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  1. The last bit seems like a fine compromise if as a baseline, enemy AK, though I'm pretty sure you could get seperate movements by adding +1-2 movement to a character's personal stats. (Though that would very easily break them and make them OP if they can reclass out of AK.) As for slow, but powerful, niche. That's already present with Fighters. And they tend to not be amazing even when they are allowed to be fast. (Which is never surefire.) Knights have four defining characteristics. High DEF. Weaknesses to Magic, anti-armor weapons, and the fact they will never see combat the instant there is one good cavalier. (Okay last bit is an exaggeration unless your doing FE4/GBA/FE9. In which case. Its unironically true!) I'd like to request what FE maps your specifically referring to. In my experience even if there are enemies present on turn 1 Player Phase. They are always too far away for 4 movement knights to reach them. Admittedly I could just not be remembering specific examples. As for last comment. Yeah ending turn with AK on one chokepoint until the enemy is dead is a way to win. Assuming that there are no enemies with magic, or hammers. (Admittedly IS hates giving enemy units variety.) but its also not something you can do on every map. 1 tile choke points exist, and AK/FK are effective at holding them. But they aren't omnipresent and if an AK is underleveled. Their DEF can very well not be high enough. Effie is a great unit whose good at any class. AK is still one of her worst because of its four weaknesses (Low move. No RES. No Speed Anti-Armor weapons.) being far too many for its strengths. Admittedly. Benny isn't too bad as an armor knight. And he's an example of how Fates mechanics give AK a niche that allows them to be useful on certain maps. And he isn't as effective on other classes due to his growth spread not being as obscene as Effie. (Admittedly Rev base stats cripples the latter. but Rev does that to a bunch of units.) I actually really like these ideas! If they, and others were implemented. I would easily be happier with armor knights. Give them strengths! Unique strengths, that let them compete with the merits of other classes! Cavaliers and Wyverns are almost always AK but with speed and tons of move. Yet if AK had a unique advantage of handling terrain damage better, a resistance or immunity to AOEs. Same thing with debuffs... If +2 movement isn't given to allow armor knights to reach the battlefield on parity with other infantry. Then allow them to have unique strengths that allow them to survive where no other unit can. Y'know. Like there giant bloody meatshields covered head to toe in armor that's layered until it has to weigh a bajillion effin pounds!
  2. I really felt like I had no way to respectfully state my counterarguement. So let me pre-phase it by saying I do not mean to disrespect IS as a brand nor its employees. And I mean what I say in what is a very blunt and dry way. But IS has consistently proven itself to be an expert at questionable, near borderline idiotic decisions. Especially when it comes to storytelling. (I do feel like there was a better way to say that. But I have yet to learn how to phrase 'I think a group makes less than good decisions' in a concise yet polite manner) So I'd suggest that if the chapter names are NOT mistranslated. Which is a genuine possibility. (I mostly believe the mistranslation hypothesis because of it being the simplest explanation for changed chapter names.) That the change in chapter names is done for story telling and gameplay to be just as implausible for IS the company to perform. Especially since Maeda, the scenario director and overall writer of FE7. Is rather shallow and his stories generally devolve into "Railroad straight to the next emotional scene with no time for context or world building!" (Admittedly. I think he's underrated at exactly that. His writing style is... Lazy, but its execution I'd declare as rather competent. Especially when tempered by others. I'd say Lyn mode is still one of FE's better stories and its also directed by Maeda.) I admit that I'm not completely certain what the real reason is. The closest thing I have to a new hypothesis is that there was chapter renaming at the end of the translation process for the English version. And somebody made an honest mistake and forgot to update HHM's version. Its a bit more complicated than just "mistranslation" so I'd still lean towards it as being "most likely" without official statements. But its certainly more likely than IS to be completely uncharacteristic in trying to do something never done before then forget about it eternally after. A company that mostly retreads the same story with a new cast or rarely a new theme. (That they then usually screw up badly because again. IS just doesn't do story telling super well.) If you can find official statements supporting your suggestion. I am happy to withdraw my argument. And I'd like to state again that I don't mean disrespect. I love fire emblem and I'm glad IS was able to recover and make FE far more popular. I greatly disagree with their exact actions and think they can do much better. But I think its observable fact that they aren't as capable of story telling as Squaresoft. (Even if I prefer FE to FF. I don't think its a hot take to say FF usually tells its stories better. And FF suffers from its own issues.)
