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  1. It sounded like a reasonable enough question, although even if Nyx was right and he was a trafficker he wasn't going to admit as much. Still, Syndra was far from ready to let this slight against her and one of her friends go. Watch your back little man.. you're the one working without information here. Syndra let her rage cool just a little, there would be time for that a much later date, if it was truly deemed necessary. She'd been left alone by the dejected Nyxied, which was a shame, since she was really enjoying the company, even if she never got the chance to say it. That's fine, I can make it up to her later, there's plenty of rum around here these bastards are going to leave behind, surely. Since she was alone now though she decided to open her jacket and inspect the note she'd written. "That's a relief at least." While slightly damaged, it was only in the corner of the parchment, so the code was still legible enough. "Well then, time to finish up business for now." Time to find a nice bottle, and then hand these over to the commander, that bigshot performer might get to look at them, if I'm feeling generous, and he's willing to play ball with us.
  2. "The issue I have with that is while I do agree with you on that point, I don't see why a random traveling performer needs that information. Especially one that isn't a Clouded or Monster." Even still it wasn't like Syndra was prepared to do anything with it herself. "I'll tell you what. I'm going to go deliver these to our commander, if you want to go over them you can ask her, I'd just request I be there when you go over them. Not for nothing but we've just met, and I don't know exactly why it is you boarded with us towards Hecatia. Sound fair?"
  3. "Good girl Nyx, hold still I'll make something for you." Syndra then proceeded to trace a line partway up her arm, ending at her wrist, and finally closed her hand into the shape of a fist. She then made a small incantation, and opened her hand and pulled the invisible line off her arm to reveal a rose made out of solid ice. "Of all the little 'magic tricks' I can do this one's still one of my favorites. Here you go." She then handed the artificial flower to Nyx. "Now then let's see what we have in here." The lockbox seemed to hold documents in it mostly, but they were written in some manner of code. "Damn, I don't know what to make of these." A half-truth, since it wasn't even the first Islexian-coded message she'd seen today, since she wrote the letter for her confidants before the fight and- Shit! I'd forgotten I put that in my jacket earlier. She put her hand over where she'd been shot earlier to feel if they letter didn't fall out during the fighting, and while she was relieved to still feel it was there, she was concerned if it was damaged as a result. I'll have to check that out later. This is more important for right now. She then turned towards the man who entered and helped them open the box. "I assume you want to know what's inside for yourself?" What interest do you have in some random group of Islexian pirates?
  4. Hearing the voice of someone she didn't recognize Syndra spun around and met their guest. "Well you kind of did but I won't hold that against you. Hmm, I don't think we've met. Syndra. Wait a minute. Weren't you with that lady and the dragon man who came on board before we left?" I thought they were just on board because they needed a ride, why are you investigating a pirate vessel? "I think we've got things under control here but you can stick around if you want."
  5. "If it's really that hot in here let me know, I could make an ice sculpture out of you to cool you- wait a minute, what's this?" Syndra looked down at where Nyx's vest fell and noticed something below the desk. "Looks like some sort of lockbox or something, but it's attached to the desk itself... think you could open it Nyx? If it was what Syndra thought it was then Nyx's skills would be more useful in getting at what was inside. And she was definitely not using it as an excuse to just check out the rouge a bit more.
  6. "Oh don't worry about that Nyx," Syndra said, leaning in close. "If I want you alone you'll know. It's just that... *sigh* I never really told you or anyone how I ended up here in the first place did I? Well, we can talk about it when we're done here, but just know it's part of the reason why I'm not looking for that kind of partner; at least for right now. The thing we're looking for is probably some kind of journal or manifest; hell you're probably sitting on it right now. If not in or on the desk, we could just search the shelves."
  7. "I suppose if everyone thought as naively as you do about that Alvira wouldn't have a reason to snap at you over these weapons. Hell they probably wouldn't exist at all." Besides, you're fine just as you are Nyx... good lord why am I even thinking about that? I don't have time for it right now. Although... "Let's just... focus on finding out their last location alright Nyx? There'll be time for this kind of talk later." Despite Nyx's... playful attitude, she did seem to be taking this task somewhat seriously, and that was enough for Syndra. Oh lord I picked quite the character to ally with on this one. Aw well, at least I won't be bored to death.
