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  1. You all need to try harder. You can't let "play berwick" win by default.
  2. I still say its bullshit that you dont get 10 authority stars for recruiting him over Ced. Dont even fucking think about telling that it would be too OP. This is Thracia we're taking about. This is Ced we're talking about.
  3. Is he one of my people? Meh Average Shrimpers/Ruben reaction. Guys, those random cuffs and gadgets tightening her are totally for balancing and aerodynamic agility I swear, and the magnets are a core part of the design. At least this is just random fanart. Ah what am I saying? This is absolutely been done a dozen times, hasn't it?
  4. Hanneman is old and based. Do it. Given your seemingly gigantic hatred of Edelgard, don't you want the father of crestology to beat her to death with facts, logic, and crests? Hell you can do ng+ and give him 5 different crests and 2 killer knuckle+'s. Just a suggestion. Personally, I dont think its healthy to let personal feelings against a fictional character to prevent you from even trying out a rout at least. At least it plays somewhat differently and you get 3 CF only units. Besides, don't you want to know everything so you can hate more effectively? I'd say at least try it once given that its clearly a game you love and maybe lessen the severity of how you look at characters in a freaking fire emblem game, but if it affects that badly, then at least try out more of the faculty in your SS run, mainly Hanneman. My boy needs more appreciation. You'd be surprised. There's an old guy in New Mystery who chases you down from one side of the continent to nearly the opposite side by the lategame just to thank you for something you did back at chapter fuckin 3, and you recruit him. Old people have the sillest recruits sometimes. Funny. I really need a life. My take? Just have her try to combat Jedah and fail. Have her overpowered then whisper something like "I tried Alm. I'm sorry, but now it's in your hands". Bro thought he could defend the devs but got shot down immediately by the most basic idea that already surpasses that SoV did. The complaint is mainly due to dungeons and Celica becoming briefly a damsel in distress in the end. I do see the dungeons as silly but I feel that's less misogyny and more "It's a new mechanic/convenient excuse why these characters haven't joined you yet despite Valentia's seemingly small size", it's not like the women characters are bad once you do recruit them so they ultimately spend far more screentime kicking ass than captive. (Shoutout to Jessie for being the only man in Valentia who gets held captive, I guess those bandits didn't discriminate.) Celica's finale thing is still dumb though. Yeah, I often criticize SoV for being unnecessarily backwards when it comes to "progression" or gender equality or whatever buzzword you want to use. Like, most girls you recruit being imprisoned damsels in distress is a comically outdated trope that very few want to see now, but this is a remake of an old game. Its not their fault that Kaga has several fetishes that should've been left outside of his games. But why the cannoli did you add MORE tropes to an already outdated game with the Fernand Mathilda scene or the Celica treatment at the end, or Celica being saved by Conrad, or Celica no longer serving as the purity to counter Alm's base nature of ruthlessness from the original, thereby making her purpose mostly exist purely as the woman that he needs to save and marry. Like how did you make an early 90s game even LESS equal to female characters? That sounds like something you have to intentionally do! As a dsfe fan, I must heavily disapprove. When you reclass Kamui to mage 😳 Yeah Peg Faye is decent and SoV is easy a lot of the time. Like I said, I find 2 healers for early SoV to be busted, but I was already moderately experienced by the time I got to SoV. I assume many players like to have at least 2 healers, but I dont know what team the average FE player uses. I do anything but the norm. At least you're willing to admit the thing you like is bad. As a dsfe fan, yes.
  5. I shall be Ruben's vice president for this campaign. Saphir has the best female design in the series. Deniers be seething til they turn 65 at 35.
