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  1. You know, for just a moment, I was considering replaying FE7. Thank you for reminding me why I shouldn't.
  2. Replies: Chapter 5: Why Didn't We Do This Sooner? Next time: It's almost New Years. This will probably be the last post of the LP in 2021. Do I make an awful pun about it? I mustn't.
  3. Replies (this was a lot to take in): Chapter 4: Enough With The Puns Already Next time:
  4. Merry Christmas to the both of yas, and Haneman too. I'm gonna throw coal at naughty people today, and Cord haters. Hope the rest of the pmu becomes a hilarious experience.
  5. I know nothing of this or the game itself, but every reply on Twitter is roasting this Jaffe guy. That's kinda funny methinks.
  6. Replies: Chapter 3x: The One Who Cannot Fight I don't got a next time. Just pretend there's a really unfunny meme about Sirius here.
  7. Replies: Chapter 3: The Great Revival Next time:
  8. You're just trying to justify losing Cord in your ironman, aren't you?
  9. The fact that it's Bantu of all people is already a punishment in itself for partially breaking the idea of a PMU. Besides, it was technically his first idea for a pick, not something I chose for myself, so I think it's fair enough. Because that'll definitely save his 4 base speed... I got ideas. Many of which won't be immediately explained, but Catria isn't just back for the sake of it. If only Warren was a dark mage, but he seems too kind for that fate. I just realized how much of a nightmare it's going to be to do chapter 3 with only 5 units, no healer, and I have to deal with the Matthis recruitment shenanigan. Fun. How could you hurt General Arran? Man tanks like a beast in maniac. Big Lang Cancer persuades once again... Quite the relatable character, isn't he? Yes, I do spend minutes pausing for the right moment to see this Marth. It's beautiful. It's not for every Marth shot though. Just for cringe. Which is a lot. Normally, I place replies before starting a new chapter, but I got finals, so there probably won't be one today. Tomorrow for sure though.
  10. I'll go ahead and assume this means you're ok with the decision change. I mean, there's not much worse for misery than Bantu. I already have Astram. Besides, I'm sure adding Yubello in place of Frey would make Ruben a very happy boi. Ok. Is this an inside joke within some FETuber or group? Is this actually a common meme? I gotta be in da know! Or maybe this is exclusively your thing. If so, I'd suggest copyrighted it. On the .012% chance someone gives Bantu boots, you sue them for all their money, or amiibos. You're telling me to give Bantu the boots in this run...aren't you? Welp. Guess I dont got a dancer, and Marth boots is more boring than a month's worth of 3H auxiliary battles. I'll actually consider it, regardless of whether you mean it or not.
  11. You might see it as a joke. I see it as a challenge. Come onnn. It'll be funny. Then, if I end up being extremely miserable, I can make you feel terrible about it. We'll invent a day called "why oh why did Imuabicus ask for Bantu?", where I cry at a poster of Bantu for 40 minutes and upload that. Really, I kinda just want an excuse to use Yubello, and Bantu would make for good content.
  12. Replies: Chapter 1: Ludicrous Lang A rebellion seemed to have occurred within Cord Castle. It wasn't too large, so Cord simply went with Marth and Arran, hoping that they could quell their anger with words. When they arrived however, they seem rather riled up. Everyone here was determined to see Cord fall from power. While he knew this would happen within towns of his kingdom, it was rather odd seeing how determined they felt, and word was spreading around about this movement, even though everyone seemed pleased just a few days prior. Was it the assassination attempt that placed doubt? He couldn't ponder on this now. The only way out of this one was violence, because this is Fire Emblem. Next time...
  13. Now this is interesting. I mean, tier lists are great and all for making many enemies, but I like seeing the comparison of these games charted out like this, and based off what I'm seeing, no wonder I'm a fan of all the games on the top right. I love an FE game that challenges you to use all resources provided to make it through its tough designs and enemies. I suppose the main thing that stands out to me is 3H being on the easier scale, when maddening is pretty difficult. I'm guessing its the divine pulses and the fact of how easy it is to make a vantage wrath build to mitigate a lot of the challenge that places it lower? (I'm not even getting into Awakening) The only 2 games I'd disagree with would be Geneology and Old Mystery. Id swap their places myself. Heck, I might move Genealogy way more to the left, since I never felt encouraged to use anyone that wasn't a mount, and the overall lack of units felt like there's not too much to change in a 2nd playthrough, aside from child units I guess. As for Old Mystery, ya got those crazy broken shards that could make even Arran cap his stats with those insane growth modifiers. Its not enough to make the game super flexible, but I dont think its really rigid. But yeah, top right is based. I can also get behind the bottom right ones too with enough shenanigans, but DSFE will always strike that perfect mixture of challenge and crazy flexibility for me. Id make one myself but I'm a bit busy rn, so maybe I'll edit one of my own if I feel it'd look pretty different, or of others share theirs.
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