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  1. For reference Radiant Dawn normal is sharply more difficult than Blue Lions hard mode (which from memory is mainly hard in some of the Paralogues and the final map) but about equal to Three Houses DLC campaign on hard. I'm somewhat similar to you in regards to seeking the right difficulty in Fire Emblem. The GBA trilogy (I played way back in the day) I don't recall having any issues on normal, same with Path of Radiance (played first time last year). Three Houses normal (also played last year) was too easy for me and my next game after was Awakening (hard) which was significantly harder than Radiant Dawn normal. I was only able to beat it b/c I played on casual mode and I made a couple lucky choices on characters which paid off. B/c of that I played Birthright on normal but that along with Three Houses normal was the easiest of all. Revelations hard was less challenging than Radiant Dawn normal I'll also suggest the Shining Force games from the 1990s which don't have permadeath
  2. Try thinking local instead of the internet. Pick up one of those apartment finder guides typically found in the entrance of grocery stores or other businesses which are tailored to apartments in the local area where the guides are distributed. They usually clearly label the apartment policies, possibly showing an icon like a dog or bone to indicate pet friendly. The local newspaper (and/or its website) or weekly city newspaper my also be good places that advertise apartments. Also consider the possibility of staying in a long term hotel (at least temporarily) instead of an apartment. Extended Stay America is one example (I've used it for regular length stays several times) and they are pet friendly: https://www.extendedstayamerica.com/company/faqs Worth noting is it's a bad time to be a renter as rates all across America are skyrocketing https://www.ibj.com/articles/rents-skyrocketing-across-united-states-with-no-end-in-sight
  3. For me the most memorable ones are the hardest ones because I died repeatedly trying to figure out what to do. In the cases below these are both final bosses #1 Lunar Silver Star Story (PS1) - Ghaleon. He has powerful wave attacks that can damage every member of the team - balance offense, defense, and healing is key. My last surviving unit (Mia - a magic user) was out all out of magic and her physical attacks are weak. But I was all out of options and 1 more hit would have killed me so I went in for a physical attack. It finished him. Much, much harder game than the Sega CD version #2 Gear of War 1 (PC) - Raam. I remember it being very difficult to determine when he'd be vulnerable to attack and how I could hit him during that time without taking on major damage. One thing that helped was staying under cover but only sticking up your arm to shoot (I had played the entire game without noticing you could do that) Honorable mention since it's a more recent play (2020 in my case) - Resident Evil 4 (Assignment Ada side mission) - Krauser. Like Gears of War it is difficult to catch this boss with his guard down and you take a lot of damage if you slip up. I think I wound up equipping the rifle and zooming it at him which would cause him to rapidly zigzag towards you. For a brief moment after he appears before Ada you can shoot him (I think in the shin or foot) with the rifle (which isn't easy)
  4. Thanks - I didn't know unit placement was determined by buildings (I just went back and checked #33 and #34 of the in-game tutorial - it is mentioned in there but easy to miss. Really the building placement should be merged with the battle prep screen for invasions. And I had no idea buildings are rotatable and didn't see that mentioned in the tutorial)
  5. According to the below I should get 10 and I looked at Youtube to confirm that but see my pictures below - can only choose 6 https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/My_Castle/Invasion_3_(Birthright) And before that it was limited to 7 units (which I thought was normal and I think I had the same number for Invasion 1 & 2) - I lost the battle the first time with a random & haphazard layout and after spending 90 minutes figuring out a hopefully better layout I noticed the number dropped to 6 which clued me in that something was definitely wrong. So I tried demolishing 1/3 to 1/2 of the buildings and got rid of the 3 puppets to see what would happen and actually that drops the available units down to only 4 (I didn't take pictures of that). So what's going on here?
