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  1. Chapter 15: Sand, Sand, and more Sand Cord has reached the part of his journey where he is obligated to undergo a desert map. He could easily go through a different route, but if he doesn't play the map, he'll be laughed at for chickening out. Every hero has a desert story to tell! It's tradition. This would be Cord's biggest regret though, as he was unknowingly traveling to Reddit Island. When trying to cross through the desert island, the road was blocked by two redditors mages, calling themselves the grumpy old trolls who live over the bridge, and Cord was about to get trolled. He doesn't have the patience to deal with their antics, so they were quickly killed. This did cause wyverns from the top to fly down. Luckily, they're free exp. Total Turn Count: 10
  2. I forget that falcon knights can use staves in this game. He'd be great with a guard naginata. After all, he IS perfect. Mozu looks pretty strong. Other than her HP, she seems ready to abolish nobility. Ouch. Poor Takamine. Lost his sister AND is losing to a farm lady. He's only strong for the bow that he didn't craft. Too bad Kiragi can't use the Fujin Yumi. I wonder why kitsune have high res? Does their fur just deflect magic? You'd think fire would burn their tail. I'd say his strength is alright for Kaden standards. I had to reclass him into the vanguard dlc class to make his strength good for endgame. I just say "screw you" to Leo and immediately bully him to end the chapter immediately. Sure I miss out on the items, but I ain't about to deal with discount shrek reinforcements while he just sits there eating tomatoes. Aw cone on that's mean! He's been waiting his whole life for this. Those enemies on the sage map love to murder innocent travelers seeking knowledge or power just so he can give you a speech about you already having what you need. Great guy.
  3. But I liiike Merric. Then again, using Cav Tomas can only make me a better lunatic. I know that people do H5 generic only runs. How can I ever get to that level? Not with people like Matthis. He's an S tier. I wanna be the funny DS man who excels with low tiers. That's like my goal in life. That, and abolishing urbanization It's true that his growths are pretty good for not being meant to be a mage. 35% magic isn't high, but Merric only has 40%. The main downside to reclassed mages is that they can't use Excalibur or Aura at base. Of course, most reclassed mages to a lot of base speed. Luckily, he's doing pretty well now. He still needs more speed to reliably double. I literally could've given him the speedwing to guarantee double's that would 1RKO everyone. But that's boring. SpeeDarros is where it's at. Chapter 14: Seeing This Map Makes me Want to Replay New Mystery Cord and co. managed to make it to the kingdom of Grust itself, now able to take out the root of most enemies that have tried to hinder Cordcoin's progression. Now, we settle everything. Grust either obeys Cord's demands to integrate Cordcoin into their economical structure with no resistance or manipulation from the regal class, or they get to experience the punishment of not paying taxes. Total Turn Count: 12
  4. Aw shoot. I mixed chapter 16 with something else. Yeah, you did do the one I was thinking of. I think the next difficult chapter will probably be chapter 21. I keep thinking the rainbow sage one happens much earlier (I thought you were talking about that chapter where Kaze got sent to the shadow realm). Whoops. I don't have any particular pair ups in mind to recommend, but I'll let you know if I think of a funny one.
