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  1. IDK if this thread is still alive but I checked here to figure out how to edit the game so that weapon triangle, check enemy ranges, and map affinity are enabled in hard mode (found the answer a few pages back, the problem was I had the wrong version of the game so the offset had an issue). Everything was working as intended until I ran into this exact problem. At chapter 6 everything breaks with the exact issue detailed above. Has anyone found a fix yet?
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    Thanks for the explanation!
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    Hey guys. My experience with FE started when I was a kid with a game boy advance playing FE7 and 8, and I totally forgot about them until this year when I went and dug up my GBA after hearing about the Advance Wars reboot. I replayed the games and emulated FE6 and had a blast. I found out that FE has an online community and watched plenty of youtube and read a lot of the discussions on here, and it's really cool to see a franchise this old still getting all this attention. Anyways, the main reason I made this account is that after hearing a lot of people saying that the final boss of FE8 is a really disappointing pushover (he is) I tried my hand at romhacking and edited the level. Essentially I just removed the central bridge to him and put some enemies on the side paths so that he has time to summon and throw some stuff at you. It's nothing spectacular and the fight will still probably take less than 10 turns, but it definitely improves the experience and (at least for me) removes the bad taste the incredibly easy ending always left in my mouth. I'm not quite sure how to upload it because A- I can't seem to post under fan projects and B- It's just a slightly edited version of the complete FE8 rom and I'm not sure if that violates the piracy rules. If you can lend a hand, please let me know!
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