  6. I too had to make this decision recently and doing a bit of research found the overwhelming consensus was to do Birthright first and I'm now on Ch 20. A little advice: 1) I played Fire Emblem Awakening on hard but found the last 1/3 of the game would have been way too difficult if I hadn't made a few fortunate decisions early in the game (see thread in the Awakening forum). So I decided to play Birthright on Normal but it's too easy. So you might consider playing Birthright on hard and dropping the difficulty partway through if it's too much (you can't increase difficulty partway through, only decrease) 2) Castle Invasion (3 optional battles that slowly become available) - especially on the 1st battle you really don't know what you're in for and some things are not well explained. There's 1 special ally who appears only in these battles and as far as I can tell the only thing she does is take a beating (and can't take much) even though it shows she can supposedly heal others and seems to have offensive magic capabilities but no actual weapon to use. Don't do the battle as soon as it becomes available (build up the castle / level up that ally first) if playing on classic mode
  7. GPU is mostly important for 3D (I doubt 2D only gamers even give a second thought to the GPU). If you look at laptops on Slickdeals in the $400 to $500 range probably any of them will do the trick. If you're willing to spend more on 3D the one with the 3050 TI (3D card) in my first post really is an exception deal - the next cheapest laptop I could find with the same GPU is $850 (which is also a relatively cheap price) but this is easy to buy anywhere: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-tuf-gaming-17-3-laptop-intel-core-i5-8gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-rtx3050-ti-512gb-ssd-eclipse-grey/6464212.p?skuId=6464212 But if you have that kinda money it's only a little bit more ($1000) to buy a laptop with (at first glance) easily better specs: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1639833-REG/msi_crosshair_17_a11udk_091_17_3_crosshair_17_gaming.html
  8. If it was me, no - I looked up the GPU on this model which is GTX 1650. There's nothing wrong with that but it's absolutely demolished by the RTX 3050 TI of the machine I linked to (you can check yourself by searching for websites that do a gpu comparison check. You can also do a CPU comparison check. The ones I was just looking at weren't very user friendly so perhaps someone else can chime in with a recommended comparison check site). And don't forget that buying secondhand means little or no warranty - if you're spending several hundred dollars not worth it IMO (couple hundred? might consider rolling the dice). Honestly the best advice advice is from my first post - it's what I'd tell my own family to do (factoring in target budget) and what I'd do myself
  9. I'd look on the website Slickdeals - there's one on the front page that looks really really really nice for $600 brand new that even has a nice GPU that's budget friendly: https://slickdeals.net/f/15628594-new-customers-acer-predator-helios-300-i7-11800h-rtx-3050-ti-15-6-144hz-600-w-text-coupon-valid-in-store-only?src=frontpage But in-store only may be an issue for that particular deal. If so keep looking at the site daily for the next couple weeks and you'll find something soon enough (don't just check the front page, check the forums > hot deals and also make use of the search function)
  10. I never owned a 3DS until recently (played Awakening so far). I also own Fates [Conquest] and Echos (physical copies) but not yet opened and originally planned to wait a few months to start playing. So this closure could effect me if I don't act in time. Can the Birthright campaign be purchased at the discounted price anytime after starting Conquest or do I have to wait until Chapter 6 (I think that's when you "choose sides") to buy at discount? And Revelation can be purchased anytime? Edit: I started the game earlier than originally planned - Birthright can be purchased immediately upon starting the game
  11. I've been into video game music since the early 90s - at the time VGM and techno were my favorite kinds of music (I'd probably say VGM still is) but I've branched out quite a bit into other styles since then. A few observations: 1) There are actually a good number of bands & musicians that make really excellent instrumental music of various styles that would fit in well with VGM fans and they have been making this music for decades. But they're not so easy to casually come across. Example bands: Angels of Venice (Celtic & fantasy), David Arkenstone (fantasy / new age / world), Ancient Future (world fusion), Mahavishnu Orchestra ("jazz fusion" is the label but sounds a lot more like instrumental rock to me than jazz - think Shining the Holy Ark arranged soundtrack). I can post some example songs if requested 2) New music discoverability is actually not so easy or intuitive. You can say "the music you hear today" mostly sucks and you might be inclined to think of perhaps the current or recent chart toppers of music popular with general audiences like pop, rock, hip-hop. But I've