  5. My bad. Your Rinkah seems to be pretty speed blessed. Great defense too considering that they just promoted. The HP seems kind of low, but I think that's just a Fates thing if I remember correctly. There's a very good chance that she'll cap defense, which would make even endgame enemies do pretty little damage, especially if she is paired up with a defense class unit or gets rally defense from Scarlet. Speed pair ups would work too. 22 is decent, and enemies even in chapter 20 only have like 18 or something, unless they're heroes or berserkers. I wonder how she feels about losing Hinoka. That must've affected her mentally. If Ryoma dies, then maybe she'll be the new ruler of Hoshido. Yes, she's prioritized over Takumi. I'd be too scared to use Orochi in an ironman. You are braver than I in the ways of Birthright-ing. It must suck to narrowly avoid death, only to die a much less impressive one immediately afterwards. He could've been the noble hero that sacrificed his life to save Corrin in the name of Hoshido's future. Instead, he'll be the clown who got in Ryoma's way. Saizo must feel embarrassed. Ryoma is probably devastated. Azama is laughing. I'm guessing the dracoshields will be poured to this fella when you get more. It's certainly not bad defense, but if you want to avoid death from 2 late game berserkers, you'll probably want a lot more. Luckily, tonics and food can help there. Birthright sends an important message. Don't skip lunch. You'll die. Any paralogues planned yet? Shiro is donion rings if he ends up fighting a herd of promoted units, unless you use rescue strats, but it's easy to mess up and die on turn 1 that way. It's a shame that we won't get to see the all powerful Lady Candace, but I'm sure there'll be other exciting moments. Chapter 16 actually feels quite tricky at times, so I wonder how that one will turn out.
  6. I'm assuming you're asking what games you should play after beating those two. There's many ways to go about it, so I'll list two pathways you could go off of and maybe you'll like a particular one. Chronological Order (Release Date): Perhaps you care lot about seeing the progression of the series in quality regarding consoles. Maybe the idea of going to 3ds to gamecube/wii to switch to SNES is off putting. Personally, I went with this method, but left the first 5 FE games until after beating the rest, as it can be difficult to appreciate old FE's design and pacing compared to later entries when you're still new to the franchise. Afte Blazing Blade and Sacred Stone (FE7 and FE8), you can go do FE6, Binding Blade. It takes place after Blazing Sword, so you might enjoy seeing the correlations between the world of Elibe in these games. Since Binding Blade came out first, Blazing Sword is a prequel. It doesn't have lore you need to know from FE6 though, so there's no real need to play FE6 first. The main downside to playing in chronological order is that FE6 is actually quite challenging, but this is the one with the famous Roy the boy. After that is Path of Radiance, FE9. This is very beginner friendly, so you should have a good time settling in with this one. Right after that is its sequel, Radiant Dawn. Unfortunately, this one is a LOT less beginner friendly. Luckily, it has save points you can use each turn, so you won't have to worry to much about not having great strategy experience. Next would be the DS games, Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem (FE11 and FE12). As remakes of FE1 and FE3, you get to experience the old FE games while not needing to deal with some issues it had prior, like FE1's lack of a battle window display. These games are interesting regarding how beginner friendly they are, as they can both be the easiest and hardest game of the series. FE11 on normal has a tutorial which gives you the basics on how to play, while giving you extra chapters to gain exp before the main campaign begins. New Mystery on normal is generally just really easy to get by, but gets really difficult on higher difficulty modes. Afterwards comes the 3DS era: Awakening, Fates, and Shadows of Valentia (Echoes). Awakening is considered to be the most beginner friendly game, as the series at this point was desperate for more sales, and the franchise was at risk of ending if it didn't sell enough. This game has a lot more focus on the RPG element over the strategy element. If played chronologically, you'll probably be experienced enough to play on Hard mode, which certainly can be challenging, but