  6. What I don't like is that they took all the bad parts of Gaiden and went too faithful despite it clearly being an archaic relic of the past that should've stayed as such (or even something as simple as extremely bad skirmishes (le archer band squad) that should've been at least somewhat tweaked to be not abysmal or any cantor user maybe being worked around to not just spam infinite enemies every turn), but then got rid of all the cool things about it like the rings! I loved how crazy those things were in FE2, and now they're just super boring in SoV. Fine, I can sometimes enjoy combat arts like Tigerstance Nomah, but I still find it funny that one of the only things I find fun about either game is only in Gaiden. Turn the turnwheel back to DSFE silly circles. Peak checkpoint mechanic. Har har har har So technologically advanced cities within ancient medievil settings is honestly kinda common in fictions, and I don't even think it's the worst concept. The slithers though, they use dubstep and literal fuckin nukes to show off how crazy they are. Exquizzle me? It ended up being such a dumb contradictory concept that makes you question why they never use it any other time that they got completely retconned in Hopes! How is anyone supposed to take this seriously? I remember face palming seeing both the Fort Merceus blowup scene and just playing the Shambala chapter on my first run from how stupid an off it felt from the rest of the game. If you're going to show a bunch of machinery in a Fire Emblem game, do it properly, with subtlety and vague references to the ancient past where they simply existed in the ancient Fodlan lands with the children of the Goddess or whatever they're called. Maybe have their efforts to create machinery whose purposes surpass the need for gods or they're trying to create their own god (i dunno...maybe Epimenides) which causes Sothis to feel insulted and that's what causes the mass extermination of theme (I'm literally just taking the Dwemer plot from Morrowind lol). Have machinery reflect ideas more akin to that over "we have modern nukes and we listen to early 2010s music". Like what is that supposed to convey? They're dorks who are too stupid to just nuke everyone at the Battle of Gronder? Almost anything would've been better. They don't even explain the idea of Epidenidies or Shez's past throughout all of hopes! Did they even have a plan for the Slither's lore? What the heck! Well sorry for you bud, but this is the internet. If you go out of your way to say you don't mean something gay, you sound more like an insecure gay dude stuck in the closet more than a straight guy who apparently fumbles his wording on multiple occasions, and it's simply too hard to resist teasing those kinds of people. I wouldn't worry about it here though. There is no way anyone here is desperate enough to look for other FE fans to date, gay or straight. I do apologize though. Not for saying the first comment, but for laughing as I type over you asking if someone feels good....Come on man....That's so gay lol..... Sorry, sorry. Ah, but you have to admit there's comedy in that. I'd try not to let that get to you. I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding and no one can be blamed for that. It happens. The main person that can get up on your case over that is yourself, and that just causes other people to gang up on that. Aka me. This sounds oddly familiar... Son of a b- Have you played every other rout? While it fails to properly provide decent replay value as a result of a repetitive monastery system and most routes sharing the same maps, it is supposed to be very replayable, and despite my many problems with the game, I have over 10 runs into it, so that has to say something good about coming back to it. Admittedly, a lot of that comes from extremely stupid reclassing. You should try out war master Hanneman. Let's a go: FE1/FE3/FE11/FE12 are automatically out. The Archanean games being the first of the series literally define the tropes you see from here on out. It's extremely unlikely you'll like the characters given that only New Mystery even has supports, and many of them are admittedly basic with a cast so large you'll forget 90% of it. Binding Blade is most likely not a great choice. It is very similar to Shadow Dragon in a lot of ways, including le trope-y "defeat le dragon and red emperor" with a story some like, but many consider to be basic. Blazing Blade isn't much better in this, unless you consider the Lyn-Hector-Eliwood friendship thing to be amazing storytelling. Besides, if you did play Blazing Blade, I'd probably feel insulted if you didn't do Binding Blade afterwards. Sacred Stones is known for having amazing characters and a decent story with a moderately tragic villain. As I mentioned before, it borrows a lot of ideas from Gaiden, but is done better, unlike SoV imo. It is considered extremely easy though, and while the final boss technically isn't a dragon, it might as fuckin well be. I do think that out of the other FE games, this one is more likely to be up your alley, and it's a pretty short game, so you wouldn't be losing too much of your time should you end up not