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  1. It's not every day Japanese movies are shown in US theaters - I had no idea this existed and found out by chance just by checking my local movie listings and saw it today. If you like anti-authoritarian, pro-individualist movies with happy endings - this is for you. Theater list: https://www.elevenarts.net/titles/poupelle-of-chimney-town
  2. This isn't my creation but this was just released and thought I'd share - very few people do covers in this style (check out the rest of the channel for other games - NORI BGM Channel). Sound like real instruments to me but I could be wrong:
  3. I mentioned in the introductions subforum of this project I made for myself and am sharing for anyone else who might be interested now that it's done. The gist of it: - Analog recordings from Nintendo Switch game console with digital cover recordings - CD1: ~30 min original soundtrack (16 tracks) & ~24 min covers (8 tracks) - CD2: ~37 min original soundtrack (16 tracks) & ~29 min covers (8 tracks) aThe goal was to create a lean quality listening experience that makes some effort to follow the order of the storyline. Tracks that I personally considered to be rinky-dink (like most conversation supports or the tea party music), disposable (the search for Flayn), redundant (I for one don't need Guardian of Starlight, Gazing at Sirius, Wailing, and Song of the Nabateans all included on 1 album), only passable, or decent but not compelling enough to re-listen to were cut. Sometimes I was more redundant than originally planned - for instance I added a second cover of The Night of the Ball as the final track to give a since of completion since that's the final credits roll track. Not everyone will agree with my choices but it's my project - go make your own! TAs for the order of the tracks, the general flow is: CD 1: combat > various monastery & calendar activities > repeat. Some effort was made to follow how events play out in the game such as grouping stuff together in the vicinity of CH 11. Intermission period: "A Place to Rest" isn't exactly in the order of the game but made for an excellent finale piece to CD1. The intermission period continues for the first 3 tracks of CD2. Basically intermission is a holding area for bonus covers or tracks from Part 1 that IMO didn't need to be in any particular order, acting as a bridge between Part 1 and 2 CD 2: Part 2 of the game starts with track 4 and continues to the end somewhat in the order of the game with some DLC tunes inserted into the mix. Links (these expire in 30 days): CD 1 & 2: https://ufile.io/dz1tdosj https://ufile.io/xcvo90id album art: https://ufile.io/60wyqout Fire_and_Forging_covers_readme.zip
  4. Thanks everyone. I haven't tried to post in one of the other sub-forums yet but if I'm reading the rules correctly it looks like I won't be allowed (low post count). Any suggestions? I could just post the update here when it's ready and another member could repost elsewhere (if they were satisfied with how the project came out, I suppose). But even posting the completed project here seems like I'd be bending the rules
  5. Hi everyone, I've enjoyed SRPGs since Shining Force 3 on Saturn and started Fire Emblem back when the Gameboy Advance was still active (all 3 games) and haven't played any FE again until this year - Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and most recently Three Houses (I bought a Switch just for this one game). Haar was my MVP in Radiant Dawn and Flayn was my favorite character in FE3H (not as a fighter like Haar but as a personality type). I found Serenes Forest earlier this summer when I came across some dialog scripts for POR. I finished FE3H end of October and then got started on my soundtrack project and now I'm back and registered at Serenes Forest. Concerning the project, it's already done: a 2-CD 48 track 'best of' original & cover community soundtrack mashup. The OST portion is analog recordings from the game. About 20 to 25% of the tracks are covers but the actual playtime is maybe 30 to 40% covers. I made it for myself and am very happy with how it turned out and figured I'd upload it for others in case someone was interested. The goal was finding the sweet spot factoring leanness, quality, and a feeling of completeness. Only thing left is to make a simple front/back CD cover with track listings and also a readme file with links to the creators of the covers (definitely don't wanna release w/o that readme ready). I was putting together a complete CD booklet with graphics reflecting each track and was gonna integrate the credits info but decided to scrap it b/c it was taking too long. So simple it is - should be ready this weekend. Also I need a place to upload the CD images. If anyone has a suggestion that is anonymous/non-registration (or if you want to volunteer to host/mirror the files) that would be great. 2 disc image files: 564MB and 675MB (as a preview, a very basic work-in-progress back cover for CD 1 is attached. Track order is fixed but I expect to make several changes to how this looks including graphics not from the stock template. Just gives you an idea of what's to come)
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