found if you listen to the radio stations of something more "highbrow" like classical or jazz - the stuff on the air tends to be boring and inoffensive (not that I'm looking for "offensive" music). Generally speaking the people who control music programming try to appeal to the least common denominator. Meaning a lot of bland - think of the pictures you typically see in hotel and motel rooms and that's what applies to music. Classical rock stations tend to have relatively high quality but overly narrow selections so discoverability is limited (there is almost no chance you will ever hear a Mahavishnu Orchestra track). Video game music isn't immune to this problem - how many times have you heard a live orchestra or cover band play the same old themes from Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Castlevania, Sonic, Final Fantasy, and Halo? Or try the Slacker Radio VGM channel - same problem (and rant to Slacker - if you're gonna play a Zelda medley can you do better than that same old one that sounds like it's playing on a $100 wavetable MIDI card from 1994?). Anyway bottom line - both artists and music programmers try to find a balance between mass appeal, quality, and originality - the scales are usually tipped in the direction of mass appeal, regardless of genre 3) My tip for actively discovering new music - give any track 1 minute to decide yes or no if you like it. And listen to a lot of tracks. Even if it's from a genre or artist you don't care for. Remember that artists can and do evolve and sometimes go off the rails on the same album. Do you associate the rock band Incubus with traditional Asian instruments? If not try Aqueous Transmission. Or the Eagles of Hotel California fame - they wouldn't do a 7 minute instrumental of new age / fantasy rock that could just as easily be from a video game or David Arkenstone album, right? If you thought no, try Journey of the Sorcerer. And outside of licensed music to Rock Band, The Beatles have no connection to video game music do they? Well Paul McCartney "the most successful composer and recording artist of all time, with 60 gold discs and sales of over 100 million albums and 100 million singles" did the soundtrack for Destiny (haven't heard it yet myself). Giving 1 minute to discover new music is a small price to pay and there will be pleasant surprises
  12. I received an email from Nintendo - the pre order page is up ($59.99): https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/fire-emblem-warriors-three-hopes-switch/?cid=Direct&eid=Direct02092022&crmid=933C3C2D-9A3F-4419-B933-54D987B43630
  13. I never played the other FE Warriors game - did they directly recycle the music from previous entries or do all new arrangements or introduce new music?
  14. Oh that - I had totally forgotten about that part of the game and thought you were asking my opinion of what her assets and flaws were. For asset I think I chose LUCK. I don't remember flaw but possibly RES.
  15. TLDR - poor: DEF, RES, SPD. Good: Rally, helped build Chrom and Lucina earlier in game STR, while decent, is still only middle of the pack on this team and nullified by her abysmal defense so if she tried to strike someone w/ the sword she'd get hit back hard, and due to her poor speed she'd also be doubled. MAG looks pretty respectable (#4 on the team but I'll be generous and say tied for #3) but poor RES again left her extremely vulnerable. Poor DEF, RES, and SPD are not at all what you want during the last 20% of the game - from the above chapter summaries (I don't expect anyone to have read them all) whenever I lost a battle it was usually b/c an enemy (often bypassing much closer targets) went straight for her (and there were some close calls not mentioned like almost getting doubled by the Mire distance magic). She was my only unit to reach S level support (along with Chrom) so she helped build him up earlier in the game (also reached B level with Lucina). But Chrom's RES is very poor - basically tied for second to last, so pairing up w/ him and putting him on the front lines was too risky for the last 20% of the game. And it also seemed like a waste to pair her up with anybody towards the last 20% b/c it was better to have her use Rally and let others benefit from it. So Rally for sure is an asset once she gets it. But otherwise an extremely vulnerable unit despite being in the #2 tier as far as level reached (level 17)
