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  1. Going a few extra levels to get a valuable skill is more than worth it, it's like early promoting in other FE games, sure you technically lose potential but the advantage you get is far more worth it. The stat boosters are given all the same, and the growth boost between classes are minimal and only matter when going from a magic to a physical class. of course, 8 levels is nothing, if you can get the wyvern rider skill by going 8 levels higher than immediately promoting then do it, actually some people always wait until they get mastery skills. Generally getting good skills will always be better than promoting as soon as you get the option to.
  2. definitely not, no reinforcements in CQ ever attack the same turn they appear, you always have at least one turn to assess the situation, it's 100% especially for Fire Emblem where often times ambush spawns are an excuse for difficulty.
  3. In terms of Fire Emblem I think Conquest is the most fair in the series, comparing to all other games it has the least amount of ''gotcha'' moments, no ambush spawns, no hidden skills, no FoW, you're actually told about most things prior to it occurring. The only reason why people will complain about map mechanics is if they either weren't paying attention or couldn't be bothered to check. However I do understand the sentiment of it being ''unfair'', if you don't want to check things then the game will feel like it's throwing a bunch of BS at you, if you don't check skills you'll get surprised with death blows and strong ripostes. basically Conquest is like Catan, if you don't know all the rules and plan ahead, you won't know what's happening.
  4. The continent of Cloigeann, a land not ruled by any king, areas are founded and ruled by lords acting of their own accord, instilling their own rules, for the first few thousand years it was unruly, wars raged, the different races of elves, dragons, and humans fought relentlessly. However one event singlehandedly brought most lords and races together to work in unison towards one goal. The rise of the demon king. The demon king’s sudden appearance forced the other races to band together to defeat one common enemy. After many battles, and many lives lost, the demon king lost and was sealed away. However, the demon king appeared once more generations later, it seemed that this creature could not ever be quelled for good, however, those in power kept trying, appearance after appearance, battle after battle, sealing after sealing. Now, thousands of years later, the land is still largely ruled only by small civilizations, however, this system was starting to crack. The winds of change are blowing across all of Cloigeann, the wind pointing towards one young man by the name of Solum, could he be the key to defeating the demon king for good? Or perhaps there was something more sinister beneath his intentions? Only time may tell. screenshots: patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17w7y8LR1BzIAILSb3shGv6AdBoLwSNW9/view?usp=sharing credits: note: not all of the people credited have their work used in this version, this is a list of people whose works have been used in the past or in any future versions I'm excited to hear feedback about this hack, it's my first real project, and it actually went through a lot of changes before it made its way here on Serenes, I hope you enjoy.
  5. I'd say her pre timeskip design, her post timeskip design has weird ways of making her look absolutely insane, the Byleth Edelgard S support ending art is just one example, but there are more for sure.
  6. That sort of gameplay is most prevalent in older games like the SNES titles and NDS remakes, the modern games go more for building the best characters rather than building the best strategies, although 3H maddening does need some thought.
  7. okay, I understand your problem, however, I have to actually say that it's very good design to have the player have to change team composition, most units join combat ready and will usually be useful for the next map. as for lunge, you can easily predict that units with lunge will use it bc that's what they do 90% of the time (this will be no different than 99% hit in thracia) that means you can plan around what they will do, this is a very interesting thing to plan around IMO and encourages playing fast and loose, you turtle too much and all the enemies will build up and lunge chain you to death, if you play fast you can player phase a lot of the lunge units and take control of the situation. I'm not going to continue arguing as to not sidetrack the topic so we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  8. Most if not all of the examples you listed give you time to assess the situation, this isn't unfairness you're complaining about, you're complaining about the game giving you a lot of things to think about. You're complaining about bosses having skills you need to work around, anti-cheese skills, and skills that require you to plan around them... this is completely fair my dude, literally nothing jumps out of bushes and goes "hey blue units, I'ma do a pro-gamer move and ambush your units" or "hey blue units, I'm just gonna reveal my hidden skill". Conquest requires you to look at the board, deal with it, I'm sorry if you've had a bad experience with Conquest in the past but all of these design decisions are at least somewhat predictable, you aren't dealing with desert + fog of war + wyverns. There aren't ambush spawns in CQ BTW. If you limit every single out of the box method of designing challenges because you deem them ''unfair'' then all you're left with is a game able to be cheesed with Xander. So, what have we learned today? If you use interesting mechanics to deliver fair challenges, you'll be deemed ''unfair'', but if you make it without anything then you'll be blasted for being ''too easy'', damned if you do, damned if you don't. TLDR: these things are told to you before the enemy can use them, that's plenty fair and if the game didn't have these things then it would be as easy as Birthright, Fates will never catch a break.
