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    Love yuri manga and gay ass fire emblem fanfiction

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  1. Damn I'm amazed when people max out seasonal units my luck with them are usually bad so I'm already impressed with the Halloween myrrh,her defense nice up lol, I'm pretty sure seiros has the ire but I dont think I could ever fodder her lol Do you use any dragon units for aether raids? Cause when I use dragons in that mode and they get destroyed 😂😂 Fallen tiki unmerged is pretty good by itself and is the armored Lynn the wedding one? I still need to build a solid rokkers team I usually throw edelgard and a 1 or 2 dragons and hope for the best 😂😂😂 I don't trust auto-battles with my units they never act right lol Thanks for sharing I'm still trying to get a hang of building and understanding some of the skills since they have gotten so long now
  2. I should have invested into those dragon units cause to me this is a pretty sturdy reptilian 😂 the first 2yrs of the game I had no idea merges did things so I defs missed out, thanks for sharing this What's your opinion on brazen skills in general I'm almost on the fence if i should be switching them out with another skills I usually like my dragon builds to have a heavy HP since I like to test the playing field with my dragon units
  3. Welcome ! I'm pretty new as well If you ever wanna chat fire emblem stuff, gaming, or anime I would love to I love dairy queen had it for dinner recently 😂😂 I love playing smash with only using fe characters 😂😂 if you ever want to online battle and see how horrible I am go no further 😂😂😂 But anywho enjoy your stay!
  4. Hey no idea if this has been done before and hopefully allowed (if not let me know/remove post) I just wanted to see peoples builds of all the dragons in the FEH game all in one place I have almost all the dragons available in the game so far just missing 3 I think These are some of mine definitely not perfect but they get the job done minus naga and mila whom I'm still trying to figure out what I want from them lol
  5. Welcome! I love three houses as well I love edelgard and her route but i love everyone as well 😂😂 if you ever wanna chat about the series defs hit me up I have been playing the series since awakening Good luck with the hacking I'm terrible with technology so I hope you find everything you need and enjoy!
  6. If you ever wanna chat about the series, I would be down to clown, I havent got a chance to play the games before awakening besides fe1 that got rereleased, so I have been watching the whole games on YouTube gameplay and all lol, I play FEH everyday if you play that as well 😊 but welcome aboard I'm very new here as well!
  7. I honestly dont understand any of this I tried Twitter,tumblr, and insta a girl is tired I just want to have a group of people to share this series with, which is for some reason difficult to find for me I dont really understand discord and reddit I'm very bad with social media so the fact there are so many kinds I get confused But thank you I hope we can chat about fire emblem stuff together as well 😊
  8. Heyo, I'm new to all this forum stuff but I thought I would give it try, tired of annoying my friends offline 😭 I would love to be able to join a group chat or something and talk with folks about the games I have personally played awakening,fates,warriors,shadows of valentia, and 3 houses and playing heroes like crazy I have watched the complete playthroughs of path of radiance, new dawn, and currently finishing up the playthrough of blazing blade. Trying to eventually watch through all the games I dont own so everything before the DS My favorite characters are mostly the manaketes and languz but also love edelgard which is mostly what my fire emblem heroes teams consist of, lool anywho nice to meet yall and hope to meet new friends to vibe with 😳
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