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  1. Won't be any easier on your nintendo PC running at 300% speed 24/7. Funnily enough, that map is usually a piece of cake for me. Valbo gaming. Well that or use Mage Kamui pitchfork who somehow gets the defense and speed to kill everything in sight with minimal risk. I'm sure there's someone who just yells about their opinions and is still sticking to said opinion being right several years later. 2x. Going rather slow aren't ya. Well, suppose it's for the screenshots. Man when those necro-dragon spams clutter act 4, I was going 800% a few times. We all have units we're bad at. This alone makes FE3 B1 better than FE1. And then FE12 listened to all 2 people's complaints of FE3 axing Wrys by making him both a crucial element of the prologue, but also the first showcase of the fe12 unique villains in one of the only actually good gaiden chapters. When you think you're growing, but you actually just hate yourself. Don't worry, that's normal in the FE fandom. My Valbo would've been fast enough. Git gud at Valbo'ing. No need for stat sheets. Those nerdy things tell you that Matthis will be mid, but we all know how broken he truly is. You can just feel it. And I feel that Bors is always game-breaking, every single time. Now he became Punished Gnip. You should hit yourself now. Make up for your mistakes, and ours.
  2. Why show off Subaki being a male pegasus boyo only to rip that right back from us in the next new game? Hell, genderlock seem to be the most common removal when it comes to modern mods. No one likes it! Guess it shoulda been me after all. The Queen Witch. The Hurricane Itch. The bad bi- Elitists calling Clive S tier after losing him 3 times to witches. You better treasure that one screenshot, cuz I ain't ever praising you again. unless you use Cord again. I remember my first SoV run of this map being one of the worst experiences ever. It wasn't the hardest map or anything, but the sheer slowness of it through the sand hell, range hell, and cantor hell made the map last far longer than it should have, single handedly destroying any hope I had for enjoying the game. You remind me of a certain tactician who occasionally wins battles. I take more insult to the 1035 bonewalker myself, but that might be the Valbo solo-er in me not finding archer hell to be the the lowest circle of hell. the main time for grinding is on the not lost woods in act 4, or the invisible cave for Alm, also in act 4. Those weird super zombies do be giving american size xp tho. And yet Catria always ends up better every damn time, even with all the Estvestment. I've never been a fan of min base promotions. Give me my +3. I want to feel the emphasis of promotion that the class appearance gives me. Let the rng bless or screw me over. It's part of the fun! Valbo when Deen map: Valbo when Sonya balls: We should make our own site. We know exactly how to get others to play FE with minimal trauma. Imagine trying to LP in Serenes's current state. Nobody would be trying to do that, right?
  3. Is it actually any good? I'm guessing its still the shit maps. Shit. Most of my post, I was trying to reiterate the fact that nobody but 4 people played fe2. Here, I just wanted to label mr SoV dev under a funny title that reflected how Kaga fans tend to get angry at the idea of liking fe12 over fe3, or the likelihood that fe4 remake will be "ruined" for not playing exactly like the original, but it did come off as contradicting myself. Whoops. I'm just as goofy as SoV devs contradicting themselves by being faithful in every way expect the parts of Gaiden that actually should've been left as is (dont leave in the shitty move limited desert mages, but change the rings ya damn hypocrites!).