  3. Oh right. It is true that both statements are equally statements made without official confirmation. They did mistranslate other sections of the story. Primarily ones concerning HHM. I'd also like to cautiously point out that IS is not Square. Them changing a chapter's name for "story" reasons is highly uncharacteristic. Especially since Maeda was the scenario director and his writing style is literally "Railroad to the next emotional scene! No time for anything else!" I would personally postulate that given IS being IS. That we are both wrong and something else is the reason why for the difference in change in chapter names. What it is I dunno, but if its not a mistranslation. I don't think its very likely to be an uncharacteristic attempt at being subtle or complicated with story telling.
  4. Is there an official statement confirming it as not a mistranslation? HHM has a lot more shoddy translation errors compared to the vanilla game in general. Most infamously replacing an instance of "Aenir" with Quintessence. As well as generally treating Aenir as a place rather than a person. (The fact Nergal has a dragon wife is kinda important...) It seems plenty feasible they successfully translated the chapter name the first time for Eliwood's story. Then when they were later doing Hector's translation. Slipped up and made an honest mistake.
  5. Sure that works too. I'm not an expert in anything I just chose what seemed like good names.
  6. Yes Balthus's skill only activates below half health. And its arguably (and in my opinion) the best non XP boosting skill in the game. So you want it active as much as possible! The reason DB is good is that it allows health management while retaining offensive ability. (So you don't need to lose action economy by using a healing item.) If you miscalculate and it turns out Balthus dies from that physical group you sent him to tango with. You can use draining blow to keep his HP high while still doing damage. (Helped especially by the +6 strength FROM the skill. And potentially the stacking effect of crest. Albeit, no strategy should be built on that, its nice when it happens.) His HP will be dropped below half and the +6 defense should keep him safe until the next draining blow. Or if the enemy herd is sufficiently thinned. Just brave attack for the finish. Its situational yes. But most combat arts are. Especially brawling ones (really only One-two punch and FIF from grappler are the only ones I'd call reliably good/great.) But the fact Balthus can do it at all puts him above other users who have no middle ground between "zero damage" and "Mortal peril."
  7. Going to focus on your dodgetanking comment. Unlike Fates, which requires you to go above and beyond to drop enemy hit rates to sub 30%. And then not even be reliable anyway due to its hybrid RNG. 3H uses 2-RN and the good chunk of maps have some level of terrain to offer evade boosts. In other words. You don't need a full dodge tank build to drop enemy hit rates to zero. You can have them reach 20% then have Sol at 30% and ta-dah your odds of death are so astronomically low. The game's RNG generator can't create a seed where your unit dies. Especially if they survive 2-3 rounds of combat. They may get hit. But Sol will activate to put them out of a danger zone sooner rather than later. Of course. Unless you set Sol's activation rate to very low extents. Like Dex/2% (Which is much worse then Dex%) If your asking for 1 sol chance. Then yes. I agree. It is not consistent unless your activation rate is approaching 95+% in single RN. Or 85% chance in double RN. But that's not what Sol builds are about. Sol builds in Fates, and more importantly. In theoretical 3H. Are about giving yourself as many re-rolls until Sol becomes guaranteed. Creating a cycle where Sol "refills" your re-rolls for proccing Sol. Creating a self-perpeuting loop where your units cannot die before the enemies. Sure. They'll rarely come out on full HP. But if the enemy dies first. That's irrelevant. Anyhow this has gone off topic long enough. Let's move back to other points. I'm surprised you haven't railed against my suggestion for HK and MS for example.
  8. If your SMN only survives a single hit. Then yes. Sol may very well not save you. If they survive two hits. Then even while on the lower end of skill. Say 20%. Sol actually has an activation chance of around 43%. Still not perfect. but then you have guard gauge and are guaranteed to survive the third round. Assuming your doubling. Then your supposed "20%" Sol is over 50%. That's well over 1/3, but I agree. Its not reliable enough. What happens if you survive three hits? Again with only 20 skill (Which is on the low end for... I think every MSN candidate.) Your reaching 2/3 at that point. If you manage to reach four hits (Admittedly difficult, but hardly impossible.) And get your second guard gauge? Your reaching 90+% You'll get Sol at least once! Five hits is nigh impossible but if you reached that benchmark. Your Sol Master ninja. With a mere 20% sol activation rate. Is effectively immortal as their chance to not activate Sol is like. 5%. And 20% is not the cap. Sol is Skill%. Not Skill/2% Late game SMN can easily reach 30% per hit. and by midgame they should be over twenty skill. Imagining Dex% Sol Dimitri with Retribution just seems like another way to do Battalion V+W except it does less damage. (Yes. Guard gauge isn't in 3H... But avoid tanking is much easier and terrain more favorable. If enemies have a 20-30% chance to even HIT Dimitri. Then his ability to actually survive hits can be reduced significantly and still reach practically guaranteed Sol.) SMN and Dex% Sol in 3H is not about reaching 100% activation rates. Its about surviving long enough to make it so the odds MUST roll in your favor through the laws of probability. And in both Fates and 3H. That is plenty possible, even on the hardest difficulties.