will get much easier as you learn Awakening's mechanics and how to make your characters become killing machines. Fates (FE14) is broken down into 3 games: Birthright, Conquest, and Revelations. If you plan to play all three, then you'd probably play in that order. Birthright is the easy, beginner friendly entry to Fates, giving you plenty of resources for you to use how you wish, having a moderate focus on that RPG feel. Conquest takes a big focus on strategy. Even on normal, Conquest is known to be really hard at times. Chances are, by playing chronologically, you will have gotten enough experience to handle it well enough. Revelations is generally unappreciated by most fans. It's main thing is having a gimmick on each map, but many fall short and the game is often just not fun for most people. Next would be Shadows of Valentia (FE15), the remake of Gaiden, the 2nd FE game. It tries to stay faithful to the original while giving a complete overhaul to its presentation. This one is known for having amazing voice acting and music. It's pretty impressive for being remade out of an NES game. The gameplay and map design is mostly unchanged though. There is dungeon exploration in this game, most of which is optional. This game uses Mila's turnwheel as a way to rewind time for when you lose units, making relatively beginner friendly. It has very unique gameplay, so it's probably not the best game to start off with. The most recent entry, Three Houses (FE16), has a moderate focus on the RPG feeling of seeing your characters grow over time, somewhat similar to Awakening. The game works under Calendar system as you are a professor in a Monastery. Chapters occur at the end of the month, and you use the rest of it to do various things, like do practice battles, engage with the Monestary and partake in various small activities, and teach students however you want to make them grow accordingly to how you want to play the game. Since so many people are playing this as their first FE, it's safe to say that it's pretty beginner friendly, even if it's unique mechanics are confusing at first. This one has Divine Pulse, working the same as Mila's Turnwheel, so you can afford to make quite a couple of mistakes before losing units for real. Basically: FE6 Binding Blade-->FE9 Path of Radience-->FE10 Radiant Dawn-->FE11 Shadow Dragon-->FE12 New Mystery-->FE13 Awakening-->FE14 Birthright-->FE14 Conquest-->FE15 Shadows of Valentia-->FE16 Three Houses Awakening has quite of lot of references to older games, so playing like this would help you get them if you like being in the know of that sort of thing. Radiant Dawn can be pretty hard, so I'd suggest playing that one on Easy Mode if you were finding the previous games to already be challenging. You can tell that the modern games have a bigger focus on RPG while old entries like Binding Blade emphasizes the strategy aspect. It's why I feel that the first five FE games might be worth saving until later, as some those ones can be almost 90% strategy and 10% RPG, except maybe Genealogy. Thracia (FE5 snes) is infamous for being the least friendly game in the series, so you'd probably want to wait for a while before playing that one. New To Old (RPG to Strategy): Many started off with the newest games, espcially those who came in because of RPG elements. You'd probably go from FE7 and FE8 to Awakening. If you end up enjoying FE8 more than FE7, you might appreciate Awakening more due to its ability to reclass into several other classes and the ability to grind for xp if things get too tough, while FE6 is a lot more linear, emphasizing the strategy element of limited resources. After Awakening, you can move on to Fates Birthright, which also uses the Pair Up system Awakening has, but is more balanced out. You could come back and play Conquest later, after getting more FE games in your belt. Then would be SoV and Three Houses. The order of which you play these 3DS games don't matter too much. Out of them, SoV is the least RPG like, as it's a Gaiden remake. Then, you might move to the Tellius Era, Path of Radiance to Radiant Dawn. While the DS games are technically newer, they're remakes of really old games, so it might feel a bit lacking compared to the modern games if you love the RPG aspect (also the DS are known to have ugly graphics, so that tends to put off newcomers). Path of Radiance will be a good transition from new to old, as it doesn't use casual mode or a system to let you restart turns, but it's still an easy