  4. I genuinely despise that war masters are male exclusive. It feels like a certainty in SoV, but I'm not quite sure in Gaiden. Is it not the point of a remake to add on to outdated elements and create a refreshing experience of an old classic? Do that, and all you'll get is a team consisting of Celica and Valbo. Tell that to the elitists... Fe11 over fe3 anyday, but I have seen those who just really seem to value the Kaga stamp, so fe3 is an option for some while SoV is just all the shitty elements with even more shitty additions saved by QoL speed alone. Okay, the combat arts are nice, but damn they didn't even try. I guess Kaga fans might enjoy the further usage of brainwashing, but damn man. Fe11 is faithful enough while still adding new elements alongside actual difficulty, although if you simply can't stand the existence of reclassing that you can simply just not do, you do have fe3 for a version with actual numbers on screen. SoV is just the same game with graphics and voices, which doesn't work when very very few people played this game enough to even warrant faithful nostalgia. Fe3 was literally the first FE game to even do well for IS. Fe3 already remade fe1 with QoL changes to the best of Kaga's abilities, although some stupid changes were made..., but at least you expect a remake to do changes. I suppose if it bothers you that much, like Ruben, you can always go back to the original, aka, Guitar Riff. For SoV, you're fucked. Sure, if you ignore the crappy story changes and rings, you can say that SoV is just a better Gaiden by default, but you can't just play it that safe on an old game that desperately needed change. Just because you personally (the dev in this case) wanted the world to get the true Gaiden experience doesn't mean it's what we need or should pay our money for. We should have a new version with new gameplay elements, alongside Gaiden on the NES simply being playable on its own in the online shop that you do fucking nothing with. The consequences of cowardice. "I loved Gaiden and decided the world will love Gaiden if they just gave it a chance under a hidden coat of paint" -average Kaga fan (they hate people experiencing different things)-
  5. Hey. We've all done it. Life happens. Now use Dread fighter Mycen. How do you take the 99% of what makes Gaiden shit, and crop out the 1% of structure that was actually done properly. It's not super innovative, but Sacred Stones clearly liked the idea enough. The consequences of cowardice. He's actually an undercover Duma faithful, but gave in to Valbar's Gaiden stare that petrifies you or your falchion. No way he was gonna try to fight Celica with that guy around. To think that Kris is the closest we'll get to a relevant character who is just a guy. Or girl, but your class choices aren't cool. This is me asking for someone to mod female warriors in. Player: "Oh, a desert map. Wait! This is actually genius! My team is almost all mages. I'll dash past all the sand and epically own the baddies. Its like the one time deserts will work!" ...... why can't my mages move... w h y a r e t h e y a l l a r c h e r s . . . . . WHHHHYYYYYYYYY!?!?!? Good, good. Let the hate flow through you Oh I am enjoying this. My official request is that you replay the chapter for a better growth roll. You see, you're supposed to be miserable playing Genealogy. War isn't fun in real life! And yet the pathway to le cults and brainwashed children was already set in stone. Very creative Kaga boy. There is no reason to be faithful to THAT. Who the actual fuck is a Gaiden fan that would feel tarnished at the thought of desert maps playing like desert maps over crawling the Sahara Desert while dehydrated and limb-less? It's just you Mr Dev. Ruben old. Laugh. I kinda like act 6. I fucking hate SoV though. Both NES games need QoL, although SD is simply far too superior to justify going back to FE1, while FE2 has funny rings and a lack of a nauseating plot defended by pretty voices. also you can use common fucking sense and play fe3 for fe1 with a fucking UI and an actual convoy/trading system. And they say I'm pessimistic... It's called common sense. The maps are shit. Interdimensional Optomist must now become Pessimistic Observer. My laptop is refusing to charge again, so im once more stuck on phone serenes, giving me 10% of the frustration that Gnip will be experiencing in the updates to come.
  6. Well that's just disrespectful. Ruben's right there.
  7. You could do that, but why deny Frost this one opportunity he's ever gonna get? Don't do him dirty man. He deserves some love. Sides, he needs 2 arms scrolls for excalibur gaming in chapter 19 when those dracos come about and the wyvern dragons later on. Course in maniac, enough bow units might do just fine and you can grind a rank to use only one. Heck, if you're willing to cheese to get away with 72+ units, you can grind tome rank on his joining chapter with all those unarmed bishops. Fortress Knight Emblem.