feeling engaged throughout the plot. Genealogy is known for supposedly having the best story in the series, something I have no idea where the hype comes from, except I do because it's probably just the chapter 5 moment lels. The main reason to try out this game for someone like you is that A LOT of 3H is inspired by Genealogy, and I mean, A LOT. It's gameplay is extremely unique, so you'll either love it, or you'll utterly despise it, but I suppose most people who love this mainly love it for it's story (and solo'ing with silver sword Sigurd). As someone who personally despises this game, I can't bring myself to recommend it, but it realistically is one of the better choice for a 3H fan looking for a "good story" game in the series. That is if you're willing to embrace the jankiness that comes with Kaga-era FE. A support-less era will naturally have a harder time getting you to fall in love with the characters after all, although a few still have their share of really cool dialogue. Its sequel, Thracia, is, in my honest opinion, the greatest setting in any FE game with the best story in the series. As a midquel to Genealogy, you obviously have to play FE4 first and have basic understanding of the land of Jugdral to fully appreciate all the details and worldbuilding Thracia provides, and Leif is the only lord who I can say is up there with Dimitri with how much I love them as a lord. He's not as well written as Dimitri with hours and hours of dialogue, but the setting and allies around him as he struggles to lead his men through this grueling journey in such a cruel place, aka Spain, is something I found to be much more interesting to observe and watching Leif grow as a character through the best tactician/lord interactions ever make Leif far more interesting than any other lord imo, other than Dimitri. Of course, Thracia is primarily known for its unforgiving gameplay and Kaga's CBT fetish being at its prime. In other words, you need a guide to have fun. It's not stat bloat hard, but more like "How was I supposed to know that was going to happen?". If you can get past that, I'd say Thracia has some of the coolest gameplay elements in the series, so it's one of the few games where I can say I love both the gameplay AND the story, but why oh why did he he expect me to know about all my items being taken away and randomly assigned up to a limited number of items by chapter 4? Genealogy does have more generic FE tropes than some other games, mainly with the evil cult stuff and damsels in distress tropes, while Thracia is more unique, although is still heavy on le evil cult being evil with the most forgettable final boss ever, but at least neither are really about dragons...much. Fates The tellius games are most likely your safest choice. They're the most different from the usual story in some aspects, and many Tellius fans will tell you that the characters are some of the best they've ever been, with both support conversations AND base conversations allowing for your army to flesh themselves out in PoR, with RD at least retaining base conversations to continue the banter regarding story events. As I said, I really like RD's story, at least for FE standards, and while both games do feature le dragons, neither game explicitly have them serve as final bosses, and I really like the way villains are handled in RD in general. Even blatant baddies like Jarod are respected in a semi-unironic way by the community for some of the stuff he does. Tellius is the balance between the story-focused ideas of old FE based on tropes and such and modern FE focusing mainly on characters and....I dunno, anime things? To some, this is the perfect balance. Tl;dr: I'd say the Tellius games are the most likely worth your time, with Sacred Stones being a decent other choice. The Jugdral games could be better potentials for story games (Shaky Take: FE3H is FE4 remake) depending on how you like your plots, but you'll have to accept the random jank and support-less characters that comes with old FE. I will never not be surprised by the amount of people who get into FE saying they value story despite everyone here agreeing that FE is special only for gameplay.
  7. In SoV? Uhhh, I suppose when he goes "chaaarge" against Berkut's army? Yeah, I got nothing. The game is clearly attempting to imply that he gets distracted by the need to win when in battle, but I'm not sure how it was meant to be visualized when actually playing the game. Like, he's technically still more aggressive than someone like Marth, or Corrin, but Ephraim is a better Alm than Alm. I mean, Sacred Stones basically is Gaiden 2 with the Ephraim/Erika thing and the monsters. I'd honestly say FE8 is a better Gaiden remake than SoV, even if FE8 is on the easier side. In Gaiden and it's depictions through both Awakening DLC and the manga, Alm very much wants to kill the enemy. Pretty sure at the start of the dlc map, Celica's like "Oh no, bad guys! What do we do?" and Alm is like "It's simple. We crush them all". And when you obtain Alm, he asks you questions about conquering the enemy and how much victory matters. Very aggressive compared to any other lord card you get. In the manga, Alm