game, similar to FE7 on normal mode. Even on Hard, Path of Radiance is a forgiving entry with great world building, so it's also a great game to start off with. The reason I wouldn't immediately jump to it is so you can get enough experience to play it's sequel right after, Radiant Dawn. While it's a lot harder, and requires a lot more strategy and limited resources, it has a lot of moments that can give it that RPG vibe. There's 3 tiers of classes, so stats can can up being really high by the late game, and end game is really long and has several parts, similar to an actual final boss moment in many RPG's. Again, it has save points each turn when not playing on Hard, so it won't be the most challenging thing in the world. Then you can move on to the DS games. Shadow Dragon (FE11) is mostly a strategy game, having very low growth rates, and characters hardly have a personality. However, many strategy game fans, like me, can appreciate the game for its simple, yet tight design to provide a challenge from what is given to you. The sequel, New Mystery, hits this odd feeling between RPG and strategy. Similar to Shadow Dragon, it's relatively simple. However, this game does have support conversations, unlike Shadow Dragon, and growth rates are actually pretty high. It's just that units cap their stats quickly, so you wont reach Awakening tier stats. I think FE12 is a game that will feel like it has more RPG elements on lower difficulties, but feel a LOT more like a strategy game on high difficulties. This game even has a casual mode for those who want a relaxing experience. Then, you'd finally reach Binding Blade. FE6, the one with Roy, and the last of the GBA titles that you started with. You'd probably play the SNES games eventually after that if you still care about the series at that point. I'd suggest Genealogy, then Thracia, then Mystery of the Emblem. Other than the 2nd half of Genealogy, these old entries will be where you really embrace the strategy element of the series. Then I suppose you'd tackle FE1 and FE2 and be done with the series for the most part. Basically: FE13 (awakening)-->FE14 Birthright-->FE14 Conquest OR FE15 SoV OR FE16 Three Houses (Mostly any order is fine and you can hold off on Conquest until later if you really want to)-->FE9 Path of Radiance-->FE10 Radiant Dawn-->FE11 Shadow Dragon--->FE12 New Mystery--->FE6 Binding Blade--->FE4 Genealogy---> FE5 Thracia--->FE3 Mystery of the Emblem--->FE1 & FE2 (Order isn't really important here). Note that if you wish to play in some different order, that's completely fine. Feel free to just take the information about each game and decide on your own what you think would be the most fun. I probably should've just listed each game and talked about it in a formatted list. Whoops. Technically, yes. Awakening has a lot of DLC. But there's also spotpass, which isn't DLC and still has a Marth and Roy you can obtain. It's probably best to avoid using these guys on a first playthrough, as you're mainly expected to use the units given to you, rather than reuse characters from different games who have no dialogue. You can battle them though, which can be cool. I'm just saying you might not want to use them as units immediately. Some DLC can be pretty neat though. Future Past offers lore for Lucina, which I won't spoil here. There's the dlc packs like Champion's pack, Lost Bloodlines, Smash Pack, and such that have you fight off against characters from all of the other games, usually taking place in maps from those games. They're mainly neat if you play the rest first and experience the DLC like a big reference fest. Beating them given you access to certain skills and classes. Lost Bloodlines 2 (or 3 i think) gives you Dreadfighter as a class for example. Conquest takes the approach of returning to the hardcore strategy elements of FE. I know that I made Conquest sound like this big scary thing, but don't let that scare you. It's a really fun game that rewards you for your planning and is often considered to have some of the best gameplay in the series. Just...don't jump straight into Conquest on Hard unless you really know what you're doing. I tend to not call it a DLC, as they are all full games. It's more of an add on to your cartridge, fitting all three so you don't need to buy separate games to and switch them each time. I'm pretty sure Three Houses is just Three Houses. You get the DLC separately. Sorry if the big paragraph of Fire Emblem descriptions wasn't very organized. Hope this helps.