  9. farming... isn't fair game design? I understand the sentiment but that's just now what Conquest is about, being given a set amount of money and experience isn't unfair, if anything it's entirely fair. telling someone that the game they're playing isn't fair will only allow them to excuse their mistakes which will halt their improvement. Conquest's design is far more fair than any other Fire Emblem game, you have more than enough safety nets through royals, einherjars, and captured units, and you can literally check every skill and stat the enemy has as well as whether they're stationary or not. in the sense that you can solo the entire game with one unit? Give me a break, once you get Ryoma the game becomes less fair than Conquest if you happen to get unlucky enough to lose him, yeah, that's very fair. ah yes, having varied enemy layouts and requiring you to actually bring different units for different occasions is definitely limiting options, come on you're complaining that a strategy game is being a strategy and praising BR which has little to no strategy as soon as you get lobster man.
  10. reina is the best fire emblem character of all time
  11. M!Mark: Serra, I don't know why either I like her, I use her every FE7 playthrough, Erk has bad taste, and that's all I can say on the matter. F!Mark: Serra, because fuck you because love isn't bound by a fantasy world's, or a real world's societal norms. Or Lucius if F!Mark can't romance other girls.
  12. I believe the best thing to do in order to get better at a game is to understand a game better. Fire Emblem is a very weird game to get into for a lot of people because most people try and play it like an RPG akin to Pokemon or Final Fantasy when the best way to think about it is like a game of Chess. While in most RPGs you can find a niche for every class or character in Fire Emblem some classes are just better than others. A perfect example of this is to compare a knight to a cavalier, knights have low movement, access to lances, and high base defense, on the other hand cavaliers have high movement, access to lances AND swords, and average stats all around. Now then, I believe it's quite obvious that cavaliers are going to be the better option almost every time, movement is key when it comes to grid based games so it's no secret that everything on a horse, flying horse, or wyvern will almost always be better than anything on foot... or paws? another thing to consider is promotion, most new players will try to promote as late as possible under the assumption that it'll pay off more in the end, while yes that technically is true, it's also true that promotion bonuses will almost always be worth more than an average level up for a character and there is more immediate payoff, so it's overall better to go on a case by case basis, is this character falling off a cliff very fast? Promote them as soon as you can if you still want to use them, is this character holding their own well enough? You're safe to wait a bit longer but it's advised to almost never promote at 20, I personally recommend 15-17 range. In the case of Fates specifically you want to check enemy skills often and take advantage of small things like forges, cooking, and support bonuses, they add up a lot. Money management can also be a problem to some new to Conquest so as a general rule of thumb don't buy what you don't immediately need, the seals and staves aren't going to leave the store, it's okay to wait. If you want a good video going into some common trappings of Fire Emblem players I recommend MidnightCowboi's Fire Emblem video essay, it's funny and provides a unique outlook on Fire Emblem as a series Conquest is entirely fair in almost everything it does, you can predict almost everything that can happen because the game gives you all the information you need, along with that the game makes use of several gimmicks in a few chapters that can help you deal with other things throughout the series, an example would be the wind map. Many people hate this map because ''oh no, my units aren't going where I want them to go and I can't deal with it''. This is because those people aren't, let's just say ''good''. More accurately Conquest requires you to be far more flexible with how you play, you can't just deploy the same units every chapter and go wee until the credits, you have to actually think about what might happen, this knowledge is especially useful in other FEs with staves such as sleep and berserk, it allows you to be more flexible and take into account what might happen if things should go wrong. If you believe Conquest to be unfair right now I recommend you start checking things more, and actually thinking out your moves, people who don't like to plan out their moves may have a lot of trouble with this game and call it luck based or unfair because they don't have the patience to check everything. This game will catch you in a corner at one point or another, that's just how games with hit rates and crit rates work, and you're bound to miss something, however when that happens don't feel cheated or discouraged, simply take a breather and reflect on what happened and change up your strategy for the next time. Don't let people tell you that the game throws bullshit at you, all that will do is give you an excuse for bad play which can lead into a refusal to learn to get better, I know that's something I dealt with for a while playing FE6, people said it was unfair so whenever I lost a unit I'd just call the game bad and not learn anything and in turn tell others that the game is unfair, sure it has unfair moments like the rutger gang and siege tomes but then again, every Fire Emblem has ''Gotcha!'' moments. Conquest has the least amount of those moments IMO so it's the perfect game to practice with.
  13. Hello I am TheGhostCreator, I've been around the Fire Emblem community for about a year now and I figured I should go ahead and make this account. If you've been around FEU you should recognize me but for those that don't hang around that circle, hello! To be honest I'm not going to be as active here but I'm still going to make an effort to interact with people every once in a while!
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