If Byleth's class access was actually meaningful, maybe they'd have a point over Mark. But they don't. But hey. This has an upside. Especially since IS has been trying to be real ambitious with their story telling. A more solidified Avatar has grounds for more personality and for actually existing in the narrative. Byleth. Says. Nothing. Their dialogue choices are completely meaningless in true FE fashion. (Except one. For early Lance of Ruin.) And even then said choices leave no room for actual. Character. And yet the narrative treats Byleth as this incredibly desirable (in more ways than one) super inspiring messiah. Despite having no personality. And their lack of personality or character actively hurts the story! Most notably with Blue Lions. It makes zero sense for Byleth to be what saves Dimitri. His friends. That have been there since childhood. That have full awareness of who Dimitri used to be. All of whom have actual personality and character traits. Should be the ones that do so. I think its fairly safe to say that when combined with how the narrative treats them. And yet how little of Byleth is actually there. Its damn near objective that they are a worst mary sue than even Corrin. Corrin! Yet if you ask me Byleth manages to fail at even doing that for one simple reason. Instead of treating Byleth as to mean "Avatar of absurd importance" it means "Literal object. An actual macguffin" You'll find that the story survives fine. For the most part. BL's story improves. If only slightly. BE is hurt but its primarily Edelgard's story so it works out. (She's just a weirdo whose in love with a literal object. But has other interests and hobbies and such.) SS is missing its supposed lead. But Seteath is there and he's an actual person so I guess he's main character now. VW. Barely changes. Fate's story completely collapses if Corrin is replaced with a piece of cardboard named Corrin. For more reasons than Corrin needing to make one single decision of any meaning. Edelgard being a little weird is exaggerated by SEVERAL characters. Most obviously Camilla and Hinoka, but others. Like Jakob, Felicia, Lilith, literally existing to suck off Corrin. The plot breaks open when the tumor that is Corrin's writing is removed. So yeah. Byleth is dumb. Its even acknowledged in the cutscenes. I'm serious. If you go by the cinematics. Byleth is so incredibly incompetent that they'd lose to Roy. Roy! Leif too would suplex the shit out of canon!Byleth. The Ashen demon doesn't stand a chance against the weakest Lad in Leonstar. So I think its been fairly established that Byleth's current implementation is dumb, bizarre, incompetent, and manages to fail at story telling and narrative so badly it wraps around and manages to kind of succeed better than Fates? (Ofc you could argue Fates, unlike 3H. is so bad its good. But that's a matter of opinion.) So how could it be fixed? Well. I have a few ideas of increasing complexity and need to rewrite the story. 1. Byleth is literally a bodyguard to a specific house leader. Or to Rhea herself. All gameplay is the same. They are in the story, a literal bludgeon to be used. Done. 2. Remove Jeralt from the story and have Rhea be their sole caretaker. You start the story in Garrag Mach. Have people reflect on how Byleth's complete lack of personality reflects on Rhea's parental skills. Done. 3. Holy hell we need to actually give Byleth a real personality and traits and a story that needs them to function in the first place. If I was given that job here's what I'd do. In a step-by-step process. 1. Jeralt is the actual third professor. He keeps Byleth with him when he leaves because Jeralt doesn't trust Rhea. 2. Jeralt is a lazy SOB so he employs his kid to do all the paperwork. He only shows up on the battlefield in order to jeigan. 3. During part 1. Byleth is a quiet, shy, introspective, and meditative philosopher. Every time you select explore your greeted to Byleth rising from a prayer mat and surrounded by incense and stuff. If you actually investigate the room, you'll have Byleth comment on the items present in the manner consistent with someone thoughtful and has experience in murder. Lots of murder. And general thuggery too. 4. Also as a common theme of part 1. Have Byleth's title of "Ashen Demon" Be a negative. It turns out gossipy teenagers don't like being around somebody they know for a fact is a murderous thug whose killed people for cash. Whose beat people to a pulp. For cash. Whose done great acts of "charity" like protect merchant caravans from bandits. For. Cash. Similarly. The nickname for Byleth in Part 1 is Ashen Demon. Everyone who uses it in Byleth's face. Speaks with a tone that they are fully aware Byleth is capable of gutting them. For. Cash. Even if Byleth isn't actually greedy. The other characters have no way of knowing that without interacting with them. Of course. Part 1. Byleth not only does not enjoy this. they do not like the "Ashen Demon" nickname. 