  7. Chapter 13: The Worst Chapter in the Game Now that Cord has finished making Cordcoin a phenomenon across both Archanea and Aurelis. Now he can go back to Cord Castle and manage the crypto's value that only goes up. Except he can't, because he forgot one very important thing. Setting a damn guard for the castle while he was gone. Now it's in enemy territory. Cord has never played Genealogy. This will be terrible for the economy. He has to hurry back, so the army rushes straight through Fort Menedy, the place filled with ballistae users who are too lazy to actually fight like real soldiers. Because ballistaes are their personality, they relish using it whenever possible, so they attacked Cord immediately, despite having no reason to do so. They're just bored. What Cord didn't notice is that two people joined up with him without his notice. Tomas and Dolph. He asked them "The hell are you kids here for?". It turns out that these two were prisoners even before Gra's shenanigans. They were actually on death row, so they quickly escaped with Cord to avoid their punishment. Cord didn't have time to question the morality of letting them stay, so he tossed a few iron weapons and let them do their thing. Marth attempts to rush to the boss to get out of this place already. But then, he sae that he missed a town behind him that was hidden by trees. Now he has to walk balk, making the 10 arrows lodged on his back pointless. At least Cord got a laugh out of it. Rickard and Tomas spend about 4 turns stabbing the wood of the ballistae, barely making a dent to it. The ballistae men grieved over their lack of close ranged attacks and were stuck in this hell of being bullied endlessly. They activate the self destruct button on their contraption to end their suffering early. The boss on the other hand, was determined to win this fight, having two armed men right behind him to swarm any invaders. They missed completely, and he died. Total Turn Count: 8
  8. Since there's a lot of difficulties to choose from, I'll talk about H3 through H5. Hard 3: This one is seen by most fans as the equivalent of the standard hard mode for an FE game. Enemies can be a bit tough, but don't pose too much of a threat like in most lunatic tier difficulties. The early game will actually be quite a bit challenging for people who aren't too experienced with the game, but it gradually gets easier, as enemies get stronger very slowly. The main difficulty spike in H3 is on chapter 20, where enemies start using silver weapons and are mostly all promoted. Pick this difficulty if you think you're going to lose units quite often. The enemies are never strong enough where using low tier units after losing better ones will be ridiculously hard. FE1 was designed around frequently losing units after all. It's why I can get away with using someone like Bord for so long despite getting pretty bad levels. Forged items are your best friend, especially in ironmans, so weapon ranks will make up for poor bases/growths, making someone like base Hardin OHKO a midgame cavalier with enough money spent on a Ridersbane. Minerva is a solid unit in H3, tanking plenty of hits while only needing one speedwing to reliably double enemies for a long time. Her Hauteclere or a silver axe can 1RKO enemies like this easily, so getting her will make things a lot less challenging if you got 20 people killed by then. @squirmonkey, if you play Shadow Dragon, I'd suggest this or Hard 2. Blind ironmans are definitely a risky thing to try, but if there's any game to do it in, it's this one. I might say Hard 2 is best, since the final boss can be pretty brutal on Hard 3, but maybe I'll make another suggestion when the rest of the Birthright LP is done. Hard 4: While not too much different than H3, H4 is noticeably more difficult, especially in the early game. Play this one if Hard 3 stats seem just a bit too small for you, and you want an upgrade to a challenge. This is the one I went for in an ironman. Weapons used are mostly the same in Hard 4. The only difference is that enemies in Hard 4 use brave weapons on endgame, while they stick with silver in H3. Looking at my H3 PMU, you can probably decide if the enemy stats you see seem up your alley or if you want some more challenge. You would probably using good units unlike me, so it'll definitely be easier. Decide based on just how much weight you want your actions to hold. I think H4 is best for you, but I haven't seen you game before, so I could easily be wrong. Ahh you'll be fiiiine. Hard 5: This is for the big boys. While totally doable even with frequent deaths, it requires much more careful planning with reclasses and forges. Play this one if you're confident that you're rarely ever going to lose anyone, but are ready to adapt quickly should you lose someone like Jagen in chapter 4 and want to experience major depression upon losing top tiers. The early game will be brutal, but if you make it past that