  16. Update 4: final battle & overall verdict Final Chapter (Grima) A hard battle that really pushes you to move forward quickly or get eaten by reinforcements. I'll put it in the top 3 most difficult battles along with Ch 19 and 23. I made a positioning error on turn 2 which took down Robin (man those mounted enemy units with 2 range attacks can move deceptively far) so I restarted with a bookmark at the beginning of turn 2 doing everything the same except for Robin Strategy: Tharja (paired with Chrom) to clear out the right side, all other units to clear out the left side. Rescue staves, which up til now have almost gone unused (they're pricey for only a small quantity), I anticipated would be needed (both healers equipped) and I'm glad I did - when flying reinforcements appeared on the south I could send Virion to kill the lead one and then rescue him after all other units continued to press forward. Also to punch through Grima's berserker guard (left side) I sent Sumia up along with the Brave Lance and then rescued her. I'm not sure if that was necessary as those guards seemed resistant to leaving Grima's vicinity as I noticed when positioning Lucina to bait the center berserker guard so I just took him out on the next turn. All other guards were untouched Robin cast rally prior the assault on Grima - Chrom I believe was not affected b/c he was paired with Tharja (actually I never paired them before this chapter) at the start of the turn Sumia (with Brave Lance) + Nowi : made a big dent taking off between 20 and 30 HP Lucina + Say'ri : took Grima's health to below 20 HP Chrom + Tharja : finished him off (a standard hit was forecast at either 17 or 19 HP) Casualties: Kellam - dark rider near the top took him out with magic Cordelia - same turn reinforcements above the middle of the map. I only used her very lightly in the game but brought her along since I noticed she had speed rally Overall verdict on hard/casual difficulty I'll start off with saying I'm someone who hates grinding and won't do it. I did maybe 50 to 75% of the optional Risen battles up til about Chapter 7 (though not for the purpose of grinding) and almost completely stopped doing them until lightly at the end of the game in order to top off someone's level or weapon level (I would have preferred the bonus exp method in Path of Radiance & Dawn). As you can see by the stats from the pictures below (taken on turn 1 or 2 of the final chapter) I was hardly overpowered (Robin's defenses were paper thin - weakest Avatar from any Fire Emblem I've played though Rally is helpful). So from my perspective I didn't grind and can't complain that I had to since I beat the game. I also hate reading guides and completely prefer to play games blindly rather than being told what to do I greatly enjoyed the game but what I really don't like is that if I hadn't made 2 or 3 fortunate decisions on characters (below) I would have had to grind (did I mention I hate that?) or just give up due to excessive difficulty - mainly from reinforcements. Giving up would have felt very frustrating and like I wasted my time. 1) Sumia was my MVP for about 70 to 80% of the game b/c of her ability to dodge and double but she started off a bit on the weak side - I made the fortunate decision build her up (pair w/ Kellam or Frederick to boost especially defense). That paid off soon enough and I started sending her out solo much more. If I hadn't put her on the front lines this already difficult game would have been much more difficult. Though it's possible I would have made an alternative good decision (perhaps Lon'qu who I benched not long after he ran out of Killing Edge. Speedy and performed well when used though that might have been b/c of Killing Edge which is hard to find and a bit pricey. Plus I already had sword wielders like Chrom and Robin). About 130 victories (#2) by the credits 2) Lucina - about on par with Sumia but some qualities that made her essential in other ways: higher defense, not vulnerable to arrows, and frequently uses skills or criticals. Essential to the last 20% of the game (especially ch 24 where I needed a character ahead of the others who could defend, dodge, hit, and take an arrow if needed). But I considered not using her from the start b/c of the saturation of sword users. I mainly figured b/c she's a Lord and Chrom's child she should get powerful so I kept her in and this paid off - a very fortunate decision 3) Tharja - as I discovered on Chapter 19 I could not have beaten the game without her due to her ability to clear out a large number of enemies with Nosferatu (maybe Henry? But if remember his DEF was sharply lower. Never used him). About 180 victories (#1) by the credits. Never in any Fire Emblem game (or Tear Ring Saga) have I had to deal with so so many reinforcements which meant either Tharja or grinding is a must. I had been using Ricken as my sole tome user on the field and phased him out not long after getting Tharja. Unpromoted Ricken was level 18 and doing fairly well when I stopped using him - if I had my heart set on building him up instead I would have missed out on using Tharja. So Tharja was yet another very fortunate decision In my particular case it happened to all work out but despite that fact I had an extremely diverse and well rounded team (lords, magic, great knight, archer, heavy armor, etc.) due to the reliance on fortunate decisions I'm going to have to give the hard difficulty a big thumbs down that I would never recommend to someone who liked playing blindly and who hates grinding. Because of this experience I may decide to play on normal for the next two 3DS games and use my second stringers if it's too easy As a side opinion, as for the 1-unit massive mow down technique (Tharja) that I had to use starting with Chapter 19 to deal with an overwhelming number of enemies, at first the idea seemed horrible (and I assume this is not needed on normal difficulty). But then I reconsidered and figured that it's just the reverse of using a single armored unit when defending to block off and kill an overwhelming number of weapon units that I've done in previous Fire Emblem games which I had no objection to. Plus my other units were still needed during the battle to help out - especially dealing with the boss and to keep building their levels for future unknown challenges and threats - so there was still plenty of danger to keep me on my toes
