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  1. Hi, I need an admin to respond to me regarding email address recovery of an old account of mine I would really like to access. I hope it isn't too much trouble, but it really doesn't seem like it should be and I've been requesting help with this through many different channels here for at least a few months actually and still cannot receive assistance. I can message you the details directly if that's OK. Thank you very much for just a bit of your time!
  2. Has anybody been able to help this guy? What if there is the opposite issue with don't remember email?
  3. Hi, I guess this is two questions. First, how do I determine what email address an old account of mine is assigned to? I have the display name and I think might remember my password, but just not the email address. Also, my other question is why does nobody from the website reply when I use the "Contact Us" feature at the bottom? I have tried twice sending this question to the admins directly in that manner. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!
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