point, it will calm down. However, the difficulty will just right back up in chapter 10, as enemies will immediately begin using silver weapons, making your ability to survive 2 rounds of combat from enemies nearly impossible. Each action counts, and every unit is susceptible to death at any turn. Well, until you use General Sedgar/Wolf I guess. Since you stated that you haven't played the DS games in a while, this one should wait until later. If you made a patch, I'd ask for a bit of an increase on ultimate weapon uses. Maybe make it 30 uses? If you want to pay respects to Thraica, you'd make all effect staves have 100% accuracy, both you and the enemy. Niime would silence the crap out of those late-game berserk spammers. Maybe that's a bit excessive though. I suppose the approach of having to strategize around the notion of expected misses is a big part of Binding Blade, and that might explain why I have trouble adjusting to it. As you said, Conquest and New Mystery play quite differently. Those two game are actually both within my top 3 FE games, both being S tier on a tier list for me. They are indeed, very precise games, but have reliable strategy. This naturally fits in with my playstyle nicely, so I have an easy time adapting to its mechanics and strategic mindset required. It might be why I can handle Reverse Lunatic on New Mystery with only some resets, but then get stumped in a single chapter like Arcadia, even though something like FE12 chapter 12 on R Lunatic is objectively much much harder, requirement near perfect play to survive with everyone recruited and alive. What? Impossible. You like Cord. That automatically means you know what you're doing. It's nice to hear that I'm not just stupid for making a statement about 1-2 weapons not being too handy. I liked using swordmasters and snipers/bow knights in FE6, so it's nice to hear that it's not blasphemous to think that they're neat in that game. I don't like it much when an FE game is often range emblem, like in FE7 HHM or FE9 maniac. Funnily enough, I'd say both Thracia and New Mystery are some of the most unforgiving games in the franchise. As for a potential FE12 PMU, it makes sense. It'd be a direct continuation of my current PMU. It'd be more interactive and probably more fun than an ironman, considering how fun using reclassed low tiers are in DSFE. I would need to make specific rules, since I'd need quite a couple of free units (Malicia for hammerne and healing, and Feena for dance strats) and I can't start benching people as early as chapter 1. It's super thrilling, and it's so rewarding when you make cool strats to save up on those precious rescue staff uses. Turns are difficult, but almost never unfair. You have to remain on guard, and any mistake can lead to a death, but the frequent save points keep resets from being too frustrating. Learning the map and how to use classes and enemy AI to your advantage can make the world of a difference. As I said, the DS games get more fun the more you replay them. In New Mystery, it's easy to learn new things each time, and you'll start making new strats to play better as you get more familiarized with it. Thracia's a funny game.
  9. Man. There's time traveling in Awakening. You can go back in time on Three Houses, and Alm briefly saw into a possible future through Mila's turnwheel. Marth might as well have that power. Thats why I'm considering to unironically give Darros the speedwing to reach 20 speed. That would be the best thing I could screenshot. It'd be the peak of my FE experience. The next speedwing isn't until chapter 17 though. That means I have to wait until after that to promote, and get 2 more speed levels. Unlikely, but possible. He'll have 16 as a General, which should be enough to not get doubled for the rest of the game, except from manaketes. I like how both of your PMU drafts are basically my best units. I'm not sure if you had that in mind, but you did it. Congrats. I've never been a fan of relying on dodges. I know this is just stating a possible way to get Caeda to Jake, but they really shouldn't have made Caeda the one who needs to recruit him. For this run, Lena isn't on the PMU, so my only alternative was Roshea, but I'm pretty sure the AI would've chosen Caeda over him. Aw well. I used another warp on 12, so it's not like I needed to avoid 11 warp at all costs. The bigger problem is getting Rickard to work. He still is at E in sword. Sad times. I'm already bored of Bord now that Minerva is here. Cord just reached B in axe. I can only hope Bord gets a lot of strength soon, so he can at least excel in one thing. Barst would be ashamed. Congratulations. You made me laugh. Have a Cordcoin. The value only goes up. I'm afraid to do chapter 13 tomorrow. I hate that chapter. It doesn't help that I have to write and record a 5 minute speech that day. I should've made the topic be about Cordcoin. Hopefully I'll still have time to upload tomorrow.