  17. update 3: Chapter 24 (Awakening) - no deaths. It had the potential to be very punishing since there are so many enemies within close range that just sending Tharja out on her own to clear the field still left ally units exposed on turn 1. My next most powerful unit, Lucina (who maxed out at level 20 during this battle), is powerful but by no means invulnerable. By having Anna pair up with her she was able to reach the fortress on the bottom on turn 1 and get a speed boost. Kellam plugged the gap between the walls and my high movement units (Sumia and Frederick) were placed on the the far north of the map so they could immediately move south on Turn 1, hopefully drawing all enemy attention to Tharja and Lucina. This strategy worked though one enemy did move to the northern part of the map instead of towards Tharja. I dealt with him by sending in Sumia equipped with a Brave lance and then warping her back south (I think maybe only the 3rd or 4th time I've used warp in the entire game so far) Chapter 25 (To Slay a God) - this battle was certainly easier than Chapter 23 but a couple careless mistakes caused some deaths. On turn 2 I failed to notice Robin was within a distance attack of a griffon rider approaching from the bottom right and due to her poor speed she got doubled and died. Had to restart. Later in the battle I failed to notice I failed to notice a griffon rider was equipped with wind magic so when I sent Sumia to take care of one of the three armored generals up north she was within striking distance of that griffon and went down. Her paired up unit (Frederick) went down after her. Only 1 battle remaining
  18. 2nd update on thoughts of difficulty Chapter 20 (Walhart indoors battle) - much easier than chapter 19 though still challenging. Opted not to try to open the chests. No ally deaths. Lissa continues to impress - I promoted her to master class in order to bring some extra offense with tomes when she was open but she turned out to be quite the powerhouse - dodging everything and countering with powerful magic. I made a positioning error on turn 1 (Kellam was too far away to complete a 3 tile wide wall of characters) so I put her in his place due to her recent performance. The Cervantes boss went straight for her on that turn and she dodged and did a one shot kill and did great against all other units who targeted her. Chapter 21 (Five Gemstones) - 1st play I failed to notice the assassins carried bows so Sumia went down early. Had to restart the battle. 2nd play Robin went down by the door before the boss b/c I left her exposed by trying to move through the door too quickly. That one move was a mistake but I tried again from a battle save prior to that move and this time completed the battle with no ally deaths. Lesson learned: don't determine if enemies have bows by surveying visually - check their inventories Chapter 22 (Aversa stage) - the enemies here are tough as nails and AI seems smarter than usual. 2 of my allies had to retreat: Libra b/c I failed to notice the assassin enemy had the pass skill so he went right through the choke point that Tharja was blocking & Sumia b/c she went north on her own to take out the bow knight who split apart from the rest of his group. That went fine but the following turn the axe equipped enemy very unexpectedly went north to follow her and took her out instead of my much much closer placed allies who were all rallied up. Chrom also came within 3 points of falling from the enemy who carried the counter skill which I don't recall seeing up til now (I believe that was the same unit who took out Sumia). Lesson learned: check for enemy skills during battle prep which I hadn't been doing so far except for the main boss. Side thought: it felt nice not having to deal with reinforcements while heading north to take out Aversa (who went down fairly easily with a bow shot from Virion and wind magic from Robin) Chapter 23 (Validar stage) - I lost Sumia very early on due to not noticing she was within reach of an assassin with a bow (I guess I only half learned my lesson from Ch 21). I also lost Lissa very early on due to assuming she would continue to dodge everything but the enemies here are very fast and and hit very hard. Losing those 2 early on eventually led to other fallen allies 3/4 through (Nowi and Anna). Tharja, my weapon of mass destruction, actually ran out of Nosferatus towards the end - guess I should have stocked up more like I did on Ch 19 . She still had other magic to lead off with 22 damage on Vailidar, followed by a powerful strike from a rallied Celina, and Libra who rarely takes on bosses and who was my final active character on that turn hit the death blow with 8 points of damage from the Bolt Axe (Validar had 7 points left prior to this. Had Libra failed it's quite possible Celina would have gone down on the next turn. I wish the battle would have ended after Validar is defeated but 2 of his reinforcements were still on the board and I took care of them. The most difficult battle since Chapter 19. Then as now I had to heavily rely on Tharja's nosferatu magic to mow down the army (she's maxed out now at level 20 so I'd like to rely on her less)