  9. If Sol was Skill/2 you'd be right. You'd need luck as even the most skilled Sol Master Ninjas would cap at around 10-20%. And before then? Forget about it. But Sol is Skill%. And by midgame. Sol Master Ninja candidates can easily be walking with 25+ Skill. 30~ if Pair up boosts it. With Guard gauge and enough speed to double. SMN negate every other attack. And also have two separate chances to proc Sol in every single round of combat. If your SMN is bulky enough to withstand two rounds of combat. Its near 100% they will activate Sol enough times to survive EP at least once. If they don't have full hp by the end, just use a concoction and end turn. The enemy should be dead by next player phase. If your SMN can survive three attacks (admittedly difficult unless your using a tankier SMN. Or have +defense pair up.) The odds of dying from lack of Sol is astronomically low. Less than 1% because roll the dice enough and your odds of healing with Sol reach 99.99999 (repeating)%. In a dream scenario where you survive four rounds. (Admittedly extremely unlikely without set up. Like Lily poise+Def boosters on the tankier SMN) I'm pretty sure there isn't an RNG seed where you don't activate Sol. Unless your skill is like. 5. Admittedly some SMN are much less capable and less desirable for the job. Kaze is a good example since his STR, HP, and DEF tend to be rather low. Other candidates will get more mileage. As for Sol in 3H. You know how high Dex can get right? Dex% Sol in 3H could easily reach 30% per attack. Give Sol to any number of speedy characters (who also tend to have high Dex.) and watch as they become more likely to activate Sol then they are not too. Sol+Quick Riposte tank builds (admittedly more for NG or late game.) with 40~ Dex would only need to survive 2 rounds (Not half as hard as you make it out to be tbh.) before enemy quantity becomes irrelevant. Their odds of dying from lack of sol healing would reach below 1%. Like even in XCOM. 99.999999% repeating would be considered rather reliable of a strategy. Things like Counter. Pavise+ Luna+ etc. Prevented Sol cheese from functioning on Lunatic+. But if you wanted to I'm pretty sure its rather trivial to make a functioning Sol build on lower difficulties with Duel Guard+ and S support. All you need is somebody who can tank. (Oh. And Inevitable end can also beet SMN. Your best bet is Shuriken breaker if you want to EP them. Or even better. Nuke on player phase. Admittedly that's also a hassle due to map design.) Edit 1: Added "On lower difficulties."
  10. Or you could re-introduce generic replacement units. And have a story focused on the remorseless meat grinder of warfare. And how even the best intentions of nobles lead hundreds if not thousands to an early grave again and again. (And often. The most petty of intentions cause the most damage.) A game that where the main character, a Lord, physically cannot lose. As long as they put more meat onto the field of battle until their goal is achieved.
  11. I believe the reason why IS is very anxious about having Sol skills return was how in Fates. Sol Master Ninjas were one of the the best options for trivializing the game. Since doubling everything+Guard Gauge. Meant even low skill SMN (Sol Master Ninjas) would basically never die. They'd refresh their own HP in time for the next hit between dodges/guard gauges pretty much 100% of the time. (This isn't quite the case in Awakening because enemies hit harder and duel guard was never guaranteed. And also Awakening had much. Much easier ways to shatter all difficulty then going through the trouble of creating a tanky speed demon with Sol. Nosferatu being the prime and obvious example.) Edit 1 (Also I know this is semi-off topic. But I think it would be a good thing to bring up while the topic is on Sol. Skill% Sol in 3H sounds like it would be incredibly busted. Not as much as in Fates but I imagine it be pretty easy to create an EP sweeper that literally cannot die. Like literally. The game couldn't generate enough RNG seeds that result in their death.) (And potentially with less grinding then similar Vantage+Wrath or Quick Riposte+bajillion strength.)