  10. If it wasn't obvious by my short essay of SD, I'm a huge DSFE fan. I'm a fan of the Archanean games in general, but the DS games are like an addiction to me. I'd say go for any playthrough of them again if you're interested. It's main downside for many is the graphics and it's simplicity. But if that doesn't bother you, the games are a blast to revisit. I think the DS games get more fun the more you replay them because of the amount of ways you could play these games despite them being remakes of really old FE games. Endless reclassing might make the characters feel less unique, but it's pretty fun to use on a gameplay perspective. If you decide to play them again soon, I'd suggest you try your own SD ironman, assuming you enjoy ironmans. I've only played FE6 twice so far. It's a game I want to love, but the game hates me. I tend to miss so often, that it frustrates me. From a personal experience, javelins and hand axes felt worthless, because I never got them to land hits. Don't get me wrong. FE6 is fun most of the time. It's the most challenging and offers the most tactical planning out of the GBA games, but holy Marty do I feel like my strats get thrown out of the window from rng. I think you posted on unpopular opinions on how axes are underrated in FE6. I wish I could agree, but my luck in FE6 is so bad that I use swords over lances in fear of misses. This is why I'd love an FE6 remake. They literally just need to make the game have better hit rates, and I'd instantly call it an amazing FE game (top 5 probably), even if it still has the enemy staves shenanigans. What I'm trying to say is that I fear that an ironman would get ruined for me when I lose a unit to the 55 hit steel lance missing and getting someone like Lance or Allen killed, and then any other unit I try to use also misses and dies. Since you seem to be a big Binding Blade guy, you mind giving me advice on how to make the game a better experience to go through? Mages have great accuracy, but there's not enough guiding rings to justify training an army of them. Maybe I'm just not seeing things right. I used to not be a big New Mystery guy, but now it's my favorite. I hear a lot about Binding Blade being well designed and strategic, but I think I just rage quit too easily when I miss another Echidna hit and then get 2 people berserk'd at the same time. And this is coming from a Thracia fan. I did really like using units like Shin, Zeiss, Lugh, Melody, and even S rank tome Clarine. That was really fun. I'm considering doing another LP over the winter season (once Fall courses end for me, Calc 3 is scary sometimes), and I'm considering between FE6, FE7, and FE12. Maybe I'll do an FE6 ironman LP, but I'm not sure if I'll make it very far. Then again, it's probably easier than New mystery, where one mishap on the Altea arc can cost you 3 units. Aww that sucks. I was hoping to see Hana strike down Garon. Funnily enough, my recent Birthright playthrough had a Hana that capped strength, but never got HP. Like, ever. Her endgame HP was like 30. I reclassed her to a sniper from being with Takumi to avoid counterattacks. Pretty funny. Something tells me this is going to be a reoccurring partnership, like with many youtubers with Raid Shadow Legends. I don't quite remember how strong Reina is, but Scarlet is really good. Not only are her bases really good, but she even has good growths. Also, the wyvern class is mostly exclusive to her on Birthright, so that's cool. Sounds like you're having a fun time so far. Tough calls, but no major deaths or anything that's destroying you. That sounds like the best type of ironman experience. Of course, losing one amazing unit is usually a big part of the ironman experience, so I await Ryoma's demise. Good luck.
