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  1. Missed a few days because I fell off the face of the earth thanks to Animal Crossing. Anyway. Here's Karla! I like how this turned out. I wish she wasn't such a poor unit in FE7 but at least she's decent in Heroes, I guess. I did a few villains as well; I'll be posting those starting tomorrow!
  2. Farina! Hard to get, but worth it in my opinion. She's a freaking beast. In most of my playthroughs, she's either capped or come close to capping every single stat except HP.
  3. I'm doing them in the order they're listed on the Serenes Forest recruitment list, actually! Karla's coming up in a few posts. I try not to use Athos in the last levels. He's had his day! It's time for the young people to shine!
  4. Renault. Kinda phoned this one in because I Do Not Care about this dude.
  5. I agree, I dig those two. I am a sucker for "cold hearted person finds love in warm hearted person" pairings haha. Here's Vaida! I never use her, but she's a fun character. I like how she has the personality of a typical villain, yet she's in YOUR army somehow.
  6. Nino! Probably my favorite unit to use in the whole game. I actually enjoy the challenge of leveling her up, and even before she entirely catches up to the other units, she becomes a little beast. Once I had a Nino who capped every stat but Defense and HP.
  7. Harken! I think I've only gotten him like, once, because I usually end up getting Karel instead. Cool dude, though.
  8. Karel! A murderous psychopath who is my swordmaster of choice in FE7. It's a shame Guy's strength always turns out to be crap in my playthroughs. Karel sure is handsome though.
  9. Louise! Part 2 of Fire Emblem's cutest couple. Has anyone ever used her in their playthroughs? I never did because I had Rath, Rebecca, and Wil already, but her stats and growths aren't bad from what I can tell.
  10. Pent! My favorite Sage aside from Nino. Erk never turns out well for me, but Pent never disappoints.
  11. Geitz! I've never used him in my playthroughs, but I think he's a great character. I love his supports with Fiora.
  12. A moment of silence for the brave fallen... And now, partly in honor of him being on your list but mostly because he's next in line for recruitment: Hawkeye! I...have never used him, haha.
  13. Haha who was the only unit alive? Here's Heath! I like him a lot even if I find his hair sort of incomprehensible. Also I used his Heroes artwork as the pose reference.
  14. Isadora! I never use her but she's a cool lady.
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