completely destroys Desaix and his head is put on a pike to avenge Kliff, who was impaled and killed by Desaix. In the actual game of Gaiden, I'm sure the translation likes to be a bit quirky, but Alm does say "We'll crush those bastards" at the end of the game. I don't know why absolutely none of this is done in SoV. You obviously don't see much of Alm's anger in an NES game because there's hardly any dialogue to begin with, so this was your opportunity to flesh all that out, but they completely changed him as a person, and as a result, Celica is made to be a worse character due to this. And then they add MORE to make her a bad character with "Ya know I had to do it to em" Jedah scenes and "I will save you from your stupidity" Conrad. That's what makes the Celica scene with him worse. The idea of the original was that Alm wanted to take the fight to Rigel. The motivation was likely still primarily to defend Zofia and to avenge those who died from the early attacks that Zofia has now suffered due to Rigel's invasion, but he was seeking out this battle. In SoV, he has various points and reasons as to why he feels that he has to do this fight, while making it very clear that he doesn't want to do this if he didn't think it was absolutely necessary, and yet she still considers him to be a foolish brute who doesn't get it. Well at least you're honest To be fair, I have a habbit of liking unnecessarily difficult challenges. Last 3H run I did, physic was basically the strongest staff spell I had. No rescue, warp, fortify. And since SoV don't really do that much damage, I didn't find the idea of physic to be a necessity. Just eat flour bro. You weren't bopping your head to TECHNOLOGY BEYOND YOUR COMPREHENSION? I still believe in my theory that the reason the combined presence of Edelgard and the slithers both serving as villains in the...."bizarre" way that they are handled is a result of a fight that broke down between Koei and IntSys, and nobody won. IntSys likes doing the traditional "get help from divine dragon", "stop evil cult who did everything wrong", "red emperor be conquering", but wanted the twist of Edel being a tragic villain who you go "nooo I thought you were my lord!" for SS (which IS did first), while Koei probably didn't want much to do with the slithers and sought to make Edel a protagonist with le moral grey stuff amidst the other house lords and the church being all sussy to create this "nobody is right" vibe, but then that clashes with each other and leaves the aforementioned foul taste I'm still brushing my teeth and tongue to remove. It feels like the writing team fought each other rather than they made unique routes that all work in their own way, at least to me. Slithers coulda worked well if they were handled more like a combination of the Loptyr from Genealogy and the friggin Dwemer from Elder Scrolls (ancient mechanically advanced race with way too much lore to summarize). I like a lot of the "the slithers were actually what made the Western Church do the things they did" and "Faerghus and House Ordeila are in ruins consequent to the slithers who received aide from the Empire to do evil FE things on the youngin's (very FE4)". The ties could've worked well and still been a classic FE trope but actually done with amazing world building, but they really botched up a lot of things due to simultaneously saying they did a ton of things while also pushing most of it aside in favor of Empire vs Church. You can't have both, at least not in the way the game wanted to do it. Anyways, here's why Garon should be the golden standard for all villains- Why did bro feel the need to specify? Suspicious. Fair. I don't really play JRPG's anymore, and it's funny if I try to compare to 3H to games whose story I love like Edgeworth 2, New Vegas, or friggin any Metal Gear Solid game, and for JRPG's, I mostly just know FF7 and FF6, which I'm guessing is somewhat above the standards of JRPGS. I don't think 3H's story is awful. It's 100% better than SoV, that's for sure, and it's certainty more interesting and given more thought than Engage's plot. I just think it's annoyingly flawed and it gets people way too heated up to the point where I'd prefer a meh plot just to avoid another "Is Edel le evil" thread * 500. Although it does get harder to forgive the massive 3H fan wave for overpraising the story when it's single handedly destroying Engage's reputation and is giving me the fear that IS will just give us more "le politcal" games that will cause massive arguments over making a fun strategy video game first. By the way, I know this is all off topic, but can you tell me how DQ stories generally go? I know a guy who really loves those games and I can't exactly ask them because it will almost definitely be biased. -_- This is... problematic. You dislike Ashnard because he's blatantly evil and brutish. I dislike Ashnard because the game doesn't let me kill him with Shinon. We are not the same. Valbar when you choose to fight Sonya: Holy crap Louis! This guy's a poet. Once? Once? Truly, you are the fakest of DSFE fans. Play FE12 and have Warren and Tomas duo kill every boss in the game or lose your DS privileges.
