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  1. yeah sure! I like to point out a mistake alright! This site you made doesn't have a delete post feature! Can you fix this?! I hate posting twice honestly and there is way I can remove my 2nd post so I just left it there for the mods to delete them for me.
  2. I really appreciate the program you suggest to me but at the moment I am unable to use it for now. Your reply is just lazy.
  3. (I have to edit this in order to avoid spamming here) I really appreciate you suggesting FE Builder but right now I can't use it yet until I change to Windows soon. All I am just asking for is a damn code for hammernes! Do you guys think its easy shit to find?! No No's Castice and Lemon Tart's sword don't freakin grow on trees in item shops! Tell you cheapskate morons what, if I am not going to get a better reply besides you guys keep bringing up FE Builder to me then Im leaving! What a lazy community, only asking for game shark code for only 1 specific item and if none of you guys wanted to help, FINE Im quitting this pointless conversation here. I am not proud to be part of this selfish community bye. 😕 👋
  4. Hey guys! currently stuck on chapter 15. Just need codes for unlimited weapons, items, health, and status (if a unit get poisoned. sleepy, ect is usually helps!)
  5. Thanks for pointing out! Is there a way to delete this post or should I move on and leave it here for someone to delete it for me? I did not choose fan project because I did not make this game but I guess it still counts even if its not my work lol. Again thanks for helping!
  6. Hey guys! I am not sure if this is the right category. If you know a better category for this one then feel free to move it to where it should be appropriate for this site! I started playing this rom hack since this September and while this game is too challenging for me, I tried Gameshark and Codebreaker codes from Sacred Stones as this game was originally patched to it. However, despite being the same game, all the codes I tried never worked! 😞 My only best solution is finding someone who might know how to make codes for this game if the rom hack itself changed all the values and addresses needed to make up a code. I only need codes for unlimited use on weapons, increasing status with every unit such as defense, skill, and speed. I am not sure if I should have a unlimited health code as I only thought having better weapons and better stats should be enough but just in case I might want unlimited health if there is a certain chapter I am unable to get through such as chapter 15 where all my units are unable to defeat Marty Joe whose weapon of choice is quite unfairly beyond ridiculous as any unit could die in only one turn against this boss! This is the major road block here, if I can't get passed this crazy overpowered jerk I have no clue what else to do to upgrade or improve my units! I was watching Mangs's streams and to my surprise he managed every chapter like the whole game is easy mode for him! seriously what kind of strategy was he using from the stream?! 😮 Strangely after watching the stream, my experience was nothing like in the video as my No-No kept ending up killed if I let her fight alone. With her only partner from the earlier chapters Momiji she was almost useless and can only fight on a later chapter once she gets a Lumen or Divine book. Shine books work for her too but like all other units, she is just not as powerful or strong enough. How in the heck am I supposed to improve my units like this? There is not even a easy option as you might already know if you played this yourself there is NO easy mode as that mode was already disabled from the start. I am playing on Normal right now and still stuck on chapter 15 which is a horrible shame after I felt like I wasted days playing this thing just to rip the assets since hardly nobody care about this rom hack possibly due to the infamy with Mangs since that 2020 incident where he was accused for a crime scene at a hotel in Norway. After the aforementioned incident, it seems like nobody wants to talk about Mangs or his games anymore and I felt like all this happened because maybe someone else besides me who played this rom hack was upset over the outrageous difficulty with the game might have gone a little too far by taking him for the blame over creating such a very hard rom hack but who knows what really happened anyway. Least good ol Mangs is still around, only he's not talking about that Sacred Chairs game he made 2 years ago anymore lol. Still a really great rom hack, only I wished more people should stream this on Youtube and help us out beating it if they know some Gameshark or Codebreaker codes we can use on our emulators to beat this very challenging rom hack! Any codes you might know or created just feel free to share them with me here on the forum post! Help would be appreciated! 😄
  7. I change my mind I decided to stay here because of Mangs! I always wanted to talk to him about the game! I knew he is on this site! 😄 👍
  8. Please delete this post. I understand nobody cares about Sacred Chairs but least I found Mangs! 😄
  9. Greetings! I am Phil from America! My reason for joining is to look for help if anyone might know some game shark or code junkie codes for Sacred Chairs as I am stuck in one of the chapters. This rom hack is insane and unfair as you only start only 2 units with very cheap status to begin with. I tried to level everyone up as much as I can but they just keep dying and dying! Seriously I can't blame why not much people would even dare play this impossible to beat garbage even though I still have to praised this wonderful game for the great humor! I only wish there is an easier difficulty to play it through again. Again, I just want codes from Sacred Chairs its a rom hack of Sacred Stones. I tried the codes from the original and it doesn't work! If you know any codes such as unlimited health, money, and number of items and weapons you have then let me know!
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