  11. Chapter 12: Imagine Getting Captured lol Some call it the ageless palace. That's a lie. It came to place 6 centuries ago. Damn Archaneans. Making stupid titles and phrases just to sound superior to the rest of the continent. It's a big house. That's it. Cord would complain about the rich class in this kingdom who never suffered from taxes like Altea has, but he has to put up a farce to appeal to the people here as he retakes the castle for Nyna. As soon as the squad entered, they noticed that some of Nyna's most loyal soldiers were captured. Cord doesn't care at all for these boneheads, but Nyna promised to let his army take all of the treasures in this palace if he started caring. So now this chapter is a rescue mission. Great... After game-ending the guards in the entrance and the executioners for the prisoners, Cord takes a gander at the knights who were locked up. "Wow...you guys suck". Cord heads on to the fight, completely forgetting to open the door to let them out. They can wait. Matthis uses the master key that somehow open any door in the world, making the concept of security a pointless endeavor. Rickard rushed in to steal the goodies that probably hold great significance to the history of Archanea and its ancestors. After about a handful of Cordcoin being sold, Marth reaches to the throne room and sees the man who stole Archanea from Nyna's family. Volzhin. This gave Marth further shock. Unknown to even most nobles, Volzhin was an ancestor to Volgin, and is such one of the members responsible for the Philosopher's Legacy. Too dangerous to be kept alive, Marth order Bord to immediately kill him. After that, Marth took some time to reflect on all that has happened throughout this journey. Not only has Cordcoin become a major success for Cord Castle, but he himself has grown so much as a person. Basically, Marth is having a character arc in his head. Matthis uses this time to head to the very end of the palace, finding a chest that had some sick Yeezys. Total Turn Count: 10
  12. Hardin still has D rank... Chapter 11: This One Is Hell on New Mystery Finally. Cord has arrived at the Archanean capital. This is the part where we need to make a solid impression. The economy of our country will largely depend on how we approach this. Knorda Market is right around the corner. This is Cord's chance to make it big. Princess Nyna said something about her family being hanged, but Cord was too occupied with how to pitch Cordcoin to notice her ramblings. But, on closer inspection, Cord sees that his allies were almost shot by a ballistae. Those damn cheaters. Using long range to try to land a funny one at their enemy. No honor! In Cord Castle, people fight like him. Wild and ignorant of strategy. Without Nyna being in her castle, the enemies captured the command post pretty easily, and have prepared ballistaes to bully Minerva. This was actually good news. Since Archanea is camping, Cord will gain much more recognition for being the kingdom's savior. It's gaming time. Total Turn Count: 13
  13. My day be so fine. Then boom. Urbanization Sucks to have that going on near ya. My small town getting hit hard by that in the past few years. It's starting to just not feel right anymore. Hoping that it doesn't get too bad around your place or mine.
  14. Innes is probably a better combat unit objectively, especially if we're talking about Erika mode, but I suppose my main reason for preferring Syrene just comes to the fact that I look at them from the perspective of using them only when I don't have anyone else to field in the lategame. If I had Innes and Syrene as drafted units, Innes would put in more work overall when consistently deployed. Syrene offers minor advantages to chapter 17, 19, and 20 when it comes to flying utility. I don't remember the effective damage in SS well. I could've sworn it was only double, but I almost never deploy archers so I guess I can't say definitely through experience. Erika Inmes is definitely better than Syrene. That much I'll admit. Ephraim Innes can be better if used consistently from his join time for S in bows and a few stat gains. Brave Bow Innes is a pretty good combat unit, so more speed to let him quad would be really helpful on him.
  15. I never found either Syrene or Innes to be great, but more fliers never hurt anybody. Unless you're in ballistae hell. I'm assuming you mean Neimi? That's fair. It's difficult getting to S in bows if you don't train her in particular. Then again, I don't really get Innes to S either. But he does have the best shot of reaching it. I think it's really just how much you value a person's class as opposed to everything else. I really like snipers in a lot of FE games, but Sacred Stones isn't one of them. I prefer having more fliers, although I tend to not use Cormag. He always gets speed screwed for me. Just bad luck. I never feel the need to add an archer to my FE8 army though. When enemies are mostly easy to 1RKO in the late game with silvers and legendary weapons, a bow locked unit isn't going to contribute enough, even with good stats. I mean, I field both Innes and Syrene on chapter 19 and 20, but Syrene just contributes more, even with worse bases. Enemy archers aren't too common, so having a several fliers isn't detrimental, and they only do double the might, so sometimes you'll be fine even with that going against you. I can see Innes likely being better if trained on his join time for better stats plus the S rank bow, but I feel like most players will avoid both until they have no one else to deploy. At that point, the class will play a large part. I use Knoll at base for the late game just for the instant promo to summoner. His stats suck, but his skill is handy for baiting out siege tomes (or eyeball/gorgon thingies). Plus, the triangle attack is always a treat to watch.
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