  8. Improved? Rodrigue. I'd say Dimitri too given that I've never been a fan of "Your hands..." being what makes feral Dimitri go sane again, and the constant struggles of his schizo episodes being much more contained and requiring all his retainers/old friends to keep him on the right path is much more interesting to me than avatar shilling, if you can even call mute Byleth one. Obviously, Byleth in Hopes is better. What were they thinking in Houses? Worse? Raphael Too many people will say that he's always been a quirky gimmick character about food, but to heck with that. I loved Raphael! He was a family guy! He was a lot more calm and collected in most of his monastery and he really knew how to stay positive and cheer up others when they were down during tough times given his unfortunate past regarding his parents murder that he doesn't let weigh him down, something that really stands out given that 80% of students in this game are in desperate need of therapy. He was a simple man, but I liked that about him. Caspar's the giddy crazy one. Dedue's the loyal serious one. Raphael's the chill happy one, just with the usual Ilyana gimmick of liking food added onto that. In hopes, they completely doubled down on said trope and made that his ENTIRE PERSONALITY, basically taking what main part people who barely used him in houses remembered about my boy, and just went "Yep! That's Raphael! The food guy! Look! He's eating food! And he's training!". Thanks, now everyone goes "Yep, he's just being himself. What a boring character...". It breaks this bonehead's heart. He's unnecessarily excited about everything too, to an annoying degree. Like, he's waaay to into everything, and that becomes more of a flaw than a boon, unlike his positivity in Houses. Like, they just want him to be clueless and hungry. What have they done to my boy? Justice For Raphael! And Hanneman. Justice for Hanneman too.
  9. You played SoV? You poor soul... Well your first main exposure to FE maps was 3H so at least you already knew what bad maps were like I don't know many that would legit defend Celica's character/actions in SoV. We all know it's bad. Some may try to say it's not as bad as others make it out to be, but you can't exactly call this good writing, or even passable really. It's really dumb no matter how you look at it, and the player will naturally get ticked off seeing the lord they control make such stupid actions that they themselves would never unironically pick if the choice was up to them, but the game clearly wants you to root for both Alm and Celica. Personally, what I find most baffling about Celica isn't just the whole "I want to trust the purple cultist that all my friends are telling me not to", but the fact that this is a remake of an NES game in which the character that barely speaks handled this a lot better. Is it great? Not really. This isn't a Kaga shilling moment, and the general premise is still there where you have to let him capture you, but at least in that game, it's forced upon you. The idea is that Celica knows that she's been screwed over by Jedah, mostly reaching him to slay him or whatever, but then she sees Jedah do the "Alm is trapped and has to fight 3 waves of necrodragons" and is basically given no choice but to surrender to save Alm, which she obviously will given the theme of the game. And when you are captured, Celica is taken with her army to the endgame location to fend off against the horde of monsters and 3rd tier soldiers until Alm can make it to help her from a fight she relentlessly has to take the charge and fight against to keep her comrades from dying this far into their journey, whereas in SoV, you're constantly considering going with Jedah's plans and assuming that he could mean well while literally everybody else tells you that you're insane, including the OC who's sole purpose is to turn Celica into a pure damsel in distress and constantly tell her that what she's doing is wrong, only for her to do it anyways! Why!? You make Celica yell at Alm and call him ignorant of the situation due to what he couldn't possibly know that you aren't telling him, and then you follow that up with her story of constantly avoiding the advice of her friends and getting them into trouble because she doesn't want to talk about her thoughts and consider the suggestions of said companions before making rash decisions? It's a recipe to make an extremely hate-able lord! And at the end, she causes all her friends to get sent to the pits to die in while she herself gets Kaga'd for the most pointless premonition scene that lasts 30 seconds! Yeah she is also suffering technically, but this feels like her allies weren't standing with her, but are victims to her horrible decision making skills and Celica is once again forced to simply have Alm rescue her and do all the lord handling for her. I know a guy who said the same thing about Alm having no real reason to mourn Rudolf's death. I often don't really think about that, but I'm usually distracted by thoughts extremely offensive statements I can't say here about Celica, and how much I hate mao design in SoV. Alm is a very odd character. As a person, I like him. He's everything that many would want to see in a traditional lord. Not too noble (something something ike fans), kind and charismatic, silly and sometimes funny with his dialogue (mostly bad puns), and brave. On the other hand, that's not what Alm should be. At all! SoV Alm can be best described as what Gaiden Alm would be at the end of the game, after his journey with Celica who's pure soul prevented his savage desire for battle consume him onto becoming someone like Walhart. I always considered Walhart to be a reference to the idea of what Alm would've become without someone like Celica at his side. After all, Alm is clearly meant to be more like Duma, and Celica like Mila. They're meant to be the Yin and Yang or whatever. But in SoV, he's already pretty light hearted, and he knows when he needs to fight for the sake of protecting his homeland. He's unafraid to take the charge against Rigel. He more or less already possesses both the "oonga