  8. FE1 fans every time a new unit joins (they have to trade in map) FE9 fans being forced to bench Titania for Rolf Awakening fan's live reaction to being told there's more than Chrom Robin pair up in the game (this is their 11th run): Fates fans using an army of bosses over child units Jotari trying to kill Medeus (he couldn't get falchion)
  9. Ah yes, this propaganda will surely convince others to finally use Frost in New Mystery. Good thinking. FE3 and FE5 fans when growth boosters: FE6 fans when they can't solo with Rutger for the 7th run in a row: Nino when FE7 fans finally use her again: FE8 fans replacing Seth with Duessel: FE11 fans trading their 15 might ridersbane from Hardin to Palla: FE12 fans realizing they have to use the entire wolfguard unit (they actually have to recruit them): Gaiden, Genealogy, Radiant Dawn, and SoV fans: 3 Houses: Ring Game:
  10. My body's trying to die 60 years in advance, so I don't think I'll reply to any old posts. Ruben, say things I would've said about act 2's ending and whatever BS maps I missed for me, por favor. Okay, guess I missed nothing. Gaiden still being Gaiden. Pobre Gnip. Automatically, Gaiden becomes way more fun than SoV from angel ring strats. Something about this is so addicting for me. Of course, in my run, it was mainly Mae, Atlas, and Sonya to an extent that was blessed with it. My fliers were okay, and Kamui also did well enough. Boy was a lost cause, and Valmahballs couldn't catch up with Force gaming for endgame. Still, it was kinda fun tryna get people past 30 in stats. Nice. I'm more of a Tigerstance Nomah kinda bone, but this is great. If it helps, Alm's way more aggressive in both the manga and the brief appearance he has in the awakening DLC. The idea of oonga boonga conqueror Alm was always there, but highly limited due to the NES being a brick. So, in this new console meant to revitalize this old beast of a game, they chose to rewrite his character in a way that completely invalidates Celica's purpose as a character. Hell, Walhart was arguably created as a sign of what Alm could've become without Celica's kindhearted guidance, but as we all know, SoV Alm would've basically have been fine on his own other than the 1 or 2 instances of random levers and shit have to be pulled, which fuckin anyone can do. It's not Celica's character that does anything. It's just "the story decrees that only the princess that open the gate so that's very convenient for Alm". Also here's a ginger. Celica needs said Sirius fanboy to tell her she's stupid so she can still do stupid things and realize she was 100% in the wrong about basically everything, which she outright tells Alm. All this starts right after the yelling scene, making it a sign of awful things to come, as opposed to this being "Damn girl, what's with you? Anyways, it's fighting time!". Kinda bad, but it could've been worse. Boy oh boy, it could've been fucking worse...
  11. Bro getting hallucinations from all that desert. Please don't take the Todd route Kaga. This is America. We're known to make people take shit from people who can't recognize the manipulation of the two party system. Unlucky. Poor Godrin. Nobody chooses him. I meant modern FE. Engage mainly. 3 Houses also does moving bosses (usually) on maddening at least, but it's 3 Houses. Get hunter's volley'd bozo. At least I don't have to deal with 50 hit in that game. I'm pretty sure the government would find a way to give you guys beard with the money they make reserving cures for terminal diseases from the common folk. Kaga...bad? Your mind: "Hmm, I wonder whether any homosexual implications were conjured during the original conception, and the degree of which fanslators would take said possibility into account back then" My mind: "Haha, gay sex funny." We are not the same.
  12. "I agree, but also I'm right and everytime you disagree with me, you get 5 pedo points." What 2 minutes of fanservice does to the brain When disliking a thing is presumed to be projection (this now arguably becomes its own projection). It's just like my 3 Houses debates!