5 to tie into 4. Take advantage of the fact that Byleth went from "no personality" to "quiet and shy." be misinterpreted in universe against them! Obviously the Ashen Demon doesn't speak because they are a felix-tier edgelord that thinks only of their next victim. Y'know instead of this new interpretation being literally uncomfortable in social situations. Speaking of that. 6. The lords. Use them to contrast Byleth. Edelgard: Shy awkward painting all to her loathsome? A (well hidden) phobia of rats. And also a philosophy separate from the church. Have Byleth's interactions with them pave for character devolopment of both instead of neither. Interacting with Byleth can easily show them how to be more confident and upstanding. While on the other hand. Their own philosophy can come to mold Edelgard's own to be less comically self destructive and blind to reality. Dimitri: Noble prince with the future of his nation at his hands, yet a dark secret that threatens to consume him. Meets an ostracized yet far more wordly experienced commoner who desires to change their outward mask to reflect their true self. The story is writing itself as far as I'm concerned. Claude: Remember that philosophizing I mentioned earlier? You can easily bring it back here ala Edelgard. Give the guy an actual chance to clarify what he wants beyond the vaguest generalizations. And actually ask the guy if he has any way to stop Almyrans from pillaging Fodlan once they are actually in. Which is pretty much their stated objective. Rhea: Actually interact with her in ways that aren't Rhea being coco for coco puffs or obstinate religious maniac. Drop the Sothis part of the relationship completely. 7 Time skip without Byleth being in stasis. Have them earn a new nickname dependent on who they picked. Continue character devolopment for the three main lord routes. And as for SS. (SS exclusive.) Have Rhea be the real main lord. Have her and Byleth go on a sliding scale of disagreement and agreement on just about every topic. Culminating in Byleth and Rhea reaching their character specific master classes to represent them each individually refining their own beliefs through constant argumentation. (Obviously in routes where Byleth isn't important. Like the non-SS routes. They should not promote at all.)
  8. Oversized Komodo Dragon sounds. Amazing! Anyhow, that I guess is fine if the komodo Rider would be just as useful as pegasus. Again, I repeat, in general I think segregating class choices is a good thing. Giving omni-access makes characters samey. (3H compounds this issue by making classes samey.) But at the same time. Specifically gender segregation strikes me as incredibly stupid and arbitrary. I'd only "like" it if it was a full-fledged setting thing. But as I earlier mentioned. I'd hate to be in a main line game. It be better as a spin off. (Also griffons are suggested and I'd be happy with them too. Males get flying griffons. Gals get Flying Pegasi. Both get wyverns who are just superior to both. As it should be. Dragons > Everything else.)
  9. I am the OP. And I'm quoting myself because three was never a hard limit. I edited in more stuff purely to illustrate that. Similarly you can only post one, or even just two things. So I really hope you find the time to add your other desired things in paragraph format. Your a complete oddball and that makes your thoughts interesting to read. It provides impetus for me to consider them when I otherwise wouldn't. That said. On a side note. Your third point provides the stimulus necessary to provoke a violent urge to slam my face into the keyboard in protest. (Exaggeration. Of course.) Either classes are universal. (Sub optimal.) Or there is an equal amount of gender segregation that has equal value and thus expands the strategic depth of the game by having classes with restricted access. (Optimal but will never be achieved. And also gender segregation is a really stupid way to decide this. My implementation would probably be a buff/agile/int split. Buff girls can fighter all day, but forget about swordmastering. Agile dudes can't fight there way out of a pastry bag. But they can sword stuff good. And it takes a well trained mind. rather than body, to mage, or to tame a pegasus. And ofc some characters (thought not all) would be two. At a penalty to their other stats of course. Giving pegasus knights as female exclusives with no counter balance is dumb because it makes being a women objectively superior for the simple fact pegasi exists. Ideally equality should be achieved if avatars are allowed to be both genders. Alternatively. You have the entire planet be FE amazonia, and in which case the fact women being objectively superior fits with the setting. Though that's a really archaic setting and fits Fateswakening the most with how horny they were. And unless its a spin off (where being wacky and gratuitously pandering is okay.) I'd hate for it to return.
