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  1. Fair enough. At this point upon much self reflection I’m embracing a new gender identity. I don’t believe in gender be it cis or trans so why would I have one? Agender feels like a good fit because I don’t really consider myself or anyone else male or female. I consider them speaking spirits in physical vessels and spirits have no gender.
  2. If they talk I will hear them out but if it was me, I would address the person directly. not spend 10 years talking smack.
  3. Oh I know all about quiet prejudice. I’m a mixed kid. You’d be surprised the things I deem racist because you would likely adamantly disagree with me and that disagreement in turn allows the behavior to continue. But say the prejudice was violence, then no I still stand by rumors being worse even up to being lynched. The negative impact that rumors have on mental health is assault on the mind. As someone who is bipolar and has their friends and families worried I could go manic from this because it’s combining with personal issues I am struggling with at the moment. You do NOT want to go through mania. I would more quickly kill someone than make them manic. It is a fate worse than death to me. So with that logic in mind, I stand by rumors being worse than prejudices.
  4. There’s never an excuse for not asking someone to their face when you can. You can call it self righteousness or Pride if you like but I may have owed an apology before the rumor, but after? No, now the onus is on them. If someone beat you up for calling them a name, your apology is paid for in blood and bruises. In the Yakuza, you cut off a finger to show you’re sorry. My apology is paid for.
  5. I’ve dealt with prejudice. I’ve dealt with rumors. Both hurt but the difference between fighting something you can see and soemthing you don’t know about is what makes rumors so evil to me. Nope this person explicitly flaunted and went on about how they don’t trust social media with their real name. They went by Cthulhu Elder on Facebook at some point. So unless they self identified as a tentacle monster from an HP Lovecraft Horror novel on the way to being trans, then no I had no way of knowing their latest name was a trans identity. I will not apologize to someone who spread lies about me. I’m anLGBT Christian. Trust me I fucking know. The pain of prejudice never hurt me as much as rumors ever could. Okay wtf? Did you read the OP. They CLAIMED I insisted. I didn’t insist I just didn’t know. They never told me or communicated this with me in any way. They just ran their mouth. what part of I didn’t know do you not understand? The fact that you cite my faith as a reason you think I’m a bigot tips your hand as a militant atheist who willfully believes that your mind has been enlightened and freed from the shackles of religion. From what I can gather, you d actually get along better with Christian’s if you actually talked. I mean assuming you’re better than others is per the course for you militant atheist types. As I referenced earlier I am an LGBT Christian so your assumptions that I would turn a blind eye to the suffering of my own community is. Blatant straight bashing. You assumed the best sexual orientation to undermine my opinion. So who here is the bigot exactly? No my issue is you can fight what you see in a slur but you cannot fight what you don’t see in a rumor. It is the invisibility of rumors that makes them so much more evil than prejudice and the Bible agrees with me on that to the point that there is literally nothing more that God hates than a gossip.
  6. So I found out someone has been saying to people for years that I am transphobic because I insisted on calling them by their old name. The problem with this claim is they have a before they were trans they had a reputation for making fake names for themselves because the they didn’t want their actual name on facebook. So my question to on is… how the heck was I supposed to know? So many people rant about screwed up all the sins of prejudice are. The big bad four of homophobia, transphobia, sexism and racism. But I disagree. Those situations are wrong but they are not the worst. In my opinion what’s fat worse is a gossip and a rumor spreader. The mean things people say to your face hurt but a stab in the front is always better than a stab in the back which is what rumors are. I would rather be called a slur than have someone spread nasty malicious rumor sbehind my back. As a Christian the Bible is very clear on the subject of gossip and rumors and slander. There’s a special place in hell reserved for them. So my religious values are at odds with secular values which say that being prejudiced is worse. I disagree.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1655837101451615?group_view_referrer=search Im recruiting for a Randomized Big Brother Online Reality Game (ORG) on Facebook. Randomized means there aren’t any challenges to determine who wins but a roost randomizer that selects the “winner” every round. The twist for this game is that players can spend an in game currency called pips to t manipulate the randomizer in their favor. Check put the Facebook group if you’re interested.
  8. I had a similar situation with Arthur and speed the one playthrough I used him to the end. On Birthright, Kaze can go Cavalier which is invaluable and it gives him 10% more strength growth
  9. It’s called RNG. His strength growth is low but it’s not THAT low. My Niles was obscenely defense and Magic blessed and consequently, Nosferatu tanks very well but does that mean I’m heart sealing Niles in a regular playthrough because of this one experience? Statistically speaking very unlikely.
  10. Even an RNG screwed Kaze can do SOMETHING. That’s entirely the point. Besides, if Elise as Wyvern Knoght can hurt things with a bronze axe, I think you can manage with Kaze’s Strength issues. But even if Kaze does 0 damage. In a Heart Seal playthrouh he is arguably worse because of Dwordlock but he can still do damage on player phase via Poison Strine and then he can debuff using Seal Stength. That is as good as hidden weapons can do with the Strength Stat. As for Nile’s… he’s been a shockingly potent Dark Mage.
  11. Poison Strike and Seal Strength give him a really strong player phase. Sure he’s not a tank but the Kodachi is a low competition weapon with my team (Camilla has Tomes and Laslow and Corrin have Hidden Weapons) he can debuff dangerous enemies from a distance and debuffing Strength can be a great asset!
  12. Because of Arthur dying I was able to use Kaze who’s skill pool is simply bonkers for Nohr.
  13. It is implied that I have access to the Ghostly Gold DLC in a Heart Seal Run for the cash to buy heart seals and extra gear. A paralogue that offers Gold is therefore redundant.
  14. I’m playing a Heart Seal run of Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and I played the Dwyer Paralogue and got lots of good level ups!… And then Arthur dies… I had a choice to make. Save my admittedly very useful Arthur Cavalier or… just say screw it and let him lie. I ultimately decided to let him push daisies. Since Child Units are forbidden and Percy’s Paralogue doesn’t offer any decent rewards, my reasoning was that the minimum loss was in letting Arthur die. Now Silas is back in the rotation! Here we go!
  15. It pays to train up units on Lyn Mode but my computer got stolen and all my hard work to RNG manipulate a good Lyn Mode went down the drain. I was wondering if anyone with rom hacking experience would be able to create the following save for me: Hector Hard Mode Unlocked (But with the Rank Data for Hector Hard Mode Blank. I prefer it that way for S Rank attempts) And a Lyn Mode that’s on Chapter 10 with the following modifications Lyn Level 6 +5 to all base stats with a Mani Katti, Lancereaver, Angelic Robe and an extra Fell Contract in her inventory. Kent, Sain, and Florina Level 7 with +6 to all stats.-Kent Rank C in Seords and D in Lances and Sain Rank D in Swords and C in Lances. Will Level 5 +3 to all Stats Dorcas Level 6 +3 to all Stats Erk Level 4 +3 to all Stats Serra Level 3 +2 to all Stats Rath-Level 9 +2 to all Stats and a B in Bows Matthew Level 4 +2 to all Stats Lucius-Level 6 +3 to all Stats Nils-Level 3- +2 to all Stats Wallace- Level 1 Promoted +8 to all Stats I can typically train up everyone to this level at this point of Chapter 10 without boss abuse (Minus Wallace who I just want to see get some proper training in.) The-idea is that I manipulated the level ups such that every level up was a perfect level up. This allows me to play the game under the most ideal setting possible within the parameters of the game. Obviously I want the characters other than Lyn to come with some kind of gear so they can fight. And the Fell Contract is just there to ensure that you get the White Gem in Hector Hard Mode.
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