  13. All this finger pointing, I'm starting to think you're projecting. Perhaps...you're trying to distract everyone from finding out that you're the reptile! That sounds like something a reptile would say. More memorable than Celica's healer girl. I'm guessing this is another quote. I will slash anyone who uses /s. What do you think this feature is for. Oh sure, just a few 20 levels. That'll show the baddies who's boss. All 5 of them left. Now I'm baffled that they actively decided everything else was worth keeping. Another boon of bosses no longer being stationary emblem is that we no longer have to deal with avoid bonuses. Can't believe it took us this long. Now this the part where Ruben tells me about KagaSaga boss design.
  14. not enough to prefer fe3 UI over crit emblem apparently If anyone makes an argument to me that involves "turn counts", I schleep. Roll deez nuts across ya beard. You'd be surprised by the skeletons found at my local elementary school. I remember my first time holding a squirrel's skull. It looked so cool dude. Skeletal structures are amazing. But no, I'm just a skeleton of a human, and I will absolutely kill any humanoid foreign being that attempts to integrate itself within human society. My main goal is to rise up my skeleton army and have them peel out the human skin encasing their beautiful selves. "Look look! It's thing I did! I remember making thing! Recognition!" No but it's completely understandable. I get giddy when referenced in other discussions, and that's mostly just when talking about stupid shit I did with funny units. If I made a whole ass hack, I'd want it shown too. Anything that isn't above 90% will miss. That's the Gaiden guarantee. Bro thought his choices mattered Or, get this, make good maps without critical rng. If only there was actual map design going on instead of 10 pirates just rushing towards you or the not green units if you didn't rush. Most creative Gaiden strategy. Why do you think I didn't restart with a new patch when offered? Damn. Gnip's already developing Stockholm Syndrome. Kaga can't keep getting away with this! Put 3 units in a mostly empty square so the chunks of axe men don't get choke pointed on turn 1. This is the extent of Kaga's master game design in Gaiden. Bravo. Based? I dunno man. Sage Kamui was pretty crazy. And I vibe with the guy. Kaga made a game created for the purpose of rotting your brain to the point where you become a subservient husk that does not control or seek better. Kaga did the education system first. But it'd be so funny to just put them on avoid tiles and be mage enemies with a res stat. Engage reference! This was the peak that they needed to reference. Dragons, and cantor. The true Celica experience. Too bad these weren't actual stylized dungeons that you played ol RPG fashioned or something. That would've been nice. I just can't be a fan of these types of promotion bonuses, and I'm surprised they brought this back for 3 Houses. How hard is it for FE to just give up FE6 tier promo gains with cool animated classes?
  15. From the same man who decapitated Wrys in front of Ruben's eyes while his hypnotized slave girls watch as he hands him a 33 use sword and tells you to rescue the damsels in distress. What a role model you have This implies I would kill all humans and allow a foreign race to rule over us. Turn 3: Reinforcements Shakes: "Well now, Ruben's filling the empty map with enemies chasing me as I go along." Turn 4: Reinforcements Turn 5: Reinforcements Turn 6, 7, and 8: Reinforcements Shakes: "Huh..." Turn 9, 10, and 11: Shakes: "Shit, that was my last javelin. The map just capped in enemies. Is this a glitch? Nah, Ruben wouldn't make a mistake like this. I, Dr Shaky Jones, have full faith in my good companion, Saint Rubenio! He just made another shitty map." Turn 13: Shakes: "Ruben, I've come to make an announcement You're a bitch ass motherfucker." Ruben: "My bad G, here's a new patch." Shakes: "Nah I'm good." It was worth it though. I'd post screenshots of killing her and/or what happens, but I don't want to spoil it. It's a great scene. Kudos to you, Spanish man. And somehow, it only gets worse from here. For sure, I found a team of mages to be kind of fun when playing FE2. It's not as nice in SoV because there's a lot of value in combat arts, and as you'll soon discover, the rings are quite something to equip here. I ended up liking Celica rout more than Alm in this game. I want to die slightly less than I thought I would. Unlucky! How do you make someone happy? Take away everything from them and watch their standards shatter. The Kaga special. me when youtuber opinion. Should've done soldier Grey.
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