  10. Yeah to sum it up. Real life duel wielding is an extremely impractical technique that was only feasible in dueling contexts when wielded by veteran practitioners. In general the value of being a "fragile speedster" drops astronomically in brawls. And battlefields tend to have a lot more participants than taverns. However FE apparently can't make shields viable so yeah duel wielding sounds great. Maybe it can be done to give swords a slight advantage by being the only duelable weapons. So either 2swords or sword+magic. I'm guessing it would just be a type of stat boost sadly, with perhaps the chance for pretty wicked animation. Though I think it be decently balanced (probably if your using weaker swords.) To allow duel wielding a weaker galeforce-esque effect. First attack works normally, but the second plants your feet to the ground. Can't attack anything else? You just have to end turn.
  11. Wait all this time that's what "double-posting" meant? Apparently I didn't read the rules well enough. Since day 1 I thought there was a bug/glitch that sometimes caused a post to be literally doubled when it dropped. And that it was the poster's responsibility to report it for deletion. I have performed the internet's equivalent of failing a perception check when walking into a room full of gold, gems, and enchanted gear and walking out concluding there was nothing of value. At least I know how to avoid it now. Thank you Vanguard. I was probably too eager to write it off as not counting. 95% is still a little light given what it does.
  12. Again I suppose its close enough to be a matter of opinion, but personally I'd still say it doesn't count as a malevolent artifact. Its actually quite benevolent really. Yeah it allows Fomortiis to possess Lyon. But its not supposed to do that. Its supposed to seal the DK and prevent him from messing shit up. I'm thinking of a Fire Emblem that's basically a necronomican. "Use it. Go crazy or die or both." Which I'm like 99.9999% sure hasn't come close to be done yet.
  13. Well. It definitely was close, but I'd still lean "Ehhhhhh. Only 95% of the way there" Yune herself NEVER does the petrification. Or is even directly responsible! Sure technically the whole berserk thing is, but it never seems like something she wants to do once she's free. Yune gives her power to Ike at the end and it doesn't make him go crazy right then and there. So presumably she's regulating it. Its absolutely a matter of opinion, but I'd say Yune not wanting to be actively malevolent. Disqualifies Lehran's Medalion from being fully alike to the One Ring. Which is 100% completely and actively malevolent and its a miracle Bilbo survived to meet Frodo.
  14. That works too! Staves and combat staffs using the same rank but being separate purpose. I especially like the idea of introducing it alongside a new War Monk class, and maybe a tier 1to go along with it. (My idea for a tier 1 fighting priest is named 'Preacher' with the idea being they 'preach' with their actions.) On a more unrelated/rambly note. Personally I feel that if FE is going to go the route of all the weapons being 90% homogenious gameplay wise. They need to have as much visual variety as possible. If there isn't a real practical difference besides Combat arts I should be allowed to deck my army in whatever weapons I want. 3H's faires aren't enough (except if your min-maxing) so why don't I have an array of maces and morning stars, flails, halberds, actual lances, etc etc. Shovels! Those are good weapons too. (As a note. If weapons are going to return to be distinguished from each other. I'd be more happy with the lack of visual variety. Because Its made up for in gameplay depth... Well, besides swords always being the worst option without Kaga around to cripple non-swords lol.) But yeah. While I'd probably prefer the gameplay focus with less visual variety. If I'm not getting it FE should get like twenty different weapon types. So you can have a bunch of flair for each individual unit. Instead of 3H where unique martial weapons extends to "Gauntlets" (Which ARE cool. Even if animations are kinda eh, and a bit too memey for my tastes.) and "Not gauntlets" which is... Everything else.
  15. I'd love if staves, like in RD, were usable as weapons. I personally like the idea of martial war priests charging ahead to smite the enemy like its a Warhammer. (I'm funny I swear) In all seriousness. I think it would be a good way to make staves stand out. Either as weapons OR spells. As "Spells" its a spell you can have upwards of 40+ uses over. (Albeit they do fade between chapters. Maybe staves can auto-regen 5-10 uses.) As "Weapons" the stats might be discount lances (So middle of the road overall.) but they all come with all sorts of handy effects! Oh. And like actually allow the units intended to use them HAVE the stats to be effective k-thanks. I'd also like if hammers became more of a dedicated subset. Hammers are a cool AF weapon with tons of attached symbolism. Imagine if we got an FE lord whose signature weapon was a maul?
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