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  1. From the way Thani phrased in her comments, it felt like she was actually close to someone in the localization team (or maybe even a play tester) willing to risk breaking NDA to gush/drop-hints 'bout what they had seen in a early build...
  2. Not to mention most of the Latin American Key Culture Beats (that are not shared by the Iberic Nations or Pre-Hispanic Cultures, which the latter would bring a completely different feel for the Medieval context) are way too modern for the usual Fire Emblem timeframe. That said, I'll find it fitting if what little we see of Almyra resembled a Middle Eastern or Saharan Culture because it'd go well with the fact I seem to get a Mediterranean Feel out of how the Leicester Alliance has been presented so far: I wouldn't be surprised the Alliance interacted with Almyra in the same way the Venetian Republic + the League of Italian Duchies dealt with the Ottoman Empire or the way things went in the Iberic Peninsula before the Reconquista... Anyways, I have to apologize for the late reaction but I'm currently having trouble taking the goofy smile off my face after learning Petra (who has been shown so far as a very Myrmidon-looking Noble and as a Model for the Sword & Bow favoring Thief Class) is now hinted to come from Brigid...
  3. If we use the latest Famitsu article as a reference, we can flip a Character's Weak/Neutral Skills into Strengths through constant practice & motivation from Byleth's praising/scolding if the skills in question have a three star gauge next to them.
  4. I dunno, I wouldn't be surprised if Knight-worshipping Faerghus does the medieval equivalent of Athlete Scholarships and have a few more commoners besides Double-D in the Blue Lions' ranks thanks to their Promising Martial Prowess... That said, I must've stumbled into some shipping goggles before reading her backstory summary but I can't shake off the feeling fan creators got provided with enough fodder to start writing Dorothea with a Sempai/Onee-san style crush on Manuela... Half-joking aside, I'll feel seriously robbed if both Dorothea and Manuela don't have at least a platonic mentor-apprentice support in the case the latter is recruitable.
  5. Keep in mind there's no way to distinguish both the Iberic and Italian spellings from just transliterating the Katakana, and even as a Native Spanish-speaker I don't understand why go out of the way to berate someone for deciding to write the name of someone explicitly stated to be a Former Opera Singer with the Italian Spelling's double Ls... That said, I was surprised for her having a lighter voice than I initially expected her to have, but again with Divas and most Prima Donnas being Soprano it makes sense.
  6. I mean, if I use the Katakana spelling as a reference, Raphael seem to be pronounced as Ra-Fah-El like it's done in Latin-based languages...
  7. I'll probably wait until we have a clearer idea of each House's Class Roster outside of the Leaders to make a more definite answer, but I seem to have a soft spot towards the homely attitude of the few students shown for the Golden Deer House (Leonie and Raphael).
  8. Yeah, I have to agree. So far, by the looks of the latest trailer, the majority of the playable units shown seem to be literally Trainees with access to what the Game labels as Professor Levels which groups all the Weapon Ranks (Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Melee Weapons and both Reason [aka. Dark+Anima] & Faith [Light+Healing] Magic) and "Proefficiencies" (Authority, (Horse) Riding, Heavy Armor, Flying) they need to hone to meet a minimum rank if they want to be promoted to a more Specialized Class via an Intermediate Seal and an Exam. So far the Classes that were confirmed while showcasing Edelgard getting her Minor in Brigand were Mercenary (Sword Focus), Thief (seems to be specializing in Hand-to-Hand Combat this Game), Knight (Lance + Heavy Armor), Cavalier (Riding and I assume also Lance), Brigand (C or higher in Axe Wielding), Archer (Bow), Mage (Reason) and Priest (Faith); And I wouldn't be surprised if the option after the dotted line below Priest was gonna be a Flying Class like Pegasus Knight or something. Other than that, all the students (or at least the first ones the Avatar has to tutor) also seem to have a headstart D rank on a weapon skill (examples being Dorothea and her D in Reason or Lindhart and his D in Faith) which you can either take advantage or ignore depending on your stance on Flexible Reclassing.
  9. Alright , I think I can see a problem: When I think of magenta, I think in how warmer it looks in the CMYK model, which underplays its purple undertones... That said, now I notice with your example image that Edel's Portrait hints at Magenta without using the exact hue: Soft Red Cape, Lavender Eyes, Purple Ribbons...
  10. To be fair, Edelgard does wear something between a very deep hue of Magenta or a very soft Wine Red... That said, I'm very okay with the next entry taking a more subdued approach to the designs. I still have yet to see how the artist renders a rugged character, though...
  11. I'm also seeing a lot of prominence of Flower motifs among the background lore to think it's coincidental... I'm seriously considering the possibility that the Flower Crest is gonna be heavily linked to the Fire Emblem in a Ignis way...
  12. Well, the Crest does look like a Blossom, hence why I'm wavering between Edelgard being the Flower or Wind representative (and it doesn't help cultural evidence points to Wind being a better fit for a Wildcard element like the Avatar)... It still doesn't discount the possibility of the Flower Crest doubling as the Fire Emblem and the Fresbelgr/Hresvelgr's Coat of Arm referring the Wind Bird even if they don't hold the matching Crest.
  13. The Japanese title certainly reminds me of 風花月鳥 (Fuuka Gecchou), which is a famous poetic shorthand for "All the Beautiful Things in Nature" with "Birds" taking "Snow"'s place ... That said, now that you point it, I can see the motif of Moon and Snow on Regan and Bladdad respectively, but Fresbelgr/Hresvelgr can go for either for either Wind or Flower; And to be honest, I'm kinda leaning for Hresvelgr being Wind for Mythological reasons and because that leaves Flower as the House-independent Motif and the most likely to be McGuffin'd because 花 being written as "ka" makes it a homophone to 火 (Fire) and thus making the Flower Crest FE16's most likely instance of the Fire Emblem... (which would not surprise me considering IS loves to draw parallels between Blooms and Flames each time they've rendered Ignis)
  14. And I'll be disappointed if there are no pirate archers in the Brigit Archipelago.
  15. Thankfully, I can. The most important thing to know now is that the Three Main Nations the game is getting its name for are Adrastea, Leicester and Fergus, with the first one being implied as the one Edelgard comes from.
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