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  1. You think that the next FE game should bring back Judgral and Tellius' way of offensive spells where there's Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light, and Dark? Maybe with the former three clumped into Black Magic/Anima or smth
  2. I thought of this idea after some fanart pic I found, and you think it'd be possible for Marianne, thanks to her Crest of the Beast, to actually tame the Giant Wolf and/or similar beasts?
  3. Is a range of 1-5 good then? It wouldn’t be like past games where it was Physic’s range, let alone RD’s Elsleep and Elsilence lmao
  4. Probably would depend on their range too. Maybe Rank C at minimum, 3 to 5 uses per map, and a range of 1-5. Base Hit of 65 I guess
  5. So basically Expel; banishes Undead enemies but voids EXP other than that gained from the spell. I was personally thinking of bringing Sleep, Silence, and Berserk together again.
  6. I was wondering if the next FE game should give units more spells they can cast. Black, White, and Dark Magic, and having more support spells (both buffs and debuffs) for variety's sake. Probably not tomes and staves; 3H's system worked pretty fine I think.
  7. One idea, similar but different to Shanty-Pete's, would involve making units' max level by 25 in a given class. Here, you'd have where you'd earn one of two skills at Lv5, and then one of two at Lv15, as well as one at Lv25, your mastery skill. Similar to with branching promotions in FE8 and the 3DS games, there are three possible skills a class can earn at Lv15 but the two you can pick from would depend on what you chose as your Lv5 skill. That way, you can have different runs where you use different skill builds each time.
  8. Didn’t the 3DS games give each unit three class trees they could reclass within or something?
  9. I wanted peoples’ opinions as to how the next FE game should handle building units class and stat-wise. You think they’ll build off and polish 3H, go back to the style of older FE games, a compromise between, or something different?
  10. I do think that a magic triangle of Black > White > Dark > Black could work, though I must admit that the magic triangle, at least to me, that is, seemed a bit pointless when dedicated spellcasters already had sky-high Res to begin with. At least it could work for the purposes of accuracy (+20 Hit & Avoid for triangle advantage), and then have where Black Magic’s four elements (fire, ice, lightning, and wind) would be what he majority of enemies have weaknesses too, White Magic (light element) would be effective against demons and undead primarily, and then Dark Magic have very few who are weak to it, instead often having debuffs and ailments rolled into them, or simply having higher Might. An instant-kill spell or two for Dark Magic would be nice. Generally speaking, you’d be having more monsters and more types of monsters, and they’d be where the bulk of exploitable elemental weaknesses and resistances would be. Then, have where all three families of magic have support spells thrown in for variety’s sake; Black Magic chiefly having offensively-oriented buffs, White Magic healing and defensively-oriented buffs and ailments (i.e. Sleep, Silence), and Dark Magic debuffs and offensively-oriented ailments (i.e. Poison, Slow).
  11. I was more thinking akin to spells in Shining Force, actually.
  12. I was thinking of having where spells have one of three types of ratings for Area (the AoE): Area 1 - Single-target Area 2 - 1-cell radius (up to 5 targets) Area 3 - 2-cell radius (up to 13 targets) However, my proposed stipulations are that AoE spells cannot be used to counterattack on the opposite phase, but do not trigger counterattacks from enemies either. Furthermore, they'd be a significant bit heavier, and/or simply unable to double-attack altogether. Oh, and have friendly fire too.
  13. You think that the next Fire Emblem game should mess around with area-of-effect (AoE) spells more? Like, have some spells that damage everything in a 2-cell radius from the centerpoint and whatnot
  14. I think that you could work around that issue by instead giving different enemies various elemental weaknesses and resistances to Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Light, and Dark. Both with spells and certain weapons; there'd also of course be certain armor to grant resistance to certain elements.
  15. Part of me honestly thinks that the next Fire Emblem game is going to have six offensive magic elements like in Three Houses: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Light, and Dark. Do you think how Three Houses handles them is good, or should there be changes made?
  16. It's getting kinda late where I am, but was sorta pondering the idea about where, for the Eliwood's Knight Lord promotion, as well as for Eirika and Ephraim, their horses be a good amount bigger than the other horses. Not too comically huge, of course, but larger than normal and big enough for you to admire their beauty (and being beeg bois). Anyone interested in chatting it up?
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