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  1. It's just stone... but magic like this... it won't last forever, will it? Syndra knew a fair amount of elder magic, but nowhere near enough to really understand how you could just turn a living breathing being into solid rock. "So you did this Sixteen, but how? The book I gave you doesn't show you how to do things like this, unless what you do can't be-" Syndra was cut off as she sensed Tio approaching, but couldn't believe the sight in front of her. The Evoker walked up, flanked by a variety of magical crystals. Renais was also following behind her closely. Tio had asked who was responsible for turning the knight commander to stone. "Well, as much as I'd like to take credit this sort of thing is beyond my capabilities. I believe the only one here that is capable would be-" Tio had then quickly spun around towards another group that was approaching them. "More of them?" There's no way they're stupid enough to try and continue fighting, not after what Tio had done earlier. Although you can never be sure.
  2. Syndra let out a sigh, "Finally, it's over." The group on her side of the battlefield started breaking off, either to chase down Cinaed or just embrace one another. It had been a trying experience for sure, the hardest fight they'd had as a group, but in the end they still came out victorious and, for the most part, unharmed. Syndra turned back towards the enemy commander, still encased in stone. "Now what to do with you..." That high level of magical energy to my west must've been the Evokers. A laugh escaped from Syndra's lips. "Yes, I think I'll let the Evokers decide what to do with you." With that settled, she walked back towards the group. "Well looks like we made it out in one piece." Syndra turned towards Miria, wrapped in Aegean's arms. "How are you holding up? That blast of light looked like it really took a lot out of you.."
  3. “Well, there’s no doubt this is something Sixteen did.” Syndra was taken aback at the knight’s commander, now nothing more then a statue. But there wasn’t time to relax yet, there was a little cleanup still left to do, so with the relative safety now provided, Syndra crossed the river to pick off the other horse rider. Syndra moves to 7, 8 and casts Ice at Cav 4.
  4. What in the fuck am I looking at? The crimson dragon Cinaed had created was equal parts awe-inspiring and terrifying. Clearly incensed over Miria and whoever the dancing companion of his was getting knocked out by the monk, his rage seemed to be taking over. "Sir Cinaed you need to control yourself! This is exactly what they want to happen!" Syndra wasn't sure her words would reach him right now, but she had to try at the very least. The other notable curiosity was the other monk, the one Cinaed didn't casually toss aside like a sack of potatoes. It looked as if he had been transformed into a statue. But how did that happen? Renais's been healing us constantly and Alvira's off taunting them like a child... Could it have been Sixteen? Unsure what to think of these developments, and unable to investigate the stone man up close due to the wolf-man, Syndra just decided to regroup with the others. Syndra moves (cautiously) to 8-10
  5. Syndra heard her Commander talking about reinforcements, but realizing she wouldn't realistically be able to make it to the other side of the battlefield, chose to focus her efforts near where they had already been fighting. A knight carrying a big spear looked like a prime candidate for her next attack. Syndra moves to 5, 11 and casts Ice at the Armor Knight
  6. Syndra had underestimated her foe, not only did her ice almost fail to connect with her target, she failed to dodge her foe's counter attack. Still, she laughed it off slightly as she felt the healing rays from Renais' staff enter her wound. "Heh, looks like I'm getting careless. Thank you." She turned her attention towards the commander and her group. They were handling themselves well, but a cleric amongst the enemy was making things harder on the group. Perhaps if I make him focus on his own well-being he won't be able to heal the rest of them. Syndra moves to 6,13 and attacks the Priest with Terra
  7. "They'll have to come to us, let's fall back and try to find a hole in their formation." Syndra moves to 9, 14
  8. Syndra and her group had arrived to witness Cinaed deck one of the knights, and hear Natalya shout an order to the group. "Well, nothing else to do but make them pay for their arrogance. Come on, let's meet up with the others, our only way out is by fighting them off!" We're outnumbered by quite a bit, and they're likely to have Pure Weapons on them given the hatred they're spewing out. Still, we can't afford to fail here.
  9. Syndra heard footsteps behind her as they were heading back towards the inn, and as she turned around, she saw Miria, already clad in armor. The sight awestruck her. "Wait. Miria? How did you- Nevermind, that can wait till later." She wasn't wearing any armor or carrying any while we were out earlier, so how'd she change into her suit so quickly? No matter the case, she probably has the right idea. Syndra un-did the latch on her bag, ready to take out a tome should the need arise.
  10. Syndra paid for her meal and got up from the table, but was then taken by Miria's comment. "Knights? The man Renais and I talked to said Sarasin didn't employ a knight corp. So why are there a bunch of them in a backwater like this place..." The timing of the knights' arrival felt odd to Syndra. "Let's go to the inn, the Commander and the others should hopefully be there. We need to tell them what's developing here."
  11. The knight answered Syndra's questions and then promptly went inside. "Well he seems to be all business doesn't he? At least the rest of our group have avoided trouble so far." Renais then turned to her and said to join her inside with Miria and Tanya. "Well, I could go for a nice meal I suppose." Syndra walked into the tavern and sat down with her group, "A beef stew if you have it please."
  12. Her group had arrived at a tavern, and while Miria and Tanya had already made their way inside, Syndra and Renais were still outside, stopped by a knight, who had asked them about a dragon he'd seen earlier. "You've met Alvira? I hope she wasn't any trouble. I remember last time I was with her she freaked out a little and needed calming down." Syndra noticed the knight's cape had an insignia on it but wasn't sure who it belonged to. "That crest... are you one of..." Syndra started snapping her fingers trying to recall the Lord in charge of Liste. "I'm usually better with this sort of thing, Sarasin! That was his name! Are you one of his knights by chance?"
  13. Renais brought up Islexia when talking about her sister, and since that's where their group was going, Syndra tried reassuring the cleric. "Well then. If she's there still there's always the chance we run into her." Going to Islexia means there's always the chance we run into MY family as well. An occupational hazard. Going back home, however wasn't the only thing Syndra was wondering about right now. "Actually I have an important question, not like the other question I asked wasn't important but nevermind that. I know we're hanging out and looking for a piano but, where are we actually going? Is there any actual destination any of you had in mind?"
  14. "A military family?" Syndra paused to ponder Renais' question. "I wouldn't consider us as such, not quite. I was definitely raised with that level of discipline in mind but I don't... hmm... how do I put this..." Syndra didn't like talking about her family much, they weren't the most noble bunch of individuals, and considering the group she was a part of, she knew going into too much detail about them would look negatively on her. "My family's noble, in the sense that we're well off and influential in social circles, but not noble in the sense that I'd feel any real sense of pride in telling you about things that they've done. Funny actually, if you asked anyone else about them they'd probably sing their praises either out of adoration or fear. I suppose that's also well--earned, they are a really talented bunch." Syndra let out a sigh. "Just hope you don't have to meet them, the worst part about them is how they would... view a group such as ours if you get my meaning." Syndra then just thought about what it was she said a little. What would they do to our group. The "impure" in our group would be killed for sport if they're lucky, sold off as slaves if they aren't. That can't be allowed to happen. I won't allow it to happen. "Sorry, I got a bit long-winded towards the end there, I haven't really talked about them in a while. What about you three? I'd wager your family situations aren't as screwed up as mine are."
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