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  1. If you go out of your way to pronounce the l in "folks", you're no better than Jimmy Neutron saying "sodium chloride" over salt.
  2. I can insert myself in this fantasy setting already. I just love Heroes. It really makes you FEEL like a Fire Emblem tactician! Choose between popular waifu character, same popular waufu in a different dress, or a made up popular waifu. Just like the main series! Fire Emblem fans on their way to tell the unfunniest jokes you've ever heard of First thing that comes to mind is Cain in Thracia. An obvious name sharing includes Claude fe4 and Claude 3H, although I think the official fe4 one has no E at the end. I don't quite recall. There's also Fe8 Selena and Fates Selena. If you include names that sound alike, there's Fae and Faye, and arguably Elen and Alen. Sure it sounds different enough, but they're one damn chapter apart. They really couldn't think of anything better?
  3. Another prophetic prediction, this time of @Shaky Jones. You love to hear it. I've said it before. FE needs playable skeletons, and just more skeletons in general. My gimmick is that I'm a playable skeleton. That's it. Everyone feels obligated to use me at least once. Bonus points if I'm locked to a rout where my opponent is an S tier unit. I'm also famous among fans for my support conversations, in which I'm just Azama 2. I mock everyone while making awful bone puns, but they can't stop me because I can't even die right. Elitists hate me. But enough about a hypothetical playable of myself. We have Fire Emblem's spectacular avatars to let me fantasize myself in. Here's a not so unique gimmick character. Shannam Jeigan. Basically, you start the game with a completely incompetent Jeigan who only got to where they are through sheer luck. This is reflected upon by luck being their only good stat, completely capped at 30 from the beginning. As a prepromote, you'd probably want to give them good growths, so that they're not complete garbage, and I always liked the idea of Siegfried from TLP simultaneously being a lord, jeigan, and growth unit, sorta like Sigurd but better. How about I name this character Siegerd. Perhaps give them a personal skill that lets them dodge axe enemies easily to go completely on him only surviving in life out of luck, but not enough to make him an overpowered dodge tank. Never been a big fan of those. Like Shannam, their personality is to seem cool and unfazed at a glance. The lord highly respects them, and they are entrusted by all the knights to protect the protagonist, but Siegerd frequently mutters to himself about how screwed he is throughout the early game if he lets you die. He's constantly trying to recruit new units to take his place, possibly resorting to fake bribes, but all that does is make the lord respect their charisma more. Should you let this man die early on, your knights will realize that he was a failure all along, and he will be replaced with a proper jeigan with mostly decent stats. The main issue is that this jeigan is extremely generic with practically no personality whatsoever, but should you not want to deal with a joke unit in the early game, you have the choice.
  4. Yeah, can we ignore the 2nd half? Burn it to the ground? Or maybe burn her. I'm really liking the idea of Kelik in this Fateslandia plot. When I first saw the post, the first thing I thought of was that Arthur is mandatory. I'm glad that we've come to make the correct conclusion for the setting. Fair enough. I really hope Ruben doesn't go on a power craze.
  5. He is a humble curate. He cannot fight, but his staff he caries can heal your wounded. Take him with you, and you'll be very glad you did.
  6. I get that there's a ton of 30s in this site. I would say that makes this normal to me, but honestly, I do get a bit weirded out by the idea. I lost interest in many things as I got older, and I'm still a young skeleton. We don't age in appearance, but the law doesn't allow us to remain children forever. I really hope I move onto other things. Preferably, I get into a relationship and focus on that, but if not, there's always creating a business dedicated to manipulating the uneducated. Unsure what my full time job will be, but I imagine I'll be pretty caught up in that, unless I end up becoming a youtuber, then FE will be in my bloodstream as I lay dyying again in my redeathbed. I dont want to say bye to Fire Emblem just because I reach a certain age, but I also would rather not remain an addict to a gaming franchise so far into my life. I could post on Serenes just to interact with pals, but will I really be doing lp's or having full discussions over binding blade at 34 years old? Well, I guess its better than arguing over pokemon as a middle aged fan who refuses to grow up. I probably don't have the nicest perspective on this, but they call me Honest Jones. I don't find comfort in talking over a game full of silly anime teen chess pieces while double that age. Then again, I'll be 40 before IS ever remakes Shadow Dragon or New Mystery again. I'd probably just DM friends over it though. Not trying to stick in with the next several generations of FE fans. No offense to the boomers here. Okay, maybe a teeny tiny bit of offense, but I'm just a gen Z fool. What do I know?
  7. So I was a tad worried that maybe I was burnt out of video games. Wasn't having much with this game recently, and I wasn't enjoying most games I was playing now. Then I played the 3 Hopes demo and actually had fun, so that possibility was thrown out of the window completely. It turns out that I just happened to pick very mid games to play recently, which is much more soothing to hear, because I don't have to feel like my gaming opinions are skewed or incorrect. Bad news is that this game is falling off imo. It had such a strong start, but the maps have been getting rather tedious lately, and the gameplay is nothing to write forest about. Hopefully it gets a little better, because I don't want this to be a weekly series. That would imply that I'm putting a week's worth of effort into these posts, and that couldn't be further from the truth. Replies: Chapter 14: Clouds of War
  8. I'm back. May is always a bad month for me, but it's almost over, so maybe I'll post consistently again. I hope. Replies: Chapter 12: Law of the Steppe
  9. Replies: Chapter 11: Seeking The Light This one has a lot of story scenes, most of which made me realize that I should've have named this LP "Guy Who Doesn't Like FE7 Plays FE7 Inspired Hack". I could've gotten an audience of pure hatred. That's always healthy.
  10. Replies: I Deleted The Replies Immediately After Finishing Them On Accident Kill me Chapter 9: Old Wounds
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