boonga" and the "I wouldn't hurt a fly" aspect from both gods. It basically sounds like I'm saying he's too perfect, which makes Celica's main purpose mute, at least form a perspective of symbolism. Then again, what does she actually do? Open a gate? What does bro mean by this Gameplay fans on their way to burn you at the stake for not having 5 dread fighters for act 4. I have no idea where you got that bit from, but give old men a chance. Hanneman is like, one of 4 good things about 3H anyways. Hear me out. Use pitchfork. Reclass him into a merc. Give him Zweihänder (forge from steel sword). Obtain Tigerstance combat art. Profit. In case you must know, Nomah has a pointlessly high amount of skill, which does nothing for magic, but tigerstance adds might based off of skill, making Nomah one of the best candidates for dealing 150+ damage with tigerstance crit (I've done this way too many times). Is it optimal? No. Is it funny? Absolutely. In Gaiden, he's a lot more useful given how that game functions overall and the laughably awful growths. Well........at least they're kinda fun to use in Fates, so that's something. Fun fact: In Gaiden, you had to be lvl 20 to promote female mages. Funny stuff. In the game's defense, you're not actually supposed to have 2 healers. Faye is SoV only, and the game can very easily be trivialized with cleric faye. For new players that want to do silly exploits and such for an easy time, use cleric Faye, but I'd personally avoid it to keep things balanced. Did you think we made this joke out of thin air? Yes, most FE games are about killing dragons. Most FE games have mid stories, and I will never understand the amount of FE fans that play the series for the story. There's a reason most Engage Dark Emblems can't be what the og final bosses were. They're almost all dragons. Originality. Nobody say Sacred Stones. Formortis could've been a dragon and nothing would've changed. Back on topic, I would say SoV is more offensive with it's bad writing, because many FE games have their moments of cool writing or characters done well through the unique design of FE, but SoV in my opinion has some of the worst writing in the series obscured by it's pretty presentation of cutscenes and voice acting. I know many FE fans who say they love this game, and the main reason is usually either its story or presentation, which I find ironic. And I haven't even gotten started with the Mathilda Fernand prison scene. Somehow, Gaiden feels like it has better writing due to barely having writing at all! At least it doesn't contradict itself! I mean I like Awakening's story for FE standards. Archanea references and continuity is always appreciated, even if some people argue over what is and isn't canon about it. I won't turn this into a 3H story debate or even Awakening. I honestly don't care about stories at the end of the day and mainly hate SoV for gameplay reasons, but I certainly feel that 3H has a ton of flaws and manipulative antagonizing amongst fans from different routs when it comes to storytelling. Leaving holes and just saying "it's all morally grey" feels like a very cheap get out of jail free card for inconsistent or absent writing when 95% of all problems are technically still just "evil cult le bad". If Nemesis was a dragon and you couldn't side with Edelgard, it would largely just be a normal FE game with an emphasis on Blue Lions supports going hard. A lot of part 2 is just "stop the empire" or "here's why your emperor did nothing wrong and also teehee she drew something for you right after you slaughtered the Alliance". Thanks game. I almost forgot that I have the choice to marry my student. This isn't to say that 3H doesn't have good writing in it. I really do believe it has some of the best lore regarding it's world building and struggles within nations like Faerghus or House Ordelia or House Gloucester, but the main plot does a terrible job integrating said lore into itself properly. Again, I don't want to turn this into another "Is 3 Houses a good game" thread, but I mainly brought this up to emphasize the idea that even 3H does fall under many of the same tropes that most of FE does with semi crappy writing over basic premises like "stop le empire" and "the evil cult is behind almost everything" and "avatar saves the world by literally not saying anything" while the CF rout is like "we will undo every support chain line and ignore Hubert's murderous tendencies and Jeritza's bloodlust as clear signs of villain tropes to pretend that you're morally justified in choosing to help who you probably call your waifu over the church that we actively portrayed as poorly as possible in BE white clouds so players don't actually think about their choice when ordered to kill the person they spent 12 chapters with. I dunno. 3H writing just leaves a foul taste in my mouth that I often see regarded as peak storytelling, which I feel can hinder one from enjoying any other FE story that isn't "different". Luckily for you, PoR is often regarded as one of the best in the series for its storytelling, probably considered 2nd or 3rd best after Genealogy. I personally think it's somewhat overrated and consider Radiant Dawn, its sequel, to be one of the best stories in the series, although that game does have one story element that basically everyone hates. Gameplay wise, it's one of the easiest games. If you're looking for a mostly chill game with a non-traditional lord and a bunch of dialogue about furry racism being bad, it'll be the best thing since sliced bread. There's a JP exclusive maniac mode, but I really wouldn't recommend it. A lot of people hate it, and for good reason. As for the story, there's very little wrong with it, so it's leagues above SoV, and the final boss isn't a dragon! I mean, the villain is pretty simple, but it's something, and I like comically evil villains. Most of what I personally enjoy about PoR's writing is due to how it perfectly connect with the sequel, so I'd highly recommend doing RD right afterwards. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to rant about SoV by risking the wrath the Integrity.