  12. Well I think as a starting point. Give all armored classes +2 movement already. Its been proven that sitting at -1/-2 movement from the other classes cripples their viability over and over again. And its not even realistic that they move slower. Sure, react slower, especially since the bulky armor would absolutely hinder reflexes and peripheral awareness. (Thus lower speed stat.) That makes sense. But anyone who knows how real armor and muscle building works would know that wearing heavy weights just means you get strong enough over time that they just stop being heavy. (Ergo not an inhibitor for movement.) This is hardly a be all fix. But I think it certainly make armor knights more appealing as a standard option for a tank. As of now if your using an AK for tanking... You'll have to turtle because they're incredibly slow movement wise. And at that point you can tank with anyone that survives one single round. Other changes I'd bring up if it wasn't already done. Making Emperor/Armored Lord classes magic using. And buffing Hero. So some new changes I'd also like to do. 1. Give Mortal Savant fiendish blow as a class skill in place of Black Tomefaire. And add range +1 black spells. Reasoning: Fiendish blow is an extra +1 damage over all and it works for dark mages too (if you want Lysithea to be a katana weeb.) It also saves a skill slot if you have FB already. Or allows more dedicated swordies that want a dash of magic to get it without going through mage first. That +1 range is especially nice for allowing those swordies to poke with their more limited list, especially since they mostly get magic to blast armored units that have a bajillion defense anyways. (Felix comes to mind as this would give him 4 range Thorons. Which isn't too bad in my opinion.) Its technically a nerf if you want to stack tomefaire and FB. But DK/HK is already better for that as is, Gremory also does that better for the most part. 2. Speaking of Holy Knights. They need a big buff so here's what I had in mind. Replace Terrain Resistance with a new skill I'll be naming "Protection from Evil." Its description will be "More likely to be targeted by dark spells. If so. Negate all damage and then buff all stats by +12 for a turn." Its actual effect is a mix of the taunt/provoke skill (is that a thing in 3H? I don't remember it being one.) that's exclusive to Dark mages. As well as a doubled transmute. I'd still call transmute better since its more practical and easier to get. (Mastering Dark Flier is probably easier for more character than getting into Holy Knight.) Admittedly that's pretty niche, but there are maps that can get pretty Dark mage/wizard happy. So it could be an appreciated one. Especially to units that have an easy time getting certified into it. (Even if you only get like 68%. Your only going to be a HK for the maps where its good. So you can brute force it easily enough.) As for my thoughts on the Sol stuff. 50% healing is generally quite bad in the high damage 3H environment. I'd personally raise everything to 70% (100% on Crest procs.) and buff Nos and Draining blow slightly. Sol itself seems decent to me actually. Especially since its easier to get axes/swords that hit hard compared to Nos (lul) and DB (also lul.) The former just sucks on everyone. The latter has one good user in Balthus. (Who has the HP, Defense, and Strength, to make self-healing through damage desirable. And to make it even better. He even has a suitable crest!)
  13. Was "This is probably the weakest one from a gameplay perspective " a genuine mistake on your end then? Or did you mean its the weakest justification story wise? To be honest I agree with your story justification as being pretty valid. Dimitri has far more of a reason to have something of a sixth sense then either Claude or Edelgard.
  14. So. Super off topic. But. +10 evasion is leagues better then +4 res when both are conditional. (And Dimitri's is a fair bit easier to activate imo. Edelgard wants to attack with Aymr.) For one it helps against far, far more enemies. And is not only easier to stack to insane amounts (Ferdinand's personal is considered excellent for a reason.) but it works offensively and defensively as well. Edelgard's improved skill requires her to slow down. And I don't believe Crimson Flower has a single defense mission (admittedly Edelgard's rip-off paralogue IS defense. But not the main story.) So its active dis-synergy with her own maps. CF also has less mages then AM. So yeah. Edelgard's power is way worst.
  15. I specified it as pretty dumb for a reason xD Now where is the beer again? I'm sure I can dredge up even stupider ideas then that. As for more serious ideas I can think about. Oriental themed FE with an expansion on the gauntlets to make a full fisticuff based weapon triangle. I was particularly thinking Strong fist which is the 3H Gauntlets Which loses to. Gentle fist which is basically 1-1 ranged Fate knives. Debuffs, and quite severe ones too! No brave effects. Loses to Wrestling. Which has a ton of repositioning effects. (I liked things like rushing blow. But they were often impractical.) so to buff it a bit. Wrestling also has combat arts that increase mobility. Y'know. Flying dragon kick someone off their horse 3 tiles past your maximum movement range. Loses to strong fist. (Also no brave effect. That's Strong Fist's thing) These are seperated into "Fighting styles" which are obtained through either upgrading your home base with a better dojo. Or finding training scrolls and having an applicable unit read them. Not every unit could read every scroll or learn every style. (perhaps exempting the main lord... And avatar, bleh.) but units could swap between every fighting style on demand. Even on the same map! (Ofc as a balancing factor. All fighting styles wouldn't hurt as much as using a weapon. Your using them for brave effect, debuffs, or to reach objectives faster/screw up enemy positioning.)
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