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  1. Thank you so much. I couldn't find a list this effective, so someone finally typing this out should allow others who are trying to do something similar to get the help they need. (Also, I just had a deja vu moment, it seems that I dreamed up me saying this, so I unknowingly foresaw your answer I guess lmao)
  2. Title says it all. I'm currently playing through Blue Lions for the first time, and this would be the final route that I have yet to complete for the first time. I've done all of the others, including Cindered Shadows, and tried to avoid recruiting characters that show up in War Phase as enemies, and avoid spoilers for this route. I'm hoping to continue my rule of not recruiting characters that show up as enemies in War Phase for Blue Li I heard Marianne is a freebie for all routes... to say the least. Does that apply for Blue Lions as well?
  3. Dang it, I should have maybe added that I didn't know if I planned to use Ellie in my castle battles or not. Thank you very much btw, the friendship thing with Mozu is actually pretty genius, Sniper Effie could be very interesting. Was mostly thinking of child units and not Effie herself as well, since I didn't know if pair ups or thinking about supports would be great for my castle defense (offense might be different of course) and I didn't know if the AI could use supports, so I wasn't thinking of them. I'll probably pair up Arthur with Effie, that seems like it would work the best.
  4. To follow up on this idea, I had 2 new ideas for skills for Gamer/Pro Gamer: 1. Counterplay: If unit is at full HP and foe initiates combat that would result in a kill (according to the combat forecast), unit strikes first and can counter from any range. 2. Perfect Parry: When any attack lands, unit has a chance to nullify that attack and apply Mov 0 + Avo -20 for 1 turn. Trigger % = (Skill divided by 2)
  5. If at first you don't succeed... bump until you get help. -Oops All OCs
  6. Additional info: I'm on Conquest and I've beaten the game, and now I want to make a great wifi castle. I'm asking what the best pairing for Effie is for this purpose, since Xander and many others are all pinning for Elise and I want it to stop clogging my supports. lmao And yes, I am thinking of potential child units for this purpose. Marriage can't be taken back so I'm thinking about it carefully. (I also know that topics like this already exist on the Internet, but it's focused on the story maps and winning on those instead of perfect builds and winning wifi castle battles on both attack and defense.)
  7. That's what stopping people from replying? I'd have hoped someone would have asked at that but okay, I'll edit it and see if that helps things. (it's probably the quietness too but y'know)
  8. Thank you, and sorry for the late response. I'll try looking at some Youtube videos, thanks. 😄 My castle was actually supposed to be using a Nohrian Trust strategy, but it didn't have it on before, apparently. Now it should. I also updated the layout, can you take another look and see if it's become any better? There's a 2nd play in mind now, one that I saw online. I also saw your castle, that is quite clever. I can see what you mean by skills as well. But I do see some weaknesses... I may try to give it a go. Could be fun imho. I also gave it a small practice run, I didn't see any crashes with battle animations turned on. Maybe it's some DLC that causes this crash? I have every DLC downloaded, that might be influencing things... or it's because I have singing and staff animations off, even those didn't come into play yet?
  9. Hope bumps are allowed, I'm really interested in at least learning what the meta was like...
  10. I'm beginning to wonder if my topics are bad, since nobody seems to want to respond...
  11. Thought this would be super fun, since I had designed an entire Bravely Default job based off of a mere car wash worker. I'll go first: -------------------- -Gamer A lover of video games. Has high Skill and high Res, but weak in Spd. Uses swords and bows. Skills -Adaptation: Every time you miss an attack, gain +10% Hit for the entire battle. Max is +50% Hit. (Learnt at level 5) -Counterattack: Gain temporary stat buffs in player phase depending on attacks survived in enemy phase (Example: +1 Str per physical attack withstood or dodged) (Learnt at level 15) Promotion: -Pro Gamer A gamer who took their beloved hobby to the next level. Has soaring Skill and extremely high Res. Uses swords and all ranged weapon types. Skills -Prediction: Chance to dodge an attack that would hit, or land an attack that would miss. Trigger: Skill + Spd divided by 3 (Learnt at level 5) -Overclock: Increase all stat caps by 10. (Learnt at level 15) ------------------ What are your thoughts? 😛 EDIT: Feel free to make your class a joke class or more detailed, "serious" class. Or make it about any game. My idea was a more detailed serious one focused on Fates, but you can write whatever you wish. 😄
  12. Please. 😄 Seriously, I want to learn more about what the best comps are and what to do but I'm not sure where else to go besides the number 1 forums for Fire Emblem content. What to do for castle defenses, what to do on attack, should I max my stats, what's the best way to grind for kills for the statues, etc... All I know is that Nohrian Trust can be disgustingly good. And why yes, I AM trying to learn the meta of a (mostly) dead game almost a decade later after everyone has left it (-cries-), why do you ask? 🤣
  13. "And in the Hinoka and Sakura chapters the game clearly states ''But if Hinoka/Sakura uses it...''" I'm a different person than the previous one... the game does not say what happens if these royals use it. It can be puzzled out beforehand, but this IS an instance of info not being displayed. Also, on Hard/Casual Conquest... what do you think of reinforcements? Do those count as ambush spawns? Because I got hit with those frequently, and there WAS instances of enemies ambushing me from the side as well. It was annoying, I felt like I needed to know about these things prior in order to position further away, or speed things up so I'm in a specific spot by then.
  14. I think I may try another Hard/Casual Conquest playthrough... I'll try to keep starbursts' tips in mind like promoting earlier, but what you're bringing up is a concern of mine, which is why I asked about tanking in some of my topics, since not every unit has the Mov to close the distance, which might result in getting attacked on enemy turn and potentially dying. I also struggled with the final chapter on Normal, my Skill boon Corrin came in clutch and activated her skills on the boss to deal enough damage, but Endgame was far easier for me. I fear how those chapters will go on Hard...
  15. Hah, thanks. I don't normally make my own profile pics, but I just found myself really wanting to make one for this name, since I randomly created this name while trying to change my nickname because I set it to something that I felt was a bit too personal. And I didn't want to have an default icon I'm quite proud of it. It's freaking hilarious. lmao
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