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  1. I appreciate your comment! Your theory of what difficulties are feasible with Only Marth is very interesting. I assumed from the first chapter, that playing any further than Hard-1 could cause a soft lock well into the game. My general rule of thumb with these challenges (even including non Fire Emblem games) is that if the first level cannot be beaten then that means either the challenge is too outlandish or the video is going to start off weakly. I feel that not as many people are going to be interested if I start off by saying "Well, the first level in and I can't do it". I thought that the difficulties harder than Hard-1 at the beginning were too much. I've been thinking about revisiting this just to see if Marth can make it through on Hard-2 (or possibly Hard-3), but not as a full video like this one as I may end up repeating a bunch of information from this video.

    Also, I've noticed after making that video, that someone on GameFAQs did do something like this back during the DS's hay day, they said they did it on normal. However, I cannot extrapolate anything other than Marth's final stats. The non-capped stats are higher than what I achieved, which means he got really lucky or, more likely, managed to get the Secret Shop items (which were far out of my grasp and I don't know how easy it was for them to get them - that post is also >10 years old).

    I am convinced that after doing this challenge, the value that the RNG table returns is based on how many times a unit has attacked, has been attacked, evades an attack or misses an attack. When I repeated strategies and loaded save states, so long as the units are in the same position as before, there is a very good chance the same outcome will happen - the true randomness comes from how the enemy and player unit(s) moved and are placed. To keep it brief, the RNG is locked way before anyone fights so there is not much point in save stating and repeating the same actions - as the same outcome will happen.

    You mentioned New Mystery of the Emblem as well. I researched if anyone has done it with Marth only, but so far it seems to be quiet (possibly because it's exclusive in Japan). I've got my sights set on that at the moment before someone else does it. And that means that I will not be playing the PAL version.

  2. Back in November of last year, I took it upon myself to see if Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon can be beaten with only Marth attacking and advancing.

    After overcoming a few hurdles I have managed to beat the entire game with this restriction on Hard-1. It was challenging but I knew that this would be possible as I felt that the playtesters would have made sure that on lower difficulties that the game won't soft-lock as Marth is the only unit the player has, as they would find that all their other units would die in each chapter (assuming you ignore the replacement units provided).

    I will admit that chapters 1, 6, 15 and the Endgame chapter were the hardest and there were times I thought that this was not feasible.

    It would be great to hear your thoughts and ideas. 🙂




  3. Thank you very much for watching my video - glad that you enjoyed it!

    Regarding Chapter 1, I am aware it is possible to beat it on higher difficulties. However, I saw the insane difficulty and luck involved to beat Chapter 1 as an indication that later chapters will be much harder or potentially impossible due to RNG, Marth’s capped stats and his maximum level. Overall, I just wanted to have fun while playing the game with this restriction as well as editing it (trying to balance enjoyment with challenge). I like the idea that this could serve as inspiration for those who are daring enough to play the game on a higher difficulty with this restriction. 😉

    Might take a little while, but I am looking forward to making Part 2 🙂


    P.S. I have plans to make more videos like this, so I’ll do my best to incorporate your feedback!

  4. I've challenged myself to beat Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon with only Marth being able to attack and advance.

    Many other people have managed to beat other games like Pokémon with only one party member (typically an infamously bad Pokémon), but I don't see many people do this with Fire Emblem. So, I thought it would be a fun idea to play the game with this restriction. The difficulty is set to on Hard-1, to give myself a fair challenge.

    So far, I have managed to get up to chapter 13 with (relative) ease. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 🙂




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