  10. Ruben's a quirky lil guy I thought people ate ice cream because they want to die, much like FE fans. I would ask about your personal favorite FE story, but I know you're just gonna shill a Kaga Saga game even if I tell you not to.
  11. Ain't no way I'm re-downloading FE3 and starting all over again. Eh, I'll at least do FE1 Maji. That'll be enough. And then the games charges you like you forged a silver weapon. There's no chad mage, and Bastian gets no staff rank, so no magic run here I go, which I suppose is just my average FE6 run. Sorry Hugh. I really need the money for max HP Dorothy. The Maji Minister laughs. I will always shill him as a good unit. Bord's got his own Saji club. You were clearly made to be the Darros guy. You're telling me she might've originally been based? They should've done way more with Morzas. Instead when I think of Shadow Dragon bosses, I'm thinking of fuckin Canaris and Himmler. I remember sighing of dissapointment upon the extremely blunt build up that was an obvious reveal in itself. I'm not eben interested in whatever the dlc plot has to offer because what shits do I give of getting the 4 hounds if they're going to lose the only aspect of themselves that would make them interesting to obtain? Damn it FE, why can't you embrace the dark?
  12. That's an amazing portrait. Well fuck you too. I like the coloring here for some reason, but it' a shame that you still start at the very top. DSFE supreme as always. Average FE casual playing KagaFE: Me playing KagaFE: Eyy. Mystery good. Good for him, but you really need to learn how to Maji. Only 2 more to cap! This chapter's alright, but it's clearly been made to brag about the Minerva you just got, while also saying fuck you due to the ballistaes. I mean, fair. She'd probably trivialize the entire map otherwise. Anyways, the DS version is superior because you can throw Draco Jeigan/Wendell right onto the village and decimate the mercs with elderly power. This boss looks so fuggin goofy. I know FE1 borrowed portraits like hell, but at least it was a cool one. I just can't take this guy seriously, and yet I feel like he'd fit Morzas more. That face would at least be fittingly comical when he can say something like "Yesss, it was meee. I killed yer motherrr, and now you must diieee!". Okay, maybe not that stupid, but something about this looks so dumb to me. That said, no dragon portrait is more sad than FE11 Morzas. It feels so generic that it could be a default portrait for manaketes if the DS games worked like modern FE for regular enemy portraits. Don't say or when Ruben's around. Oh it's fine. Just make sure that xp doesn't go to waste. Use Jeigan til endgame. Something something dragonskin. Aw whaaaat? But that map has the ICONIC Nerring! I'm trying to become more composed, as one must accept the reality that the world is full or boring simpletons who don't appreciate what they are given. If Ruben can be the Frost guy despite never having actually made him kill Medeus or do anything interesting, than I can be the Maji Minister without dealing with that shitty ass Port chapter. Well now I feel obligated to go back to FE3 over the FE1 idea. Eh, until your Maji surpasses mine in stats, I'm still winning, and you're doing a terrible job at that so far. unfortunately I downloaded some rando fe3 pre patched rom on my phone in 2 minutes when I first tested mobile snes Nintendo pc and I'm pretty sure it uses boring DS names for most things, so it's technically still Cord there. Soul vs soul-less. It's crazy seeing mages in all of these Archanea games, then I'm occasionally watching my brother trying to use mages in FE9 and holy shit they are so bad. They HATE forging tomes, and good luck using effective wind. Armors got that 8+ res while your tomes got like 3 might. What were they thiiiiiinking? Or tell me they're not actually villains.