  8. "Well considering where our foes come from it only makes sense that they carry those things around. Islexians have always had a deep-seated hatred the more... 'imperfect' members of our society. I just wonder how the got their hands on them. You found that axe in a chest so my initial thought is they were either given it by someone else or they ripped off some one else. So I asked you here to help me find something to that kind of effect. Knowing anything about other pirate activity might make this trip a bit safer and if we can wipe out a whole pirate's nest it should help that port town we left sleep easier. Failing either of those, I'd say we're more then free to help ourselves to any pocket change they left lying around. They won't need it where they're headed." Syndra then headed off towards the captain's quarters to begin looking. But before entering she said one last thing to Nyx. "Oh by the way, there was just one other thing I wanted to talk to you about but this is a bit more pressing to me, and can hold off until we've set sail again. And I already think you have an idea what it's about."
  9. After the dust settled and the pirates were dispatched, Syndra began to examine the corpse of the pirate captain they had thought. At least he was bright enough to be able to tell I'm not a Glacian, although I'm pretty sure that was obvious. Hmm, I still don't recognize any of his insignias. Maybe he is just some random pirate captain trying to make a quick buck raiding Glacian ships. The only way to make sure is to inspect below deck. Before heading that way, she noticed Alvira in a state of shock. You're clearly not made for this kind of life Alvira, maybe it would be best if... She turned to face Natalya, "Natalya, I'm going to investigate below deck." And in a more whispered tone, said: "After we've cleaned up there's something I need to discuss with you. Privately." As she was leaving she noticed Nyx walking over to Natalya with an unwieldy looking axe. The magically energy it was giving off was almost-instantly recognizable to her as another Pure Weapon, but why would Nyx have one? And if it belonged to the pirates why weren't they using it? She didn't sense the enchantment on any of the axes used by the ones she was fighting. She knew Nyx could be stupid but not suicidally so to just try and brandish it against her boss and Alvira, especially in the state she'd been in previously. "When you're done monster hunting Nyx, come with me, I might need your help down below."
  10. Wonder who he sold for to get that kind of toy... I can find that out later, right now I need to save Alvira from her own good intentions. Syndra walked besides the dragon and tiger and made hand motions, preparing to launch ice shards at the pirate captain. Syndra moves to 14, 9 and casts Ice at the Pirate Captain!
  11. Goddamnit Nyx why must you poke the bear... Even if Syndra believed Alvira was in the right to be mad she had no right to treat her allies in that way. I'll have to speak with Natalya later about Alvira's behavior. If she stays unchecked like this she's bound to get one of us killed eventually by the time we reach Islexia proper. For now she had to turn her attention back to the job at hand, and to that effect, she could see off to her right the Evokers began emerging from below deck. Oh great, now they're here too. Best ignore them, I doubt they'll have time to get involved. That pirate the dragon stranger was fighting looked to be on his last legs, so it would be best if Syndra finished him off. Syndra moves to 13,11 and casts Ice at Pirate 4!
  12. "Well I can't let myself get left out of the fun." Syndra said towards Alvira, impressed at her dodging of the blade. Syndra cuts through the dragon and tiger to a location just ahead of the swordsman and begins an incantation and hand gesture, aiming ice shards at him. Syndra moves to 12, 14 and casts Ice at Merc 3!
  13. "Of course, why should things go smoothly..." Hmm... I don't recognize the insignia on their sails... still best not to leave any of them alive. Syndra moves to 8,15!
  14. The most extraordinary sight was in front of Syndra as she approached Laniva; Alvira actually showing care towards someone else besides the Captain. I'd have figured she'd have a frozen heart to match her breath, but shows what I know. Laniva was showing signs of being sick, which would be a problem if trouble were to arrive. I guess it would make sense that the catgirl wouldn't do well on open water, but I shouldn't say that out loud, especially with Alvira right there. She's just as likely to throw me overboard for saying such things. "If you aren't doing well right now Laniva I can take you back to our room to rest up, we'd call you if anything happens." She also wanted to speak to Alvira privately about something so separating the two would also help accomplish that, but it was up to them if they wanted to go down below deck or not. "It's been years since I've been on a boat so I'm not sure what else to suggest that might help."
  15. "Please, there's worse things I can think of then being jailed for knowing you." If only you knew, and I was comfortable telling you or anyone else. I suppose once it reaches that point it won't matter who I really am and where I'm really from. Still, Nyx wasn't the kind of person to just let herself seem vulnerable like this, so in a way, Syndra felt honored that she was being allowed to see this more responsible side of her. While she didn't mind being with Nyx, she did notice from across the deck that Laniva seemed to be out of sorts, and since she was assigned to be Syndra's bunkmate on the trip, she decided to see if she was okay. "I need to go check on Laniva, but when we do make landfall, perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing some of your stories with me? Your past sounds rather interesting and I would love to hear about it. Especially since you seem so concerned it might hurt us in some way." Syndra broke the side-hug, bowed, and made her way over to the cat.
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