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  1. another ups because I can't make a topic in concepts xd/XD Beta 1.0.ups
  2. Fire Emblem Sacred Stones+0.5.upsThis 'hack' isn't complete but don't worry when 1.0 is released it will be good.
  3. I have been making a fe6 hack for half a month so this is more like a pre-pre alpha of it. Don't Worry though i will be completing it in 1-2 months. School might make it slower but the end product will be amazing. Here is the ups for now Fire Emblem-The Second Scouring Pre-Alpha.ups
  4. -Vanessa is better than tana -Lyn is one of the best characters -Lugh is far better than Lilina as he has better speed and skill. -Armor Knights are not bad
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