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  1. Haven't been on here in a while, but this is really cool ! I like the style you have going
  2. hello there

    general kenobi

  3. looks to me like the problem with the animation is mostly just that is doesn't have any real oomph to it, so to speak. In the middle of the og animation when the merc jumps up and flips and shit, it really drives home the power in the strike when it finally lands. not sure how much you want to devote time to this, but try having the sword tilt back a few frames in the opposite direction of the strike before it goes forward. see if that does anything ...wow i havent posted here in years
  4. Animators are a lot harder to come by on the forums than mug-makers: not that its any harder or easier, just that there's fewer people who make full animations that you might be looking for. It really depends on how complicated or intricate you want the animations to be
  5. Happy Biiiiirthdayyyy!

  6. Three days later. It's irrelevant at this point. We have short memories: why did you feel the need to drag this back? you've seen how quickly we forget things in your art thread, three days of nothing and then a self-righteous outburst does you no favors and annoys everyone else
  7. Lol if you dont have a thick enough skull to handle fuck then you probably dont have a thick enough skull to handle critique from people on this forum If something is worth praising, I'll praise it. for example: nice job using a reference of the zebra (can I see the ref pls) But I'm not going to find things that I like about it just so I can say something that's wrong about it, or something that I think could be improved This is not rocket surgery
  8. Literally the only reason I post in this thread is because I used to be shitty at taking critique, and now I'm less shitty at it, and I had kind of the same problem so I think that there's the same solution here too if you're just willing to try other people's ideas, even if you think they're dumb When I said love yourself it was a witticism implying that by being so stubborn and not trying silly and crazy things, you're hurting yourself. People who love themselves dont do things that hurt themselves
  9. You know there have been times where I've seen someone make an edit to my work and I'm like "I don't really like that at all", but then I toy with it a little bit, see what they did instead of rejecting it outright, and then im like "oh huh this is actually better than mine, wow" maybe some criticism is just plain stupid, but 99% of the criticism given to you is worth experimenting with with an open mind, an open heart, an open sooooullll- If everyone spent as much time refuting criticism as you instead of experimenting with it, nobody would have any skill at all. It must be such hard work to write the essays you do about why you dont need the crit or why you disagree: if you disagree so much just don't respond, move on to something else, at least then you wouldn't give off the impression of having an attitude and being stubborn and difficult (WHETHER YOU HAVE OR DONT HAVE AN ATTITUDE IS IRRELEVANT IT IS THE APPEARANCE OF ONE THAT IS THE PROBLEM) >Criticism is given to you >You say "Oh, this is bad I don't need to waste time with it at all, stop trying to make me, it looks fine" Fine is great if you're willing to settle with mediocre. That's what Feaw is saying: "mediocre" is literally a synonym for "fine" he's not being insulting I can't count how many times I've said that and then finally grudgingly spent time on it and found it to be incredibly useful Ana pls love yourself
  10. I still make things, every once in a blue moon This is kind of fun too Breathing animation for something I will hopefully someday get around to finishing
  11. That black facial hair seems really pixel-y and not very lifelike or FE-like, but I really have no idea how to improve it. Sorry, I'm not good at mugging
  12. Not about yours not being good enough, it's about other peoples' being better. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, if something else grabs the attention of people and they go "wow" then they are gonna pick that over something that doesnt make them say wow
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