  13. Despite how often I defend FE3, this is the map that made me stop playing B1, which is pretty darn early. I'll get back into it one day, but man is this map just ass. Just look at that Genealogy ass formation. There's nothing happening here, but also too much happening. Like, I can tolerate it enough in DSFE, but it's just mega boring here and you probably will lose units if you play aggressively because there's simply too many of them. That and the layout is also just a nothing burger. I only remember enjoying this chapter in FE1 for being a giant xp fest for Roger and me realizing how OP Bantu was, but the map wasn't good. I don't know who you are or what you've done with Caesar, but your portrait looks so cool, so I won't call you a fraud. I'd like to use him when I actually resume B1, since I have a habbit of using Caesar in the DS games and have him pop off like crazy, although his growths are a bit sad here. because all of it apparently went to this redhead. I'll say, Raddy's a name I like saying way more. It makes me giggle. Shit man, those growths though. For bases not too far off Cheeserr, Raddy seems like the better unit of the bunch. There has to be at least 4 gay jokes I can make here. Main problem I had with FE12 Bantu. Can't forge stone hit. This really should be much higher. There he is! Kannival the Canni- Ah, I mean Canaris. Canaris the- Fucking dammit Kaga. It's like you don't want Biraku to level up to 20/20. We need more of that. Not a lot more, mind you. We need more old people the most. You're already over halfway done. Just beat the fucking game already. You don't have to keep him at base. You can throw a Dracoshield on him. And yeah, stat boosters in FE1 are busted and can make anyone amazing (though Dracoshield is actually pretty modest only +3 defense), but what Bantu uniquely has over everyone else is that Dracoshields on him let's him actually exceed the defense cap. We really having Bantu debates. This truly is the "To Become An Elitist" of all time.
  14. Ruben when he can no longer spend 500 turns dodging his way to promoting Wrys at the end of the game: Ruben when Kaga didn't put as much thought into one random chapter as much as he did: I've never heard that complaint myself either. Maybe this guy is just imagining things. I have to do berserker Wendell in my next FE12 run. Personally, I think the DS art is better for Minerva here, but that could in part just be me not wanting women to be happy. I like to think that line was a slight jab at Kaga who basically always wrote his lore in the fashion of one guy dumping lore onto someone else that already knows it, at least in his first few FE games. It happens a lot in FE4 (as my brother keeps telling me as he plays it again for some stupid reason), where one noble or evil cult man just yaps to another about their generic evil plan that involves the potential future for their land that lasts like 2 to 3 minutes, but like they both already know this and are only wasting time reaffirming the point so the player can learn. Very tacky, but what do I know about the world's greatest storytelling apparently. I'm the guy that doesn't think Kris is a crime against humanity. Yes we know our Ruben lore. I'm telling you to actually give it a chance. I want a scenario where you're forced to finish the game and use Maji. I mean, who else are you gonna use? Riff? I don't think so. Refer to Shaky Quote #6 Hey at least Thracia sort of does it better! It's still mostly tactician to Lord monologue, but at least it works better givein Leif's character and youth as opposed to the awesome bluntness of August who in turn often argues with the honorable Dryas/Dorias, another one of Leif's tacticians, both of whom serve as a literal leadership stat to Leif, combining their service to Leif as both a form of storytelling as well as a boon for Leif in gameplay. It's not perfect, but remember that this is Fire Emblem. There is no good story. The desperation of wanting to mask your obsession with using only waifus as "smart". Just be honest. You never used him and never want to use him because you need boobs on your screen to find the will to play. Seth's power is that he turns you gay with his sheer stats. The correct approach to matters of "canon". If it's not in the game, I can choose to ignore it. The canon approach is that Maji kills Medeus, so most of you aren't even playing this game right. I assume so that their arms don't get tired out from the weight of the armor on their arms and shoulders. They obviously desire regular armor to avoid headshots from other archers and don't get insta-killed when a cav rushes to them, and it does explain why archers have armor move and in DSFE, they are one of the tankier classes (although your starting archers aren't the best indication of that, and the armor appearance is gone). I can't believe you'd body shame them like that! All that effort to protect themselves and get fit, just to be called generic...
  15. Now I can assure myself that there's no reason to invest in future nintendo consoles.
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