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  1. Maybe this would be helpful? I created a save file a while back with HHM unlocked but nothing else. I had to upload it as a .txt file but you can easily rename it as a .sav file with the filename matching your ROM's.
  2. I’m guessing they mean that male/female Byleth players tend to prefer X, using the baked-in online stat tracking.
  3. + key for the first answer. Haven’t attempted the second.
  4. You can use both types, and can in any class capable of wielding magic.
  5. At least Frozen Lance fits into the Master Knight promotion paths; training in axes spreads her even thinner. So you are either investing even more for this build or waiting even longer for a payoff. Neither of which feels justifiable for a “utility” build.
  6. Annette does not get Ice Lance to my knowledge
  7. From my own anecdotal experience, it’s definitely not 1 RN. Hit rates 80+ are very reliable.
  8. Do you know how that differs from the blue “boon” arrows? functionally it seems like even with no symbols the chosen student will get full motivation
  9. oops tricked by my browser While I’m here, can someone tell me if it’s possible to cheese Hilda’s recruitment?
  10. Thanks for confirming. Glad I assumed correctly that it’s virtually worthless.
  11. Can Poison Strike deal lethal damage in this game? Hubert already had five skills by the time I got it so I never tested.
  12. Wow I fully missed that page, @Marros. Thank you! I will investigate that Info button once I have access to my Switch again. I can only theorycraft because I don’t have her on my run, but I would be more excited to go Holy Knight with her. Her budding talent and other growths seem hand picked for it, and she suffers less for not having the double white magic casts of Gremory since she has no access to rescue nor warp. Fewer Physics also seems fine given the extra movement range. Regarding damage... I wouldn’t worry too much about it. She could use a magical weapon for attacking but otherwise be more of a Troubadour type unit.
  13. Can someone explain to me how base stats work? I can consistently swap between these two classes for Dorothea and a couple of her stats change back and forth, but I can't deduce the rhyme or reason. (Images show her post-timeskip portrait)
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