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  1. To be more specific, the game only saves up to 51 units, is there a way around this, or to expand the amount of units saved?
  2. I'm working on a simple FE8 add on for more units, I. Addition to extra classes I want to add additional units for your army, A lot of units, as in enough you can have at least 2 of each class with some spares. Problem is after saving the game some units disappear from the roster. I don't know if it's from a conflict with character portraits. Or if it's a memory issue. I'm guessing the latter, since a couple vanilla characters are some of the missing. Is there a way to expand the save game memory?
  3. Okay 2 questions, First is there a way to expand the saves memory to have a larger maximum unit count? And second, where can I find patches like the skills patch?
  4. 9. Is there a RPG maker program or similar for rpg maker?
  5. Okay new here, been playing with Febuilder and I have questions. 1. Is it possible for multiple class change routes, as an example say a knight into either a general, or great knight with a Knight's crest, or into a paladin, or general with a master seal? 2. Can you have more than 3 class up choices? 3. Aside from a limit of the 255 character limit, can you set randomized units or generic units? Like having commanders and each commander has a team of 5-7 generic units that can all class up and have their own items and stats? 4. Is there a way for multiple commanders on the world map, like sending Erika to her mission and then switch to Ephraim an do his mission? If so can you designate different units to each? 5. Where can I find the different patches for Fe8 like the skills system and others? 6. Where can I find free portraits, animations and more? 7. How do you add different types of shops like say a repair shop, or a recruiter, and is it possible to make a weapon forging shop. 8. Can you have multiple level flags, like alternative routes?
  6. Drougn

    Newbie here

    By add-ons I'm referring to adding to the base game, like with sacred trinity, he upgraded the difficulty, added new classes, skills, mini bosses and additional items to fire emblem sacred stones. A friend of mine said he'll lend me his old laptop so id like to know what programs to try hacking myself.
  7. Drougn

    Newbie here

    Hi everyone I just signed up. My online handle is Drougn. I've been a fan of fire emblem since FE 6 on GBA, and often hacked it with GameShark. I became homeless last year in april and am no longer struggling with winter, my limited entertainment is mostly my phone and roms. I'm new to FE ROM hacks and have really enjoyed Sacred Trinity. One thing I'd love to see in FE 8 was more units, and one idea I've always wanted to try was all three GBA games mashed into one massive collect your favorite characters across all 3 games, kinda like the robo taizen franchise (hope I spelled it right) so bring both Marcus's into FE 8 for example. If anyone knows any add-ons to base FE8 I'd love you hear about them, unfortunately I have no way to try modding myself.
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