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  1. Oh man there's a pokemon lets play here using all of our names? That's so cool lmao I have been gone from this site for far too long
  2. It's been awhile my friends and Lorneus is too busy out there owning life for our usual back and forth... But it's just like they say, the show must go on! Here is episode 12 I was so used to Lorneus writing a big message for me to respond to that it was a challenge getting myself motivated to actually sit down and record haha. So I guess since there's nothing to respond to I'll just write a little bit about the episode here. I really enjoyed this chapter, the map had a really interesting gimmick which made one of my favorites so far. That's all I'll say I think to avoid spoiling anything lol, enjoy the episode all you lurkers out there!
  3. Banned for knowing how to read
  4. Greetings Lorneus, here's the new episode. It's a long one so grab some popcorn! I looked for Thracia roms online so I could play it but all the sites that have it look sketchy as hell lol, no worries though as I'm sure I'll play it someday. I don't know why but that reading that video-game noises comment then going to the timestamp to see what you were talking about made me laugh harder than it should've 😆 Oh thanks for the tip! I didn't know you could attack after talking 😀 I'm almost positive I mentioned this in the new video but just in case I didn't the hack I'm replaying is Project Ember, I don't know why I said I never played it before since this is my second playthrough. Thank you for trying to find out what was in those chests for me I appreciate it. I think that was like the second thing I asked you to do and I'm pretty sure I asked another thing of you in the new video, though for the life of me I can't remember what it was. Anyway feel free to ignore me when I ask for things like that, I was just wondering if you happened to remember what was in those chests. You never have to go out of your way to look things up for me 🙂 No problem about being less responsive, at this point it seems I've pretty much slowed down to an episode a week anyway lol. WINNIFRED, CASPIAN, TRAVIS, THESE NAMES DO NOT MATTER IN COMPARISON TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD VERJEIGAN... We await his triumphant return... Thanks as always for watching and I'll see you next time! Oh and btw I know you mentioned before that you like battle animations on, as do I. But seeing as you're the only one commenting on the series so far, let me know if you'd prefer them off now that I'm getting deeper into the game with these longer chapters. (I think this is the longest video so far lol) Just a thought, see ya next time!
  5. Banned for putting a dunce hat on poor Escavalier... He's actually pretty smart...
  6. Daily reminder that everyone in this thread is epic, thank you carry on
  7. Banned for being a very old game 🙂
  8. Episode 10, here it is! Oh my bad about the ballista thing, speed reading your message last time left me to misunderstand what you meant 🙃 Thracia sounds more interesting the more you describe it, I want to play it! FIRST VERJEIGAN NOW CASPIAN THE FRIENDLY GHOST HAHA, I LOVE IT! I used to play games like that too when I was a little kid, took me so long to realize that if a game gives you gives you good stuff you should use it! I don't want to spoil anything but I am very happy with the level ups Boone got in this play session, he's on his way to becoming Verjeigan 2! Haha thanks, yeah even if I didn't go to the houses I probably would've let him go anyway, I could tell that man was just all about the beer 😆 Ikr! That totally caught me off guard, I was sure that they were just going to kill those two right then and there. Yeah, even though there are only a few units to choose from it didn't stop me from already leaving a few of them in the dust lmao. I just can't help but pick out the strongest unit out of a bunch and build them up to be even stronger! Thanks for the support as always, enjoy the new episode! 😄
  9. Ah I see. Well I don't know many games that change sacred stones around like that, or at least not many of them that are worth playing. This may be a long shot since you've played The Sacred Trinity but have you played The Sacred War? Here's the feuniverse thread for it if you're interested 🙂 https://feuniverse.us/t/fe8-fire-emblem-the-sacred-war-complete/4867
  10. Banned for chips reminding me of some potatoes I have
  11. Heyooooooooooo here it is! I hope you've been well Lorneus 🙂 I've never played Thracia before so that concept of capturing enemies sounds very interesting to me! Actually in a roundabout sort of way you can see ballista ammo, I can't give you an exact timestamp atm because I'm at work (which is also why I have to make this a quick reply, sorry!) but if you click on an archer to check their movement range while they're on a ballista, it will show their damage range with that ballista, thus showing if there is any ammo remaining. I'm looking forward to playing more of the prelude! Thanks so much for the reply and for keeping up with my playthrough as always, I should have some more free time soon so next time I promise to give you a longer reply! Until then see ya next time!
  12. Banned for not mentioning how epic it is that FlyingKitsune can now play as gabite!
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