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  1. now that the main content for the game is fully(?) completed, I'm going to bump this post. Feedback is always appreciated.
  2. I am stuck. I'm not sure where parameters for supports within Awakening's files are. I've successfully added a brand new character to Awakening AND hooked up supports and dialogue to them. However, whenever they gain support points, they will never activate C rank and continue earning support points infinitely without triggering a conversation. I'm not sure why this is, but I'm guessing is because of some kind of lacking trigger. Any idea where I should look? I know it's not an issue with the way I implemented the supports because I added a new line to two previously unsupportable characters (Chrom and Walhart) and it went swimmingly. Any help is appreciated, cuz I dunno where to go next! this seems to be somewhat new for somebody to do based on my research. If anybody wishes, I can attach the modded files and my testing save so that they can play around with it themselves.
  3. Taken from the FEU thread [Below is the old content of the original thread post] v0.9.5 is here. I have worked tirelessly to do a ton of new ideas and I think I executed them well. Many chapters have new content, and I feature the debut of the VERY FIRST NEW CHAPTER ADDED TO THE WORLDMAP. No more overwriting old stuff, we can add new things with impunity. The very early proof of concept build of Paralogue 24: The Scion of Light is included to showcase the capabilities. I am recruiting people to help me work on this hack. L498 and I have a lot on our plate, so if you want to get in on this, let me know here on Serenes, on FEU, or in the discord below. Here is a link to the modded files. As ever, you need to dump your own roms. If you want to play the hack with Gay Awakening, you'll need the compatibility patch. You'll have to get Gay Awakening from its source. To install, simply right click on the game in Citra, select open mod location and paste the unzipped files into the romfs folder there. This tutorial will help for those of you with a modded 3DS or flashcart. You can view the notes for v0.9.5 here and the full changelog here Making this possible and accessible in the first place is because of Thane98. Thanks to the amazing tools in Paragon and Exalt, progress isn’t as slow as it could be. Highly recommend using these if you want to get into FE3DS romhacking! With enough feedback, I could make something cool out of this. This will probably be quickly updated, as I’m still playing around with a lot of the gameplay changes. There is a lot I still want to do! Oh yeah, and I have a discord for it too now. I hopefully want to create a space that helps progress 3DSFE hacking in general!
  4. It's PLAUSIBLE but not CONSISTENT. Getting a Second Seal by Ch6 relies on either NG+ renown or a lucky Anna spawn that has a second seal. On emulators you can abuse the latter with the customizable clock shenaniganry but on a fresh save for a new player or new cart it won't be reliable to acquire, as the first source of sold second seals on the main story path isn't until all the way at the Mila Tree. Point taken about her growths though, I never knew! Oh, I guess the ones you get as drops and the village in the immediately later chapters matter, but there are typically other units you need to second seal that might be approaching their basic class level cap and you don't want to master seal them. If you wanna burn one of those on Panne though, then I can see her doing well.
  5. Chapter 5. The Ricken chapter. Or if you're on Lunatic/+, the "turtle up and hide behind the big mountain" chapter. Here is the layout. The crux of the chapter on Hard revolves around a few different available strategies. - You can split into two skeleton groups, one heading to shut down the reinforcements to the west, while the other links up with Ricken and Maribelle - You can push towards Ricken and Maribelle with the brunt of your army and lure the wyvern riders down into favorable positions - Hold your initial position, have Sumia rescue Ricken and Maribelle and continue onwards west - you can facetank the entire thing with Robin because they should be broken by now It's a map that introduces several new concepts to the player. The first is reinforcements. It shows you that you need to take hold of the forts or you're going to have enemies spilling out of them and pinching you from behind. The second is flying enemies. Up until now, nearly all enemies before have been subject to the same terrain as you. Sumia's been able to fly about with indominable ease, minus a few knights with javelins here and there. But now the game throws Wyvern Riders at you, and they're able to blitz down the mountain and crash into your army in a handful of turns. They can also attack while on the mountains, giving you only one attack point for close range, or two if you're lucky. Or zero, if it's the boss and he likes to hide with his short axe. The third, in my opinion, is unfavorable positions. If you're doing a no-deaths Hard/Classic run, then you're forced to go protect Ricken and Maribelle until they can link up with your main group. It seems like there are only two wyvern riders and the boss at first, but two more spawn from the top forts on turn 4, and then another two on turn 5, leaving you with seven dragons total to kill. They come from the very top forts, nigh impossible to cover on Normal, much less Hard or Lunatic. On the latter two, they are also STRs, so you'll need to act with the knowledge of their ability to move at a moment's notice. Depending on your approach, especially if you take turns to facetank with your bulkier units so that the squishies can clean up, you'll be extremely pressed for time to link up with Ricken and Maribelle. Of course, Sumia solves this for the most part, but for the purposes of this thread I'm going to ignore it. So I want to ask, how do you guys view this chapter's design? Is it good? Bad? Do you share a different idea as to the chapter's purpose than mine? What would you improve about it, if anything, or is it one of the better chapters in Awakening? I personally find it more on the interesting side compared to some of Awakening's other chapters and paralogues.
  6. For Awakening, I'd say Donnel or Panne. Donnel's awful start makes him nigh impossible to use for no grind, and two of his classes have Hero overlap, limiting his advanced skill diversity. Panne's classlock and lack of access to decent skills (only proc is Lethality) make her fall behind. Fates it has to be Odin by far. What was once the Apotheosis-destroying man of the hour is this weird hybrid growth dark mage that they wanted to easily transition back to the Myrmidon reclass but it ended up both of his offensive growths mediocre.
  7. Hahaha, I don't really know how I feel about this banner, good or bad. It seems alright. I'll be interested to see if anything gets shaken up. The weird color imbalance for the free summon banner is a bit wack though.
  8. Biding my time for the release of the new Pokemon game, and also on the same day, FFXIV: Endwalker. It is going to be quite the day of jumping around back and forth. At the moment, I've been trying to replay Awakening and note down what might be distasteful about some maps (aside from STRs obviously) so that I can discuss it with a few others at a later date.
  9. Weirdly the first banner I've been interested in for a while. Time to blow all those orbs I've been saving and get nothing a la desire sensor! Though to be fair, it's only the duo unit I'm interested in anyway, it seems a lot of people share the same thoughts as me in that the rest of the banner is kind of underwhelming.
  10. I should probably throw myself into this thread to get the ball rolling. Hello, hello, I am indeed somebody who exists. I've been an avid player of Fire Emblem for quite some time, and I'm poking around here to see what's up!
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