  19. Updated thoughts on difficulty: Chapter 17 Prologue (defend Tiki). I lost Tiki on turn 4 and won the battle on turn 5. I thought it would be very very hard to both defend and win. I moved on but looked up the strategy should have been to teleport her against the castle wall so fewer team units need surround her. Maybe if I ever play it again I'll try that. This is the first prologue available in a while - I found out afterwards the others only trigger from a marriage but for me only Chrom and Robin married so far) Chapter 18 (Lava stage) was only moderately challenging - no team deaths and I opened 1 of the 4 chests and probably could have opened at least 2 more before the ground collapsed into the lava but I decided to play it safe and end the battle 1st opportunity Chapter 19 (Warhart stage outside castle) - man, what a huge pain in the ass that was with the endless and numerous reinforcements (hard/casual). I lost the battle 1st time when Robin went down (tried grouping all to the bottom right and then snaking up) and decided next time only the highest defense units can be on the front line along with 2 healers paired up with speed units for hopefully dodging: Chrom + Robin Kellam + Nowi Tharja + Virion Sumia + Frederick Lucina + Cherche or Cordelia (I forgot which) Lissa + Anna Libra + Say'ri Strategy B/c of the endless reinforcements the 2nd time my strategy was to go straight forward while guarding the healers as much as possible (mostly Libra, Lissa I often had to leave exposed but she dodged everybody and blasted out El Thunder 9 times total). Therja was who went ahead farthest since she basically gets free shots w/ Nostferatu and often 1 rounds the enemy (I equipped her with 80 Nosferatus just in case and wound up using 22). I defeated Walhart on the 5th turn in 1 round (Sumia did 3 strikes with the Brave Lance [1st time using it] and Frederick did an assist strike w/ Silver Sword). It might have gone at least 6 turns but Lissa lured Walhart in on the 4th (she dodged the attack and countered with 10 damage) easily within reach of all my team. Also I used Sumia's speed rally and Libra's luck rally at the end - I think that probably helped a lot as Libra was exposed to guard Chrom before the final assualt on Warhart - Libra was attacked numerous times but always dodged and usually countered w/ Killer Axe. Casualties On turn 4 Lucina (Lv 10 Great Lord, 51/51 HP - unit with highest strength stat) was defeated for the first time since she joined. Kellam, Nowi, Cordelia also went down on turn 4. Casual mode saves the day This battle felt really overwhelming the 1st time when I lost but now I know what to do in a similar situation.
  20. For reference I've beaten the 3 GBA games on normal (back when GBA games were still made) and last year got back into the series starting with Path of Radiance (normal), Radiant Dawn (normal - US), and Three Houses (Normal then Hard for the main game, Hard for the DLC). Radiant Dawn normal and 3H DLC hard are what I consider to be quite hard but reasonable and I wouldn't want to play anything more difficult. Comparing Awakening (hard casual) to those two I consider Awakening to be much more difficult and I'm really glad I chose casual instead of classic or else I would have had to restart the game. In particular from chapter 16 and chapter 17 (which I just completed) they very suddenly spiked the difficulty big time, especially compared to Ch 15 which to me was just a modest challenge with no deaths/retreats from my team and I wasn't very demanding with my battle preparations. CH 16 (Naga's Voice - tree level) - suddenly a large number of enemies have silver weapons which are very damaging and said enemies can also take quite a beating. Reinforcements to boot. Approximately half my squad died on this battle. Going in I still had several characters unpromoted and hardly with the best weapons so I took care of all that after battle to prepare for Ch 17 CH 17 (Inexorable Death - Pheros level) - same as CH 16 but even more reinforcements and also many enemies with powerful magic. When I finished this level I only had 5 surviving team members and I doubt I could have lasted beyond another 2 turns. This is the only level in the entire game for me where Frederick went down (because of that powerful flame magic). If you're curious of those 5 members: Chrom, Robin, Lucina, Nowi, & Anna (Tharja, easily one of my MVPs, was teamed up with Anna and was my last team member to be be defeated) I'm really hoping it doesn't get harder than this. I still have things I can do in case (30,000 gold can buy a lot of forgings, there are also single battle consumables). I'm not asking for help - just wanted to give my thoughts on the difficulty so far.
