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  1. I get the two of these errors when I try to use the patch, the colors work properly for a second but the screen goes black immediately after. Top error takes me to the attack animation, giving me an error that says "Unable to decompress lz77 palette." The bottom error takes me to the palette itself, I'm not sure if it isn't working due to the fact I have it tied to someone just so I could see it while I was making the palette itself, total novice like I mentioned earlier.
  2. I've been trying to get a Manakete palette to work properly in FE Builder, and despite my best efforts of changing animations and messing with palettes, it's pretty much stuck like this. The actual transformation animation works well, but the attack is what's not working for me. I'm new to making things, working on a one or two map hack for a Discord server I'm in, so sorry if this is a question that gets asked often.
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