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  1. A 2D one would be amazing. Imagine if the creators of mortal kombat made it. 😺 and I think if it had 2-3 characters from each main entry in the series, the roster would be good.
  2. I personally think a FE fighting game would be pretty cool. How bout u guys? ( You can come up with a roster if u want).
  3. Rain94

    Hello ^-^

    You're welcome 😺 and yeah, I'd love to 🤓
  4. Rain94

    Hello ^-^

    Thank u 😺 btw I like your avatar 😎
  5. Rain94

    Hello ^-^

    No, I haven't seen it. I'll check it out later though 😺 and thanks
  6. Rain94

    Hello ^-^

    Lol thanks 😺
  7. Rain94

    Hello ^-^

    Thank u :) thanks 😺
  8. Rain94

    Hello ^-^

    Thanks 😊 I definitely will
  9. Rain94

    Hello ^-^

    Hey guys. I'm Bo. ^-^ Here's some quick facts about me: -I'm addicted to video games and iced tea -Harry Styles is my favorite musician - I love anything with a good story and cool characters I'm not sure what else to say so that's it. I look forward to meeting u guys 😺
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