  21. It's not every day Japanese movies are shown in US theaters - I had no idea this existed and found out by chance just by checking my local movie listings and saw it today. If you like anti-authoritarian, pro-individualist movies with happy endings - this is for you. Theater list: https://www.elevenarts.net/titles/poupelle-of-chimney-town
  22. This isn't my creation but this was just released and thought I'd share - very few people do covers in this style (check out the rest of the channel for other games - NORI BGM Channel). Sound like real instruments to me but I could be wrong:
  23. I mentioned in the introductions subforum of this project I made for myself and am sharing for anyone else who might be interested now that it's done. The gist of it: - Analog recordings from Nintendo Switch game console with digital cover recordings - CD1: ~30 min original soundtrack (16 tracks) & ~24 min covers (8 tracks) - CD2: ~37 min original soundtrack (16 tracks) & ~29 min covers (8 tracks) aThe goal was to create a lean quality listening experience that makes some effort to follow the order of the storyline. Tracks that I personally considered to be rinky-dink (like most conversation supports or the tea party music), disposable (the search for Flayn), redundant (I for one don't need Guardian of Starlight, Gazing at Sirius, Wailing, and Song of the Nabateans all included on 1 album), only passable, or decent but not compelling enough to re-listen to were cut. Sometimes I was more redundant than originally planned - for instance I added a second cover of The Night of the Ball as the final track to give a since of completion since that's the final credits roll track. Not everyone will agree with my choices but it's my project - go make your own! TAs for the order of the tracks, the general flow is: CD 1: combat > various monastery & calendar activities > repeat. Some effort was made to follow how events play out in the game such as grouping stuff together in the vicinity of CH 11. Intermission period: "A Place to Rest" isn't exactly in the order of the game but made for an excellent finale piece to CD1. The intermission period continues for the first 3 tracks of CD2. Basically intermission is a holding area for bonus covers or tracks from Part 1 that IMO didn't need to be in any particular order, acting as a bridge between Part 1 and 2 CD 2: Part 2 of the game starts with track 4 and continues to the end somewhat in the order of the game with some DLC tunes inserted into the mix. Links (these expire in 30 days): CD 1 & 2: https://ufile.io/dz1tdosj https://ufile.io/xcvo90id album art: https://ufile.io/60wyqout Fire_and_Forging_covers_readme.zip
  24. Thanks everyone. I haven't tried to post in one of the other sub-forums yet but if I'm reading the rules correctly it looks like I won't be allowed (low post count). Any suggestions? I could just post the update here when it's ready and another member could repost elsewhere (if they were satisfied with how the project came out, I suppose). But even posting the completed project here seems like I'd be bending the rules
  25. Hi everyone, I've enjoyed SRPGs since Shining Force 3 on Saturn and started Fire Emblem back when the Gameboy Advance was still active (all 3 games) and haven't played any FE again until this year - Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and most recently Three Houses (I bought a Switch just for this one game). Haar was my MVP in Radiant Dawn and Flayn was my favorite character in FE3H (not as a fighter like Haar but as a personality type). I found Serenes Forest earlier this summer when I came across some dialog scripts for POR. I finished FE3H end of October and then got started on my soundtrack project and now I'm back and registered at Serenes Forest. Concerning the project, it's already done: a 2-CD 48 track 'best of' original & cover community soundtrack mashup. The OST portion is analog recordings from the game. About 20 to 25% of the tracks are covers but the actual playtime is maybe 30 to 40% covers. I made it for myself and am very happy with how it turned out and figured I'd upload it for others in case someone was interested. The goal was finding the sweet spot factoring leanness, quality, and a feeling of completeness. Only thing left is to make a simple front/back CD cover with track listings and also a readme file with links to the creators of the covers (definitely don't wanna release w/o that readme ready). I was putting together a complete CD booklet with graphics reflecting each track and was gonna integrate the credits info but decided to scrap it b/c it was taking too long. So simple it is - should be ready this weekend. Also I need a place to upload the CD images. If anyone has a suggestion that is anonymous/non-registration (or if you want to volunteer to host/mirror the files) that would be great. 2 disc image files: 564MB and 675MB (as a preview, a very basic work-in-progress back cover for CD 1 is attached. Track order is fixed but I expect to make several changes to how this looks including graphics not from the stock template. Just gives you an idea of what's to come)
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